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Get Kanban Organised & Master Your Tasks From To-Do To Done

Introduction to Kanban boards for teams or personal projects. Includes demos of Trello, online progress meetings & JIRA.

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

The principle of Limit Work In progress and how this helps manage workflow

How to use a digital or physical Kanban board for a team project or personal tasks

How to set up and manage tasks on a project in JIRA using a Kanban board

What are some of the tools that you can use for digital Kanban boards

How the digital Kanban boards work and how you use them in an online team meeting

What is “cadence” in a project and how that creates momentum for future progress

Demo of how to manage team updates with a Kanban board in an online Microsoft Teams meeting

What are swimlanes on a Kanban board and how you can use them to be more effective in your projects


In this course, you will learn how to drive progress with practical techniques for how to use Kanban boards in a team or individual project. I teach you exactly how these boards work, why they are so powerful and how they help you visualise your workflow so you can get more done. There’s an assignment in the course that will get you to set up a Kanban board for a work or personal project. You will actually apply these principles in your own situation so you achieve your goals of being more productive and getting things done.

In this course you will benefit from

  • An overview demonstration lesson of a Kanban board and all the key elements

  • A lesson in which I explain key concepts like cadence and limit work in progress

  • Demonstration lessons of software tools like JIRA and Trello for Kanban boards and how to use them

  • A simulated online meeting using MS Teams when you will see a team Kanban board in action

  • An assignment that describes exactly what you need to do to get set up and get going

  • Your observations and learning from this assignment so you can learn and improve

  • Clear explanations, 1:1 lessons, visual demonstrations, downloadable resources and more

Kanban boards are extremely powerful for making progress, so take advantage of my experience by getting these benefits when you enrol and go through the course. You can also introduce yourself to other students, ask questions, interact with myself to get feedback and also test your knowledge with quizzes.


Get Kanban Organised & Master Your Tasks From To-Do To Done
Get Kanban Organised & Master Your Tasks From To-Do To Done
Get Kanban Organised & Master Your Tasks From To-Do To Done
Get Kanban Organised & Master Your Tasks From To-Do To Done


Introduction To Get Kanban Organised And Master Your Tasks From Backlog To Done

Introduction To Get Kanban Organised And Master Your Tasks From Backlog To Done

Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Us What You Want To Learn

A Story About The Power Of Kanban Boards: How My Colleague Used Them

Learn How To Set Up & Use Kanban Boards: Physical, Digital Demos & Explanations

How Kanban Boards Work And Setting One Up From Scratch Plus All The Tips

Demonstration Of A Digital Kanban Board In JIRA Showing Task Backlog & Workflow

Demonstration Of A Digital Kanban Board In A Microsoft Teams Meeting

Demonstration Of Trello Using Kanban Boards And Managing Task Workflow

Key Concepts Lesson And Quiz: Cadence, Limit Work In Progress & Swimlane

Learn Three Key Concepts To Improve Your Success With Kanban Boards

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About 3 Key Concepts Related To Kanban Boards

Assignment: Set Up A Kanban Board For Your Team Project Or Personal Tasks

Assignment: Set Up A Kanban Board For Yourself Or Your Team


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Tapan27 March 2021

This course talks about how the use of a simple visual board can make a big difference in the focus & efforts of an individual or team, and can help in accomplishing the deliverables irrespective of their complexities. I like the way "the importance & significance of cadence" was beautifully explained in this course.

Caitlin5 February 2021

Super insightful. Definitely have a better idea on how to prioritise. Although at first it is going to be challening but I am sure I will see a lot more progress through having the bigger picture along with its smaller steps in between all laid out onto one space.

Halatedzi9 December 2020

Initially, I found it overwhelming to get certain tasks done due to the large workload. Now, after this course, I have learned to compartmentalize and work systematically on tasks. It's less daunting when you tackle a task by breaking it down and tracking the progress rather than looking at it in its entirety

Clayton18 November 2020

Great insights and really looking forward to using these concepts at work and at home. Appreciated that the course is concise and could get it done in an afternoon. Well worth it.

Zinhle17 November 2020

i learned that sometimes if tasks are not moving put them back to the backblock so that you are not demotivated and push other tasks that you can push at that time to see productivity on your backlock

Heinz17 November 2020

As I have used Kanban prior it was a good exercise in testing to what extent I had applied the principles under this topic. The course material is parsimonious, yet detailed enough not to be an introduction. The practical involvement drives the principles home (specifically the JIRA and Trello exhibits). As a short course I'll recommend this with confidence.


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