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General Networking - wireless, routers, firewalls, Cisco NAS

Port forwarding? Dynamic DNS? Home NAS Server? Slow Wireless? Learn how to fix your home nework. Includes 802.11ac!

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

To provide insight into Networking and learn how to configure a router

Develop working knowledge of how networks operate

Learn about security, wireless, troubleshooting

Find out how to configure an IP Camera and NAS Servers

Learn how to fix your network

Sort out wireless issues

Hands-on labs and real world examples, including hosting your website (WordPress)

The course emphasizes the practical application of skills

Designed to help you develop the career skills in networking


The course offers a hands-on learning experience with an emphasis on practical activities.

Do you want to buy an IP Camera (home surveillance system) or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device? Maybe you want to learn how to configure your home router and enable port forwarding? Do you want to improve your Wi-Fi connection or test your Internet link? You've come to the right place!

In addition, General Networking Training provides a learning pathway to the Cisco, Microsoft, and Comptia certificates.

Re-recorded in March 2017, more lectures, more gadgets and devices! Now includes:

- How and where you can host a website (WordPress)

- GPS trackers and spying applications

- Antivirus applications

- Windows Server 2016

- 802.11ac - a real lab with an Asus router!

The main objective of this course is to provide you with a basic understanding of computer network technologies and concepts. You will learn how to apply all these skills in real world situations.

High quality materials: videos and documents that will help you understand all topics. All designed by an experienced Network Security Engineer. The course emphasizes the practical application of skills needed to understand and troubleshoot a Small Office / Home Office network. Learn about Dynamic DNS, Remote Support Tools (VNC, Teamviewer, Radmin), wireless security, switches, firewalls, cables and Internet connections.

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General Networking - wireless, routers, firewalls, Cisco NAS
General Networking - wireless, routers, firewalls, Cisco NAS
General Networking - wireless, routers, firewalls, Cisco NAS
General Networking - wireless, routers, firewalls, Cisco NAS


Computer Networks

Why is This Course Unique?

What is a Network?

How Fast is my Internet Connection?

Before we Move on...

Wired and Wireless Connections.

Network Types

Is my Network Secure?

Quiz 1

Network devices and terms

What to Expect in This Section?

IP Address

Finding an IP Address you Need

What is a Router and Switch?

What is a Firewall?

What is an Access Point?

NAS – Network Attached Storage

NAS – What’s Inside?

Challenge – How Many Devices can we Connect?

Command Line Tools That you Need - pdf

Quiz 2

Setting up and troubleshooting a Home Network

What to Expect in This Section?

Network Services: DHCP and DNS

Check out our Cool Test Router!

Router - Basic Configuration

Port Forwarding - Overview

Port Forwarding - lab

VPN – Virtual Private Networks

Quiz 3

Setting up and troubleshooting a Home Network – Part 2

Boost your Wifi Signal

Wireless Security

How to Share a Printer?

Antivirus Applications


What to Expect in This Section?

Wide Eye IP Camera

Tweaking an IP Camera

How to Spy Using a Laptop

GPS Tracking

Remote Access Tools

Host Your own Website & WordPress

Windows Server

Virtual Machines

Installing Windows Server

Active Directory

Joining a PC to the Domain

Let’s Summarize This Section

A real lab - 802.11ac Asus Router

Unboxing of the Router

Basic Configuration of 802.11ac

Will I get 500Mbps???

Bonus Videos

NEW: What is DLP?

A Review of a Business Class Access Point

A Real World Example - A D-link DCS-5009l IP Camera - NEW!

LEGACY - Computer networks and network devices

Introduction to the Series

What is a Computer Network?

Do I Have a Router at Home?

What is a Switch? Do I Need it?

A Wireless Access Point

Firewalls and UTMs

Networking Hardware

LEGACY - Setting up and troubleshooting a home network

The Internet is Down? Tools and Tips

Basic Router Configuration

Basic Router Configuration - Advanced Options - Part 1

Basic Router Configuration - Advanced Options - Part 2

Let's Connect our Router to the Internet!

Port Forwarding

Dynamic DNS - Let's Connect to the Network From the Outside World

IP Cameras - Home Surveillance

We are Buying a NAS Device

LEGACY - Wireless

Introduction to Wireless

Wireless Security

How to Test and Improve Your Wireless Network

LEGACY - Introduction to Microsoft Servers

Where to Start With a Microsoft Server?

Shares and Permissions

Active Directory and Domain Controllers

How to set up a Virtual PC

Installation of Windows Server 2008

Group Policy, DNS and DHCP

Let's Summarize the Series Then

LEGACY - Bonus Videos

Time to Update our Course!

An Interview With an IT Engineer

Remote Support Tools

What is a Server?

Learn Basic Subnetting


Scott21 July 2020

Absolutely -- I was seeking a primer course that conveyed general concepts I could immediately apply to managing my home network. Course thus far has exceeded that expectation. I especially appreciate the incorporation of photos and video of network equipment into the presentation. It should assist me in making my own future purchase decisions.

Mohamed24 May 2020

It’s very simple and easy to understand , by the end i get to the information directly without any complicated

Natadthep16 May 2020

Most of it starts of a little bit basic, yet the course later on becomes more interesting as the subject continues.

Andrew2 April 2020

This is a very comprehensive course that introduces a lot of networking topics without getting bogged with a lot of network theory. There's a little bit of theory to explain network addressing and subnets, then the rest of the course covers different networking technologies and how they are used. The tutor knows the subject and explains things clearly. I learnt a lot and found the information interesting.

Don21 December 2019

The first half of the course was excellent and was what I signed up for. Not sure the purpose of the legacy videos were. While interesting not sure I see how they relate the the purpose of the course as outlined

Jose2 December 2019

So far so good . He is keeping it simple but that's a good thing , i already know some of this things so far but am glad he is starting from the ground up .hoping he goes this way on the next videos.

Josh5 November 2019

I'm not exactly a beginner with networks, but this seems very informative and easy for people that may be. I'm looking forward to the rest of the course.

Ayume25 September 2019

this course really helped me figure out which career path i should go for ofcourse " networking ". Thumps up for the instructor you are the best

Matthew30 August 2019

Covers the basics well, thus far (I'm still in Section 1, chapter 5.). All content presented in a straightforward manner.

Kristaps6 February 2019

Thank you for really enjoyable course. Greatly made although I think quizzes could be a little bit more complicated and with more questions but other than that great :)

Tim24 November 2018

At times the videos flashing by in the slide while you are talking are distracting. The course was well prepared and beneficial.

Michael13 November 2018

It looks like it is too basic. I am familiar with what is covered so far. We got into areas that I did not understand. This was beneficial.

Terrin6 November 2018

Simple, practical, and easy to grasp. This is a good start as a complete novice, or a good refresher for those who might have been around in the IT world for some time.

Aga22 October 2018

Realy nice and easy to understand course. Very good for beginners. I learnt a lot of useful things. It was a perfect match for me. I like it!

Eugene10 September 2018

Yes, great very informative. Excellent video's and audio quality! Looking forward to higher learning with same instructor. Excellent presentation. Thank you very much. Currently preparing for CompTia A+ exam. Now, have a much better understanding of functions and features of a router. More importantly, choosing the best one for my needs.


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