Re-use Course Content With Multiple Course Platforms

Utilize multiple course platforms to grow your audience with your existing content by following this course.

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Feb 2019
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What you will learn

Utilize the Fedora Platform

Utilize the Skillfeed Platform

Utilize the Skillshare Platform

Utilize the 360 Training Platform

Use Deal Sites and Forums to promote your courses

Understand what the ZippyCourses Wordpress plugin is


Creating membership sites today is now more popular than ever!

If you are a teacher, it's possible you've published courses on platforms like Udemy or even created courses using Wordpress membership sites.

In this course I share with you several platforms that you can easily move existing courses into so that you can generate additional passive revenue without much effort!

Throughout the course I cover the following platforms:

  • Udemy

  • Teachable

  • SkillFeed

  • SkillShare

  • StackCommerce

  • Amazing

  • Edcast

  • Courmos

  • 360 Training

  • ZippyCourses

Bonus Content Includes the use of Deal Sites for promotion and posting on Forums to increase your student enrollment.

For each platform I walk you through everything you need to know:

  • I cover how you earn revenue with each platform

  • I show you how you should go about uploading content

  • How you should structure your course content prior to uploading everything into each platform.

If you already have an existing course that you teach you will definitely learn how to take advantage of earning additional revenue with these platforms if you follow what I teach!


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Introduction To The Course

Introduction To Course Syndication For Passive Income
Need Help?
My Revenue and Earnings Across the Platforms
Keeping Course Files Organized
Adding Files To Google Drive & Dropbox
Real Quick..


Intro To Fedora (Teachable)
What you need to know about the Fedora (Teachable) Platform for earning revenue
Adding Content To Fedora (Teachable)


Intro To Skillshare
What you need to know about the Skillshare Platform for earning revenue
Adding Content To Skillshare

Other Marketplaces

Intro To 360 Training
Adding Content To 360 Training
SMStudy Walkthrough
Mobe Marketplace Walkthrough
StackSocial & SkillWise (StackCommerce Brand)

Bonus: Building Membership Sites With Wordpress & Deal Sites

Wordpress Wishlist Member Plugin

Deal Sites, Forums and Conclusion To The Course

Deal Sites, Forums and Conclusion
Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month


April 28, 2019
In line with my expectations, precise, organized and inspiring. Also I like the fact that the approach is very "real" and "tangible"
January 9, 2018
This course is a few years old now and the instructor has updated some stuff but I found it a bit of a mish mash of old and new content with platforms that no longer exist as the lectures portray them or that no longer offer the options mentioned in the lectures. The instructor also recorded some of the lectures when he first started using the various platforms so he couldn't give us a good break down of profits or of the experience of using a particular platform. I expected an update lecture or two later in the course to tell us how it worked out but there were no updates despite it being a couple of years since he started using the platforms. Overall there was some useful content but I think this course needs to be completely rewritten to be a good learning experience for a 2018 audience.
November 6, 2015
Very good course with a lot of real useful information. The presentations were clear and easy to follow.
November 5, 2015
I am still in the wannabe category myself. I've wondered what other options (in addition to, not in place of) than Udemy existed for me to use the courses I am creating. So the title of this course caught my eye immediately. John does a very good job in quickly reviewing the other sites where you can market your courses. As most do not follow the Udemy model he sorts out what the differences and options are. Then he goes beyond that to look at other forms of marketing options such as self-hosted courses using WP. In addition, he takes us through some basic and essential steps in the marketing of our courses. The use of "black hat" forums to fill out and legitimize our courses (as well as get some reviews) is of particular note here. It is clear that John is going to keep this course up to date (since he has done so already) which is important as this is still a relatively new and therefore very dynamic area on the net. I hope he might also do a periodic (every 4-6 months?) update on his earnings for each platform. He is clearly an early adopter of the multiple platform option and his experience and leadership will continue to benefit us all as his experience grows with the growing number of available platforms.
August 30, 2015
This course was helpful for me to know other options for reaching more audience for my online courses. Recommended.



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