Network & Security


Fundamentals of Network Security

Here we will discuss on Network Security, OSI model, Network Attack and Protection

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

To identify information security threats

To identify the OSI Model layer

To identify Network Attack

To identify Network Protection Method


Dear Learners

Are you Preparing for Interview in IT Industry? Don’t be stressed, take our Network Security Course and prepare yourself for your Interview

We know that Network Security is the basic Requirement of IT Company, so it is necessary for every students on IT Industry that he learn the Basic Concept of Network Security. In this Course You Will Learn the fundamentals of Network Security and take the first leap to the world of IT Industry.

This course will covers following topics:

Module 1: In this Module you Understand the Concept of Network Security and types of the Network.

Module 2: In this Module you understand about Types of layer in OSI Model such as application layer, data link layer etc.

Module 3: In this module you understand about the Types of network attack, which harm the computer and network system.

Module 4: In this Module you Understand about the Network Protection.

What Is Network Security?

Network security is the practices and technology a business puts in place to protect its IT infrastructure. This infrastructure, in turn, is made up of all the data, programs, applications, web networks, software and hardware utilized and managed by your business.

What is the Importance of Network Security?

Network security is important for home networks as well as in the business world. Most homes with high-speed internet connections have one or more wireless routers, which could be exploited if not properly secured. A solid network security system helps reduce the risk of data loss and theft.

In This Course we explain every topic in Simple and Easy Way, Definitely You Enjoy this Course.

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Fundamentals of Network Security
Fundamentals of Network Security
Fundamentals of Network Security
Fundamentals of Network Security




What is Computer Network ?

Computer network

Different layer of in OSI Model

OSI Model

Types of Network Attack

Types of network Attack

Types of network Protection

Network Protection: Hardware and Software

Network Protection Method


Conclusion of the Course




Abdul29 October 2020

As this course is for beginners and you explain most of the beginner's concepts but it could be even better if you also include things like: wifi,ethernet, fiber optics, network topology, etc.

Nasir25 October 2020

The way of teaching is not so good you were just reading the content and delivering the easy explanation so its quite not good to understand for those who paid RS 499 for the page wise content else why don't they search on google instead of spending money here. I am not telling that you are not good but i don't like the way you teach ...need more explanation not the page wise reading. Thanks

Prabu24 October 2020

Awesome...I have learnt depth of OSI model layer and Network security....Thank u for the valuable course

Jahirul2 October 2020

- Please stop underlying the text and just use a pointer. - Please correct the spelling and grammar - Please use bullet points and then read the context/ content out. - Put cellphone or notifications on silent or Do Not Disturb.

Astrid2 October 2020

Ich wusste, dass bereits alles und es war nur zu Wiederholungszwecken, dennoch bin ich nicht zufrieden, dass der Dozent auf Bereiche wie z.B PAN & GAN sowie verschiedene Bedrohungen z.B Viren nicht sehr gut eingegangen ist. Ebenso hat er in den PDFs (die er im Prinzip nur vorgelesen hat) immer alles unterstrichen, so dass ich wenn ich das nicht nur wiederholt hätte nicht mitgekommen wäre. Ebenso hat er wenig Bezug zur Praxis gehabt und das ist mMn sehr wichtig um die Thematik zu verstehen. Für Anfänger komplett ohne jegliches IT Wissen geeignet, für Leute die etwas Ahnung haben ist es leider etwas unterfordernd.

Aung28 September 2020

its pleasure to learn this course.The lecturer is good and his words are convenient to understand quickly.

Deepak18 September 2020

just reading the data in the ppt. i can do it by myself but i expected some real examples for better uderstandement ...not recomandable ..

Mrinal13 August 2020

Worse course I have seen on Udemy. The guide/ instructor was reading some paragraph line by line, there is no interaction between us. And don't have depth of knowledge. Over all horrible experience. I was getting sleepy during this course, network security is a very intresting subject but the instructor was making so boaring

Phathutshedzo10 August 2020

Please add some animation or examples so it can be easily translated to real-life experience. Great content so far.

Augustin-Ionut10 August 2020

Thanks for the quiz. I've discovered I have still much to learn about networks in general and firewalls in particular. Thank you also for the materials you have been presented.

Ariday31 July 2020

Muy mala técnica de enseñanza, muy mal inglés, si no saben hablar inglés y pronunciar correctamente, no hagan cursos en inglés.

Karina30 July 2020

Poor content. It is very basic but maybe is because this course is not for professionals. Good teacher he does his best, good explainer but his english can be better. Anyway, he is making a good job!

Piyush30 July 2020

Good study course on network communications, security and give basics understanding of how networks work. Thank you

Arun30 July 2020

This is theoretical and reading of a document. Instead, the instructor can send the document to us to read.

Muhammad30 July 2020

The instructor has just read the pdf. thats all . You can gain all knowledge of this course by Google or Wikipedia.


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