G Suite : Complete Course on G Suite and Google Drive

Become G Suite Expert : All you need to know about G Suite on how to manage Users, Devices & Data. Master G Suite today!

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May 2020

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What you will learn

How to use G Suite / Google Apps and all it features in detail.

G Suite Features (User Management, Device Management and Data Management Securely and Easily), Google Vault, Endpoints,Admin etc.

How to use Google Drive and explore all its integrated applications and learn tips and tricks for these applications

Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets

Google Forms, Google Classroom, Google Sites

Google Keep, Tasks, Google Calendar

Google Jamboard, Google Drawings, Google My Map

How to create professional looking website for free using Google Sites.

Additional information for G Suite Education, Business and Non-profit Organisations.


If you have the intention of learning G Suite or Complete Google Apps  and Google Drive to meet the following requirements then you are at the right place.

  1. Do you want to master Google Suite / Google Apps and understand its features  and master Google Drive then this course is for you.

  2. By the end of this course you will gain complete proficiency over How to use G Suite, how to manage g suite for your organization and how to use Google Drive for your projects.

  3. By the end of this course you will understand all the application provided by G Suite like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Jam board, Classroom, Google Keep, Google Tasks, Google Calendar, Google My Maps etc.

  4. This Course will help you to prepare for G Suite Certification Exam.

  5. You can also create your own websites with the help of Google Sites Application.

Overview of Topics Covered :

We go step by step from creating a Google account to learning different applications that are integrated within Google Drive by following some tips and tricks. We will also create a professional demo website with the help of Google Sites.

  1. Create Google Account

  2. Set up G Suite Account

  3. Difference between Free Google Apps and G Suite.

  4. Understanding all features of G Suite in detail.

  5. G Suite Additional Information : For Education, Non-profit organisations, Business

  6. G Suite Features : Admin, Google Vault, Google Endpoint, Management of Users, Devices and Data.

  7. Setup/Download Google Drive for Desktop

  8. Understanding interface of Google Drive

  9. Explore and understand the main features related to Backup and Sync

  10. Google Drive : Introduction, interface, tips/tricks, file sharing, backup and sync and much more!

  11. Google Docs : Interface, Document Setup, tips/tricks and much more !

  12. Google Slide : Interface, menus, tips/tricks, presentation, layout, and much more!

  13. Google Sheets : Document set up, tips/tricks and much more!

  14. Google Forms : Building different types of forms, sharing and much more!

  15. Google Drawings

  16. Google My Maps vs Google Maps

  17. Google Calendar

  18. Google Keep

  19. Google Tasks

  20. Google Jam Board

  21. Google Sites : How to create a professional website and publish to web.

  22. Google Classroom

  23. Connecting apps to Google Drive


G Suite : Complete Course on G Suite and Google Drive
G Suite : Complete Course on G Suite and Google Drive
G Suite : Complete Course on G Suite and Google Drive
G Suite : Complete Course on G Suite and Google Drive



Introduction to G Suite

Difference between Google Free Apps and G Suite

Basic Requirements

Setup Google Account / Gmail

G Suite Initial Setup

Important Note about this Course

G Suite Overview

G Suite Features

G Suite User Interface Overview




Organisational Units

Buildings and Resources




Company Profile

Admin roles

Billing and Support



Data Migrations

Connect : Reach your colleagues wherever they are

Gmail Basic Overview

Google Calendar : Introduction

Google Calendar 2: How to Create Event

Google Calendar 3: How to Add New Calendar

Google Calendar 4 : How to Add Google Tasks to Google Calendar

Google Calendar 5 : Settings

Google Calendar 6 : General Settings

Google Calendar 7: Search Feature

Google Chat

Google Meet

Access : Store Files though Google Drive

What is Google Drive/ How does it work ?

What can you store in Google Drive

Why Google Drive ?

Different ways to open Google Drive

Introduction Google Drive UI Overview

Google Drive 'New' Feature



Shared With me






Google Drive 12 Tips and Tricks

Backup and Sync Feature

Google Cloud Search

Create : Everything you need to bring project to life

Google Docs : Introduction

Google Docs : 15 Tips and Tricks

Google Slides : Introduction / How to use Google Slides

Google Slides : 10 Tips and Tricks

Google Sheets : Introduction / How to use Google Sheets

Google Sheets : More Functionality

Google Forms : How to use Google Forms

Google Drawings : How to use / Logo Creation

Google Jamboard 1 : Introduction

Google Jamboard 2 : Interface, How does Jamboard works

Google MyMaps 1 : Google Map vs Google My Maps

Google MyMaps 2 : Google My Map Explanation with Tour Planning

Google Classroom 1 : Introduction

Google Classroom 2 : How to use Google Classroom

Google Sites

Google Keep

Google Tasks

Control : Manage Users, Devices and Data Securely and Easily.




Additional Information

G Suite for Education

G Suite for Nonprofit Organizations

G Suite for Business / G Suite Pricing

G Suite Certification Exam Information



Angela2 May 2021

There could have been better preparation for the course. The instructor would show how to share for example but only have herself added in Contacts so couldn't show how to do it with multiple people. She often said, this is how you do it but I can't because I don't have that set up. if you are doing a course, it should all be set up so we can see exactly how to do it. She didn't seem very prepared and we heard multiple coughs into the mic and a phone ringing in the background. A little more preparation and professionalism would have gone a long way for a paid course.

Cathy29 June 2020

Instructor can be hard to understand sometimes. The volume is different for each tutorial so you have adjust the volume constantly. She talks way to fast in section 6 like she is rushing.

Stacy6 June 2020

Very thorough content, and even without the Google Suite download, I am getting very detailed over view of the content. The teacher talks a little too fast sometimes for me to grasp the content, and I tried to slow down the speed but this was too slow. I just stayed with the normal speed and went back to review when needed. Thank you!

Mahadeo4 June 2020

I am not happy with this course, only few things explained and that too very short. The topics which really need demonstration are just explained in short.

Glenn20 May 2020

I struggled because here screen is not like mine. Also For the business suite, it doesn't seem to use BackUpAnd Sync but rather DriveFileStream.


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