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Complete guide to Modern Mathematical Optimization in GAMS

From Zero to Hero

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Complete guide to Modern Mathematical Optimization in GAMS


3 hours


Oct 2020

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What you will learn

GAMS installation

Model any kind of optimisation (LP, NLP, MILP, MINLP)

Multi-Objective Optimization

Conditional statements

Loop statements


The developed course is suitable for you even if you have no background in programming. The course is devoted to general optimization problems in GAMS.

In this course, you will learn how to use GAMS for solving optimization problems.

  • First of all, you will learn how to install GAMS on your machine.

  • What is optimization? What is the objective function? What is the constraint? 

  • You understand the meaning of different errors and the way you should debug them

  • How to read/write from/to an Excel file

  • Multi-Objective optimization in GAMS 

  • How to code conditional statements in GAMS

  • How to code Loop statements in GAMS



Optimal Decision Making Elements

GAMS installation

GAMS structure

Sets in GAMS

Parameters in GAMS

Scalars in GAMS

Table in GAMS

Equations in GAMS

Model definition in GAMS

Solver selection in GAMS

Conditional statements in GAMS


Multiobjective Optimisation in GAMS

Solved Problems in GAMS

Linear Programming

Mixed Integer Linear Programming

Quadratic programming

Cylinder in a Sphere

Min Travel time

Steiner problem

Herons Problem

Shortest path via LP in GAMS

Traveling Sales Person (TSP)


Farhad3 March 2021

asking questions in between the presentation or topic would be more interesting. That will give us more confidence. It was good for me.

Mes1 March 2021

After going through the complete course, I really felt that GAMS should be the first language to be used for Teaching optimization

Peyman28 December 2020

this was a really nice course, and it taught me the basic fundamentals of Gams, there were some bits which could have been explained in further detail, I personally think that more emphasis should have been laid on solved examples section but all-in-all this was a good course and I recommend it if you are a beginner. I have improved a lot from where I started, and I think that is all this course is about.

Sima28 December 2020

My background is engineering and I have a programming background too in Java and Pascal. This is my first time to take GAMS. This course is really helps me to have a programming knowledge in python. This days, optimization is used to develop many applications and everyone needs to know.

Fravahar25 December 2020

Comprehensive GAMS course. The examples are comprehensive and easy to follow. I would suggest adding more interface lectures

Mike24 December 2020

For somebody with a large development background and knowing different programming languages, this training is slow. For somebody with no knowledge it is a very good introduction into GAMS. Otherwise a good introduction into GAMS and its applications.

Mariana27 November 2020

The course starts ok with explaining the parts of a model. However, as we move forward, the code in the examples looks crammed and not enough time is dedicated to explain its parts. Same happens with functions, it is desperately needed to explain the parts, arguments an logic of functions in gams, particualrly I never got what the "card" one was used for. All this adds up to the logic of the problem solving parts of the course (the long difficult ones) being just too difficult to grasp.

YasodaKailasaGounder1 November 2020

This course was really useful. I could understand very well since it is taught from the basics. It was helpful in learning the course so that I could implement my problem in GAMS. Thank you.

Usman7 August 2020

I thought it would be more oriented to the concepts of optimization but it is instead more oriented towards the software.

Opeyemi20 June 2020

It is a good course for beginners like myself but one still has to combine it with many other courses in order to become very comfortable with GAMS

Teena18 April 2020

It will be good if there is more clarity in speaking. Please include more examples in loops and conditional statements.

Hamid14 April 2020

Dear Friends, I have not ever studied any books regarding Gams but it is not importaant because this course helps you to be hero in this regard. This course is the best course whom I have seen in term of Gams. There is no doubt it will help you to learn Gams. I highly recommend it.

Chinwendu6 February 2020

I expected some practical lessons on stochastic mixed-integer programming with recourse and som better illustrative examples on nonlinear programming

Melisa6 January 2020

Alt yazılarda Türkçenin olmaması program hakkında bilgi almamı, öğrenmemi yavaşlatıyor. Rica etsem videolara Türkçe alt yazı da koyabilir misin?

Abbas27 February 2019

Excellent course. This course is highly recommended for interested readers and those want to learn powerful software, GAMS! Thank you Dr Soroudi for this course and for providing this comprehensive lecture.


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