Get Oracle Flying in AWS Cloud

Learn how to deploy, support and maintain Oracle database in AWS environment.

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Get Oracle Flying in AWS Cloud


4 hours


Sep 2015

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What you will learn

Get Oracle Database 12c Flying in AWS Cloud

Know more about how Oracle licensing work in AWS

Install, Configure and Maintain Oracle Database 12C in AWS Cloud

Deploy Oracle Database 12c in Multiple Availability Zone

Backup and Restore Oracle Database 12c in AWS

Tune Oracle database 12c running AWS Cloud

Monitor Oracle database running in AWS Cloud


In the fast changing world of data management and data processing, more and more organizations are adopting Cloud computing as their preferred option. The sole aim of this training is to prepare you for your future in the Cloud computing world!

This online course will teach you how to take Oracle deployments to a new height using Amazon Web Services.

This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of Oracle database deployment in AWS Cloud, even if you have little to no experience with it, to help support your own Oracle environment in AWS cloud.

While there are plenty of Oracle database courses that focus on Oracle deployment, it's hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which is for beginner to advanced Oracle enthusiatics.

This course is designed for all levels of Oracle DBAs or Linux System Administrator who want to improve their skills, support Oracle deployment in AWS, migrate Oracle on AWS and remain competent in the Oracle database world.

This course covers best practises used by the pros around the world so that you can follow their lead and improve it even further.

The goal of this course is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible, it cover the different kinds of Oracle deployment options, oracle licesing, backup and restore of oracle using AWS S3, Performance Management, Monitoring, and some of the best practises.

At the end of the course you'll be a equipped with skills of Oracle deployment on AWS, with enough confidence to start deploying or supporting your Oracle environment in AWS Cloud.



Course Introduction

Course Agenda

Learn more about Cloud

Cloud Overview

Things to consider for an Oracle Deployment in AWS

IaaS vs DBaaS

Oracle Licensing in a Cloud

Pricing in AWS Cloud

Create and Prepare an EC2 instance in AWS for Oracle Deployment - IaaS

Creating an Account with AWS

Creating a VPC

Creating a Security Group & SSH Key Pair

Building an EC2 instance in AWS Cloud

Connecting to an EC2 Instance

Downloading Oracle Database 12c Software

Preparing EC2 instance for Oracle Database 12c installation

Changing Hostname of an EC2 Instance

Adding Secondary IP

Creating Private DNS Hosted Zone

Configuring SELinux and Firewall

Adding a Volume to an EC2 Instance

Taking a snapshot of an EC2 Instance

Adding a Swap Volume

Deploy Oracle Database 12c in EC2

Oracle Database 12c Installation Process

Create an Oracle 12c Database

Configure Oracle Database 12c Listener

Create a User in Database

Verify the installation

Deploy Oracle Database 12c in RDS

Deploy Oracle Database 12c Amazon RDS - DBaaS

Verify the RDS Deployment

Prepare to Survive the disaster

Creating Recovery Catalog

Backup Oracle Database in EC2

Backup Oracle Database using Amazon S3

Backup Oracle Database Deployed using RDS

Survive the disaster

Restore Oracle Database 12c in EC2

Restore Oracle Database 12c in RDS

Monitoring Performance

Monitoring OS Performance using AWS CloudWatch

Access Oracle logs in RDS

Performance Management

Instance Sizing

Disk I/O Management


Database Replicas

Managing Cost

Real World Deployments

Oracle ASM on EC2 - Part 1

Oracle ASM on EC2 - Part 2

Oracle ASM on EC2 - Part 3

Oracle ASM on EC2 - Part 4

Oracle ASM on EC2 - Part 5

Test Your Skills



Ray3 March 2021

Some portions of the components of the earlier parts of the course and not explained that well, such as what the ip and subnet structure and, why the you actually need an IP and subnet.

Md9 June 2020

Okay, Let me review after finish this course point 1: this is very old video. so you wont find match with aws 2020. i got very confused and did not able to catch up. point 2: Teacher are not engage with student and very poor explanation. Point 3. This course is not for beginner of oracle dba. it is good if you have work 3/4 years as a dba. So i hope you will think one more time before buy this course.

ROlando22 September 2019

It is good class. Please provide power-point summaries or a summary document. There are many commands issued .... Please let email notes rfernand@gwu.edu

Vinoth15 May 2019

This course covers basics of AWS and there is no focus on high level DBA tasks or admin lectures, Also there is no response on the QA section, you will get understanding of AWS but not indepth,

Amit13 January 2019

Great course which covers all aspects of Oracle on AWS. If you know basics of Oracle and AWS ,this is great course to understand how Oracle can be configured on AWS.

Varun27 December 2018

Very helpful, For first time i have oracle rdbms installation on both ec2 and rds on AWS console management. Helpful for beginner as well as intermediate. apart from these I have done lots of troubleshooting. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

Keith18 October 2018

The Instructor talk too fast to understand and to take notes. Is there any print out so i can read what was missed?

Sravanth12 April 2018

I had no Idea about how AWS worked and how to install Oracle on AWS before joining this course. I don't say I am 100% confident( Unless you have hands on you will not be confident), but I can say that I am aware of the high level architecture and the high level steps for installing Oracle Databases of different verions on AWS

Ambreen15 March 2018

Do not read from slides , try to provide examples. Don't rush its hard to follow. Also add a slide where show flow or steps required for AWS EC2 instance for ORacle.

Jefferson8 February 2018

Muito bom o curso, totalmente hands on, é possível passo a passo acompanhar o instrutor e configurar um banco de dados na nuvem, testando as diferentes opções existentes. Instrutor muito claro e objetivo.

Thomas10 December 2017

Excellent course! Instructor is brilliant, but speaks very quickly. I slowed it down to 75% and it was perfect. There is an issue with the volume levels of some of the later lectures; they were almost inaudible.

Raghavendra27 June 2017

Its good.But more relevant examples with advantages and disadvantages of Iaas vs Dbaas will be good. Also information on AWS needs to be updated.

Manjunath23 May 2017

I like what i have seen so far.Excellent to know the difference between Oracle DB on IAAS and Oracle DB on DBAAS

Lin12 May 2017

I ask questions for supervisor, but he never answers for me. So sometime I am stuck with some issues.

Valentino30 November 2015

One of the best courses I've ever taken.. that includes Coursera and Edx.. The instructor is fluid.. the documentation works.. I would have paid full price.. Cheers


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