MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 3.6

An elective course that teaches you how to get 5 Million Free Images and Videos for Commercial Use

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to download free images for commercial use

Learn how to download free videos for commercial use

Find out the best images needed in less than 5 minutes for any kind of project

Learn how to find the best free fonts online for usage

Learn how to do full colour tracing for any image to increase the resolution 5x times of the original


Welcome to the sixth course in Term 3 as part of the series "MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing".

Everybody loves free photos and videos, for sure and this is a huge requirement in the marketing industry. This mind-blowing yet innovative course focuses on "Get 5 Million Free Images and Videos for Commercial Use" and is created by Digital Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan with the help of Civil Engineering MasterMind Saranya Srinidhi. It will teach you how to probe and find professional, royalty-free, creative commons high definition or 4K or 5K photos and videos that you can use on your website, blog, project, slides/presentations etc.

We will teach you this course, from a 3D virtual planet in gamification mode - for the first time on Udemy. This kind of teaching mode will prove engaging to students like you rather than merely talking about a boring presentation slide.

This is a fast track course and will cover amazing use of websites where you can download around 5 Million unlimited high-quality photos for free that you can leverage to use commercially. What's more? You can even know about the websites to download free videos for personal and commercial use, again. Those videos can be edited, modified, changed many times in the video editing software you would use.

You will gain access to a wide range of photos or videos in categories such as:

  • Lifestyle

  • Sports & Fitness

  • Fashion

  • Home

  • Food

  • Business & Professions

  • Education

  • Technology & Science

  • Medical & Health

  • Industrial

  • Transportation

  • Urban & City

  • People

  • Love

  • Religion & Traditions

  • Travel & World

  • Animals & Wildlife

  • Nature & Landscape

  • Elements of Nature & Green Planet

  • Agriculture

  • Aerials

  • Time Lapse

  • Abstract & Arts

  • Vintage and many more

So why wait? Enrol Now and I will see you inside. Let's rock.

Let's get busy and learn how to access millions of free images and videos for commercial use - one step at a time.


MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 3.6
MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 3.6
MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 3.6
MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 3.6


Get 5 Million Free Images and Videos for Commercial Use: The Course

Course Introductory Video

Website portals to find free images and graphic resources

Find more usable images and wallpapers for commercial use

Find thousands of free stunning free stock video footage and clips

Get to know about a site to access free fonts and the world's best auto-tracer

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Saif16 June 2020

don't waste a single penny on it. if you just write "free stock videos and images" on google, you will find all those sites right there that he showed in this so-called "course". I would simply create 2 minutes video on youtube for all those content in this course. he didn't even construct the course in a manner. he is just like enjoying with his girl and just walking you through those sites. I would rate this course 0 if I could. such a childish couple with a prep class English speaking.

Avishay21 March 2020

you can complete the all course with a short list of less then 10 sites you can easily find in google. most of the time they are sharing the screen of a game play that is not relevant to the course.

Hitesh9 January 2020

These has to be removed from udemy, another crap tutorial, must love their own voice. Nothing of value, shows all the free sites that are available in search, Also guys 5m isnt 500000. it is 5000000

Andres6 January 2020

It's a shame with such a nice information. Not like a Udemy curse, it's more like a playground watching children with their videogames...

Ram5 January 2020

PATHETIC, PATHETIC, PATHETIC! What have you planned the course for? People invest time in courses and that is being not valued here. Fake accent here and there.Unnecessary disturbing, distracting laughs. why is the same thing being said by two different people ? Could you not cover the concept of finding photos and video in pixabay in one video? unnecessary lag and a pain to the course taker and time waste. I've taken multiple courses on udemy and this has been the baddest experience so far. I hate writing negative reviews as it effects the course creators and I totally understand the efforts needed to create a course. But this time I couldn't stop. This isn't a course worth ones time . To the course creators: I'm sorry for this review but you must work on your "content" , stop the other person (girl) from unnecessary talk and laughs, and please don't use fake accent. I hope this helps you to create a better course the next time. Good luck. UPDATE: To the course creator: I didn't understand what you mean by "I still love to teach and guide you on this". Did I ask any question? Don't keep giving an already made up reply to all the reviews. Do read the review given, and then address it.

Atinaldo5 January 2020

O curso resume-se em 7 ou 8 links conhecidos, há um jogo desnecessário a rodar durante o curso. Não gostei.

Mohamed4 January 2020

very bad lessons only its advatizing their sites nothing att all... this most idiot course that I have ever had in udemy very poor only ad adds nothing to learn... ver pooor

Michael4 January 2020

This course is total crap. Theres very few resources they showed and the audio is terrible. I hated that they always talk over one another and it just was disappointing and disorganized. DONT BUY THIS UR THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY!!!!!!!!!


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