Master in Geogebra for Mathematics

From Beginner to Expert in Geogebra for dynamic mathematics

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Aug 2019
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What you will learn

Learn about Geogebra and its applications for geometry, mathematics and more.

Make geometric constructions with polygons, circles and conic sections.

Graph and analyze a functions with Geogebra

Perform Geometric Surfaces in 3D


What is the course about?

GEOGEBRA is one of the most used applications for mathematics and dynamic geometry worldwide. It is an excellent option to solve exercises and problems graphically and algebraically.

  • It is FREE, since it responds to a free software project, developed by universities for educational use and is available for computer and mobile devices (Android and Iphone).

    In this course we will learn about the program options for various Mathematics topics such as: geometric constructions, function analysis, calculus, 3D graphics, through different exercises that will help you to know the graphing commands and tools in each case.

    If you are a student or teacher, the course is for you, as it serves both to learn and to teach mathematics.

    In addition, we will see how to do simulations or modeling in a realistic way, to better visualize the problems and exercises.

  • What topics does the course contain?

    The topics that we will deal with in the course are:

    • Graphs and analysis of functions

    • Plane and space geometry

    • Graphical resolution of inequalities

    • Algebraic calculus

    • Statistical graphs and probability

    • 3D graphics

    Why should you take this course?

    We will teach you to use Geogebra from the basics, with practical exercises that will help you better understand each application.

    We will also give you additional tools for your classes, so that you can make videos or tutorials.


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Getting started with Geogebra

Course Introduction
Downloading Geogebra
View options
Graphics View Toolbars
Open and save file options

Geometric constructions

GEOGEBRA for Geometry
Points and lines
Free and dependent objects
Line constructions
Circles and arcs
Area and perimeter
Object properties

Graphic options

Inserting images
Inserting text
Construction protocol

Conic sections


Geometric transformations

Geometric transformations


Use of sliders and animation


Geogebra for Functions analysis
Functions Graphing
Special Points
Function inspector
Logaritmic and Exponential Functions
Split Functions
Derivate and Integrate functions
Sliders and functions

Trigonometrical functions

Trigonomical functions
Part view of trigonometrical functions

3D Graphics

3D graphics View
3D planes and surfaces
3D solids
Polyhedrons and net

Other aplications for Geogebra

Calculus (CAS)
Solve Inequalities (graphic)
Spreadsheet view
Statistics graphing
New APP - Augmented Reality

Final conclusions

Final Conclusion and course end


August 30, 2021
The course was very useful and gave me a deeper insight on the effective use of Geogebra. The course content curation, organization and delivery were on point. Overall, highly recommended for all the mathematics educators who want to use Geogebra to make their lectures more engaging and effective.
July 9, 2021
It's very didactic, maybe it could be a little bit slower, but it's excellent teaching. (continuing after completing half of the course)... I am just having trouble in finding the Special Points of an equation to of a hyperbola to build its Vertex, Axes and Asymptote. Other than this everything is working out neatly.
October 4, 2020
yes, I understood more clearly. Surely I implement the this geogebra in my teachings of mathematics.
August 7, 2020
It has helped a bit. I knew most of it but have struggled with navigation and the downloaded version versus the online version. Take care in use of words - she said to open the geometry view but there is no geometry view. There was one exercise - would benefit from more exercises. The questions that I posted were answered in a timely manner. I will go back to check out some of the sections as I use the product more.
June 15, 2020
I got a basic knowledge about many functions of GeoGebra from this course. I think that, it will help me in my future as a mathematics teacher.
May 13, 2020
The lessons were just tours of menu items in Geogebra with an explanation and demonstration of what the menu item does. The only homework problem in the course was a construction which demonstrated how to use Geogebra to solve a problem and the course needs more problems to show how Geogebra can be used.
May 11, 2020
Yes its really useful for me as math teacher. Even we can use for making question papers. And also its very good medium for while explaining geometry in virtual classes.
April 27, 2020
The self paced course is a boon for all those working on creating Mathematical projects and mathematics teaching. It gives a great exposure to apply maths in all aspects.
February 6, 2020
sometimes the speaker clicks too quickly and I don't know what the heck she pressed to get to where she went!



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