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Genius Training: Gain 10-20 IQ Points within 4 Weeks.

Perform better at work, school or university with evidence-backed methods and no wasted time or effort.

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Jan 2018

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What you will learn

Understanding how to build intelligence and neuroplasticity rapidly, and create and implement ideas with confidence.


This course rapidly builds your IQ and neuroplasticity. The core training takes only around 20 minutes per day. No more time is needed or desirable. Based on new science emerging from the scientific journals, your results are guaranteed. BUT PLEASE BE WARNED: WHILE THIS COURSE REQUIRES LITTLE OF YOUR TIME, THE TRAINING IS VERY DEMANDING. DO NOT TRY THIS TRAINING IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO HANDLE EXTREME EFFORT for 20 minutes or more per day, FOR AROUND FOUR WEEKS. "Genius Training" is light on theory and models, but heavy on training frameworks. You have been warned. 

Along with rapid increases in your mind's processing power, the course offers an integrated program including techniques for idea generation and refinement. THIS BLEND OF TECHNIQUES IS UNIQUE AND VERY EFFECTIVE. You will find that within only two or three weeks, your performance at work or on academic tests starts noticeably to improve. You will find challenging cognitive tasks easier and more enjoyable.

This course is also valuable for those wanting to join high IQ societies, such as Mensa, or simply those wanting to perform better in all work requiring focus and mental clarity.

On purchasing this course, you have a unique new opportunity - with new and proven methods - to quickly enhance your abilities. One last point: IT MIGHT BE BETTER TO REVIEW THIS COURSE AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE FOUR WEEKS OF IQ TRAINING. THEN YOU CAN TRULY BEAR WITNESS TO YOUR ENHANCED ABILITIES. We look forward to supporting you very soon!


Genius Training: Gain 10-20 IQ Points within 4 Weeks.
Genius Training: Gain 10-20 IQ Points within 4 Weeks.
Genius Training: Gain 10-20 IQ Points within 4 Weeks.
Genius Training: Gain 10-20 IQ Points within 4 Weeks.



Overview of Course

The Genius Training Model

Brain Training

How to Build IQ

Master Tools for Building IQ

How to Enliven Your Creativity

How Sharpen Your Critical Thinking

How to Become More Self-Aware

Bringing All the Brain Training Techniques Together

Alternative Methods for Empowering Cognition

Summary and Wrap-Up

How to Make the Most of this Course and How to Keep Going


Robert8 November 2017

I came into this course with an advantage over most if not all students. I was already aware of the proven benefits of doing daily Duel N-Back training 5 -6 times weekly for 21 - 30 days. As well as having read the results of the first peer reviewed study on the benefits of doing the Duel N-Back training to expand so called "working memory". I also did the training faithfully for about 8 weeks in 2014 through a paid training platform with email support from the person who was a credentialed professional researcher and designer of the site. Fortunately, since 2014, there are several free sites where you can do quality Dual N-Back training without paying a monthly subscription fee. At first the effects were subtle. I suddenly found I could keep more figures and strings of data in my head without referring to notes. Something that was impossible or at least very difficult previously for all of my life from grade school and beyond. I like to write and usually word phrasings took time and configuring to put together. After about five weeks into the training, I noticed I could put certain sentences together with a lot more ease. It still required direction, but the words fell into place a lot faster with less editing needed. At first I did not connect it to the Duel N-Back training because it crept up on me during the training. There were no lighting bolts striking my head with sudden insights and so forth. But I finally realized it was the Duel N-Back training responsible for my new mental super powers. I cannot guarantee when the benefits of doing this exercise will become apparent to you. I do feel confident that if you follow Matthew's course guidance and DO THE EXERCISES for 30 days, taking a day completely off after every 5th or 6th day to allow your brain to reorganize itself to adjust for the workouts you are putting it through, you WILL notice some positive changes with your working memory. You must do 20 rounds in a row daily. It still will take only 20 - 25 minutes total to complete all 20 rounds. Now to manage your expectations. Do not take the word "genius" too literally. If you are not a genius before starting, it is not likely your will be a genius when you finish the Duel N-Back training track. Although an increase in practical IQ can be expected. However you can expect to think more fluidly, recall more and for longer and feel less mental "fog" during those times when you normally have felt mental fog. Benefits well worth the applied effort in my view. To be clear. Anyone getting bummed out by how brief this course is, you are missing the mark...by a country mile. The true benefits Matthew declares you will receive from doing the exercise, will come not from just reading, listening to and watching the brief modules of the course. It will come AFTER you have gone through the 30 day Duel N-Back training. Any complaints about this course not being effective after just finishing the course is sorely pre-mature. You must put your instant gratification mode setting on pause and go through the month's training before you can accurately judge it's merits. Towards improving the student's learning experience, I would suggest Matthew include a link to a free Dual N-Back online game he has vetted that meets the requirements of the Duel N-Back game criteria the trial subjects used. I would also provide links to the original and updated study that occurred several years later so students can read the results for themselves without hunting for it online or having to take the instructor's word for the exercise results. Lastly, a link to a vetted IQ test so all students will be on the same page taking the same IQ test to report their after training results on. These adjustments in my view will improve the student's experience with this course. As well as encourage more students to actually go through the training before pre-judging its results incorrectly. 5 Stars! Highly Recommended.

Iris7 November 2017

This course was very enlightening. The instructor laid out some great techniques. I am excited about putting these techniques into action to gain extra IQ points and improve other aspects of my life.

Adrian7 November 2017

Interesting material. I am really keen on practising it on a daily basis.Thanks for that and hope more courses will be added.


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