Gaps Masterclass: Fill in any gaps in your knowledge

Identify and understand the true nature of gaps

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Gaps Masterclass: Fill in any gaps in your knowledge
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Dec 2021
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What you will learn

Identify Gaps in Price Action

Categorize Gaps in Price Action

Learn to trade the various categories of gaps successfully

Conceptualize Gaps based on the prevailing market trend


Gaps can cause panic to any trader. Gaps in price action can throw even the most disciplined trader off their trading plan. Being able to identify and categorize gaps will help you approach the market with confidence. Gaps are a complex subject, and too many traders oversimplify the trading of gaps. Traders tend to generalize gaps and attempt to trade all gaps in the same fashion. Many fail to understand the nature of gaps. This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of gaps and some concepts on how to trade them.

The course commences with the first lecture defining what are gaps and how they occur within price action. We address the multiple myths and fallacies surrounding gaps, and how these have impacted the approach that traders tend to make when trading gaps. Demystifying gaps and simplifying the nature of gaps by categorizing them into specific characteristics, creating a clear and concise path to trade them.

The course focuses on a key factor that traders tend to overlook, the bigger picture, that is to conceptualize the location of the gap against the prevailing market trend. From this point on we can further understand the characteristics of the specific gap by comparing its location to the trend of current price action.



Gaps: The Bigger Picture
The Bigger Picture
Lecture 3: Trading Gaps
Trading Gaps
Gaps Categories
Key Retracement Levels For Gap Continuation Trades


January 17, 2022
Great course for all traders wanting to learn gaps, learned a lot i did not know, very helpful indeed
January 17, 2022
Clear learning and content, ideas are put simply to understand, am starting to use it already in trading
January 13, 2022
Never knew much about gaps. I feel more informed about the topic. Will put this to the test. All traders should learn about gaps and help improve knowlede
January 13, 2022
The instructor knows what is saying. I now understand better. Very simple language with a lot of valuable information
January 13, 2022
Very interesting concepts. Had vague knowledge on gaps but this course cleared up many incorrect idea. It is well presented and had many examples Would recommend this to all traders



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