Remote Sensing in QGIS: Basics of Satellite Image Analysis

Become proficient in applied Remote Sensing in QGIS & spatial analysis / project analysis & fundamental concepts in QGIS

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Remote Sensing in QGIS: Basics of Satellite Image Analysis



4.5 hours


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Acquire a thorough understanding of satellite remote sensing principles

Learn how to apply satellite remote sensing principles in practice

Learn the most popular open-source GIS and Remote Sensing software tools (QGIS) and Semi-automated classification (SCP) plugin

Create your first GIS maps for your reports/presentations in QGIS

Learn how to obtain satellite data, apply Remote Sensing image preprocessing, create training and validation data in QGIS

Learn abouit open source Remote Sensing software tools and data portals

Apply Land use and Land Cover (LULC) Mapping and Change Detection in QGIS

Learn how to plan and practise to implement your first geospatial project based on Remote Sensing data

You'll have a copy of the practicals step-by-step manuals used in the course for your reference to use for your Remote Sensing analysis in QGIS

You'll also have plenty of handy hints and tips during this course for QGIS and Remote Sensing analysis


Remote Sensing & Satellite Image Analyses in QGIS for Beginners

Do you need to use satellite Remote Sensing in your work but don't know how to apply Remote Sensing analysis?

Do you find Remote Sensing books & manuals too not practical and looking for a course that takes you by hand, teach you all the concepts, and get you started on a real-life Remote Sensing analysis project?

I'm very excited that you have found my Fundamentals of applied Satellite Remote Sensing in the QGIS course. My course provides you with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to implement PRACTICAL, Remote Sensing analysis starting with the basics concepts of Remote Sensing and equipping you with all necessary knowledge and skills to implement your own independent Remote Sensing analysis Project in great QGIS open-source software! I will also demonstrate to you how to implement Remote Sensing analyses in the latest version of open-source software QGIS, thus that you could immediately start using satellite images for your work and Remote Sensing projects.

This fundamental 4-hour course is designed to equip you with the theoretical and practical knowledge of applied Remote Sensing analysis. By the end of the course, you will feel confident and completely understand the basics of Remote Sensing and its main components, learn how to install QGIS and work with QGIS and Semi-Automatic Classification Plug-in. You will learn all basics of working with satellite imagery and planning your Remote Sensing project. We will learn in QGIS how to perform image preprocessing, calculate spectral indices, conduct land use and land cover classifications with Machine Learning algorithms, calculate change, and produce GIS maps for your reports and much more. At the end of the course, you will conduct the independent Remote Sensing project-based assignment that will allow you to train your newly acquired geospatial skills!

In this course, I will teach you how to work with the popular open-source QGIS software and its great tool, a Semi-Automated classification for Remote Sensing based analysis.

The course is ideal for professionals such as geographers, programmers, social scientists, geologists, GIS & Remote Sensing, and all other experts who need to use maps in their field and would like to learn more about geospatial analysis and satellite Remote Sensing in QGIS.

One important part of the course is the practical exercises. You will be given some precise instructions, downloadable practical materials, scripts, and datasets to create maps and conduct geospatial analysis using the QGIS software.



Introduction to the course

QGIS - Software used in this course

Lab 1: QGIS installation

QGIS Plgins

Understanding Satellite Remote Sensing

Understanding remote sensing images: real life example

Definition of Remote Sensing

Short history of Remote Sensing

Quiz 1: Introduction to Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing System

Lab 2: Getting started with QGIS and how to load images in QGIS

Electromagnetic Waves and Spectral Signatures

Types of Imaging Sensors

Types of Remote Sensing Platforms

Quiz: Remote Sensing System

Introduction to Sattellite Images and their Characteristics

Section Overview

What is Remote Sensing Image?

Lab: Download satellite image with the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin

Resolution types of Satellite Image

Landsat sensors & data

Lab: Colour Disaply (Image Composites) of satellite images

Sentinel sensors & data

How to plan applied Remote Sensing Analysis Workflow for a certain application?

Planning Satellite Image Analysis Workflow

Key satellite image definitions in Remote Sensing


Image Preprocessing

Atmospheric Correction of Satellite images

Lab: Atmospheric Correction of Landsat Image

Geometric Correction of Satellite images

Image Enhancement to improve image dispaly

Lab: Image Enhancement

Spectral Indices and Biophysical Parameters of Vegetation

Introduction to spectral indices & biophysical parameters retrieved from images

Lab: Computation of the vegetation index with Landsat TM data

Lab: Calculation of Calculating the Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) with Sentinel-2

Lab: Land cover assessment based on image thresholding

Making a map for a report / presentation

Lab: Basics of change detection - image differencing

Satellite Image Classification

Basics of Satellite Image Classification

Lab: Land Use and Land Cover classification with Landsat TM data

Lab: Accuracy Assessment of LULC map

Conducting an Applied Remote Sensing Project

Burn Severity: Background

Final Project Task Overview


James16 October 2020

Am an ENVI & ERDAS long-time user. They never actually show you how to download and load their programs - so this was very helpful for people not used to big downloads.

Achyut2 October 2020

This course is just wonderful, lab exercises with clear explanation has made this course really deserving for any new gis enthusiac to join this course

Yousaf14 September 2020

This Remote Sensing course is very elaborated and the teacher guide students step by step in doing exercises in QGIS as well as provides an excellent theoretical background.

Khoniker14 September 2020

This is a great match for me. I'm always keen to learn more about remote sensing and this course on fundamentals of Remote Sensing in QGIS was well-developed and detailed.

Olga13 June 2020

Great introductory course for satellite Remote Sensing image analysis - very clear explanations and lots of practical assignments. Thanks you, Kate, I learnt a lot!


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