Fundamentals of Manufacturing for an ERP


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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

What is Manufacturing

Types of Manufacturing at a glance

Bill of Material

Discrete Job Shop

Repetitive Manufacturing

Assemble to Order Manufacturing

Project Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

Just in Time (JIT)


Fundamentals of Manufacturing for an ERP is a Course released 26th November 2020, aimed at freshers aspiring to learn and Fundamentals of Manufacturing Functions.

In typical manufacturing organization you may be directly part of manufacturing the Products of your organization. Or you may be dealing with Manufacturing unit while performing functions such as Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Planning, Design, Accounting, Finance, Store keeping and Services. In all your dealings you might be wondering on some of the terms and practices that you might be hearing in the conversations with your Manufacturing counterparts.

You as a Store keeper deal with issuing materials and may realize certain material are issued as a set because they are all used to make certain product. At times, you will be seeing alternative items issued in place of the items in the Material list against the work order for which you are issuing the material. At times, you see some material are not immediately requested even if they are in the Material list of Work order. This is probably because they are needed only in later steps of manufacturing. You will pick a few things about manufacturing and miss many.

As a Sales person you will be wondering why an order for big quantity from customer can not be fulfilled at the given dates. Why cant this order be still taken and fulfil by engaging more people to complete on time. You will be disappointed for the delay of Cash Flow when the Planner or Plant manager firmly confirm the order of such size can be delivered only at a later date. You may really want to know what are those constraints which can not let the Production Plant deliver the order on the date you wanted even with adding man power.

Even as a Lathe Machine expert in the Manufacturing Department, you might be wondering on many aspects on what is impact of your work on the end product and why certain scheduling actions on your piece of work, are not clear to you.

This kind of "missing knowledge" or "gaps of knowledge" is quite common for all interfacing functions of Manufacturing, as well as the function Manufacturing itself. Every one of you know a little bit on Manufacturing not all the basics. If any of you want to pick up Manufacturing as your add-on Skill or full time career, you may first want to get to the basics.

Any career aspirant a new comer from the college or a non-manufacturing SME want to get in to Manufacturing domain, the basics will be the starting point. And basics are the foundation based on which you grow.

eBodhisathva Solution made the course with above kind of professionals and starters.

This course is fully focused on explaining the very fundamentals of Manufacturing, with detailed illustrations where possible.

The examples used in the Course are not very usual examples that you may see from public information. Lot of effort is spent to include more realistic and close to real examples in the Organization.

To make the explanation very appealing, lot of graphics and animations are applied appropriately.

The aspirants of ERP career, IT consultants, Professionals in other domains of Manufacturing industry and Engineering students may take this as a starting point before going in depth to specialized topics within Manufacturing.

The Course is structured as below:

  1. Introduction to Manufacturing

  2. Bill of Material (Enhanced on 1st Dec)

  3. Routing (Enhanced in Jan 2021)

  4. Types of Manufacturing

  5. Discrete Job Shop

  6. Repetitive Manufacturing

  7. Assemble to Order Manufacturing

  8. Project Manufacturing

  9. Process Manufacturing

  10. Just in Time (JIT) - eBook on JIT added in Jan 2021

  • The Course has supporting Off-line reading material in the form of eBooks for most of the topics covered.

  • The Course included exercises for Practical understanding of the concepts, wherever applicable.

  • The Course is associated Quizs for students to refresh their understanding during attending course

This course will be Continuously refined according to the feedback received. The enhancements will be included in the course for no extra-cost for the students already enrolled as well as for new students.

The audience are requested to make a note that the course will be a bit slow keeping the target audience (Novices)in view. Any in-depth understanding needs further efforts on top of attending this course.


Fundamentals of Manufacturing for an ERP
Fundamentals of Manufacturing for an ERP
Fundamentals of Manufacturing for an ERP
Fundamentals of Manufacturing for an ERP


About the Course

About the Course


Introduction to Manufacturing

Types of Manufacturing

Quiz 1

Section 3: Types of Manufacturing

Discrete Job Shop

Discrete Job Shop Quiz

Repetitive Manufacturing

Assemble To Manufacturing

Project Manufacturing


Process Manufacturing

Just in Time (JIT)



Sarangi14 June 2021

This is one kind of training, many of us were waiting. The basics were always partially understood for experienced people in other domains. Initial lessons were quite low and detailed for right reasons. Later parts were relatively quick and to the point. The new addition on various Planning fundamentals and Inventory management is awesome and effective.

Mastan3 May 2021

Very good course for any beginner trying to understand basics of Manufacturing. Any practical scenario on one ERP will be great.

Rev20 April 2021

Excellent illustrations used to understand the concept of Manufacturing Fundamentals, the explanation by the trainer is slow and steady to make us understand the concepts , even for a novice

MrClean23 March 2021

There are not many courses on fundamentals. Must add more such courses on other topics like Procurement, Warehousing, Inventory, planning etc

Suhasini16 February 2021

Very good course for beginners. The lessons are slow and may need speedingup of video for non-beginners. Subtitles are helpful but captions of Routing lesson may need corrections here and there.

Aswani17 December 2020

A detailed course on Fundamentals of Manufacturing for ERP applications, examples and demos are around very practical scenarios, cool explanation, many thanks

Paddy9 December 2020

Slow and Patient explanation. examples are good and not the usual ones. good animations. Subtitles need correction in a couple of places.

Solman2 December 2020

Lecture started with Plain English and good examples. Good for beginners. regular additions to course are helpful.

Danny1 December 2020

The Course is quite illustrative with lot of supporting material through eBooks for offline reading, a few practical exercises. Bill of Material and Repetitive Manufacturing are the best among the rest of lectures.

Revathi27 November 2020

This is a very good course to understand the Manufacturing process fundamentals as a Cross functional skill for an ERP consultant like me Appreciate the trainer for his plain english demonstrations, which made this course a easy to understand and practice

Venkat24 November 2020

Excellent Coverage...beautifully delivered...for the newbies to manufacturing, this course surely demystifies a lot of confusions, misconceptions, and misunderstandings.  I am a ERP Finance Consultant and looking at learning the other areas well to understand the linkages among many departments and this course helped me to form a good plan for learning. For students of Mechanical Engineering, Production Technology etc.,  this course serves as a solid foundation and acts as a compass to navigate the detailed course very well.  For ERP Technical Consultants, this course helps in their journey to travel towards knowing the functionality of the products easily.

Ramakrishna22 November 2020

This course is very well explained, the fundamentals of manufacturing process for ERP consultants , i would suggest this course to ERP aspirants, for the cross functional understanding on manufacturing processes. Appreciate your efforts and Thumbs UP !!

SanthaRam21 November 2020

Just completed types of manufacturing, the examples stated with reference to the manufacturing types are great, Nice introduction on Manufacturing Process- which is useful for ERP consultants- Trainer seems to be very Professional and Qualified to present and relate his experience with the Processes


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