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Full Web Development Course - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and React

Learn web development with React JS, React Native, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & more from with my web development course

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28 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

You will be able to create commonly used user login and registration pages by learning the form structure.

In the developing world, we will talk about all the details about web design compatible with different screens.

You will be able to prepare lists in different formats

Learn to use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 to add unique styling to Bootstrap

Learn Bootstrap 4 and UIs from scratch

Set up our virtual environment

Install React-Native dependencies for MAC and Windows

How to include JS File in HTML

What is conditional statements (if else, switch case, ternary operator), how to use

What is loops (for loops, while loops, continue and break statements), how to use them

How to write Functions, what are the differences between Function Decleration and Function Expression

How to create Arrays, Array methods (push, pop, shift, unshift ...), Array iteration

Learn and create amazing high quality Bootstrap 4 themes and UIs from scratch

Learn to compile Sass in the easiest way possible using a GUI

Get a crash course of the Bootstrap Grid System with the theme layout

We will improve our knowledge step by step by learning the basics of CSS

Create a beautiful, responsive landing page for any one


Hello there,

Welcome to Everything Needed to Know for Web Development in One Course .

This course will be your gateway to learn web design with a step-by-step approach.  We can assure you that only this course will enough for you to learn web development from scratch to intermediate.

This course will take you from a complete beginner to a  master in hours! By the way, you do not need to know any thing for this course.

We'll be moving rapidly to give you the quickest, yet most thorough website building experience.

In this course, we have created a completely custom HTML learning environment for the first few sections of this course. Each lecture has an HTML page associated with it and has a start state.

With this course, you will improve your Bootstrap experience with HTML5 and CSS3 codes

This course will take you from a beginner to a more experienced level. You will learn HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4 and React JS step by step with hands-on examples. And then you will be confident in using ReactJS, and if you ever get stuck, we will be there to help.

React-Native is a library developed by the React team and it is widely used to create mobile applications for both Android and IOS. You do not need to learn Java, Android, Swift, Objective-C, or anything of that.  React and JavaScript is all you need to create awesome mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS.

JavaScript is the number one programming language for internet applications. During our course, you will be informed about the basics of JavaScript in detail and how to solve problems. Here's how a JavaScript code works, not just how it works. Because in today's JavaScript world, besides writing a code, you need to know how to debug this topic and be able to read every written JavaScript code.

Learn by doing!

So we have made this course as simple as possible in order to take you through step by step so you can feel confident and get a truly good understanding of how to utilize.  In this course, we will be teaching all of web development subjects by creating various projects.

In this course you will learn;

  • Learn to use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 to add unique styling to Bootstrap

  • Learn and create amazing high-quality Bootstrap 4 themes and UIs from scratch

  • Master every single Bootstrap component

  • Learn to compile Sass in the easiest way possible using a GUI

  • Get a crash course of the Bootstrap Grid System with the theme layout

  • Learn how to add Website Scrolling Animation to any Bootstrap Component or HTML Element

  • We will start with local installation and react basics. After that, we will create 5 projects.

  • Project 1 – Learn, create react app and Jsx with ‘first-app’

  • Project 2 – Learn React props system with ‘blog-posts’ app

  • Project 3 – Learn react components, state, lifecycle methods, async operations, and much more... with the ‘hemisphere’ app

  • Project 4 – Handling event handlers, fetching data from an outside API, and showing list of records with ‘image-list’ app

  • Project 5 - Routing with React Router and using React Portals to render children outside the DOM hierarchy with the ‘react-router’ app

  • Basics of React and React-Native libraries,

  • How to send an HTTP request from a mobile application,

  • How to use the flex-box system,

  • How to create reusable components,

  • To reach another app on the device from our app and

  • Creating your own mobile app is going to be clear for you.

  • How you can operate on variables,

  • Boolean logic,

  • How to create a conditional statement,

  • How you can perform transactions with Loops,

  • How a function is created and why it needs arguments,

  • How Arrays and Objects, which are basic data structures, are created,

  • How DOM Manipulation is done,

No prior knowledge is needed!

Why would you want to take this course? 

Our answer is simple: The quality of teaching.

OAK Academy based in London is an online education company. OAK Academy gives education in the field of IT, Software, Design, development in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and a lot of different language on Udemy platform where it has over 1000 hours of video education lessons. OAK Academy both increase its education series number by publishing new courses, and it makes students aware of all the innovations of already published courses by upgrading.

When you enroll, you will feel the OAK Academy`s seasoned developers expertise. Questions sent by students to our instructors are answered by our instructors within 48 hours at the latest

Video and Audio Production Quality

All our videos are created/produced as high-quality video and audio to provide you the best learning experience.

You will be,

  • Seeing clearly

  • Hearing clearly

  • Moving through the course without distractions

You'll also get:

  • Lifetime Access to The Course

  • Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Dive in now Everything Needed to Know for Web Development in One Course course

We offer full support, answering any questions.

See you in the course!


Full Web Development Course - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and React
Full Web Development Course - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and React
Full Web Development Course - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and React
Full Web Development Course - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and React



What is Internet and HTML ?

Basic Tags

Images and Attributes


List Example

Block Level - Inline Elements

Let's Learn More Complex Topics in HTML


Table Example


Forms Example


CSS Basics

CSS Colors

Background and Border


Intermadiate CSS

Text and Fonts

Debugging in CSS

Box Model

CSS Position

CSS Float

Display Property

Box-Model Practice

Float-Layout Practice


Media Queries

Flexbox and Grid For CSS

Flexbox Introduction

Flexbox Properties 1

Flexbox Properties 2

Flexbox Properties 3

Grid CSS Intro

Grid CSS

Grid CSS - 2

Grid CSS - 3

Grid CSS - 4

Grid CSS - 5

Grid and Flexbox Project

Grid and Flexbox Project - 2

Grid and Flexbox Project - 3

Grid and Flexbox Project - 4


What is Bootstrap?

Including Bootstrap in the Project

Web Design

Introduction To Bootstrap

Nav Bar

Grid System

Header Section

Our CSS File-1

Our CSS File-2

Font Awesome and Features Section

Font Awesome and Features Section-2



Intermediate Bootstrap

Bootstrap Modals


Bootstrap Cards

Bootsrap Cards Part 2

Carousel 1

Carousel 2

CSS Z-Index

Z-Index Our Project

Image Gallery


General Changes

General Changes - Part 2

Let's Start to Learn React JS

Your First App Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Let, Const and Var in 3 minutes

Install Node JS

Create Your React App

Why You Will Need To Create a React App?

Start Creating React App

Do You Want to Learn How To Stop React App?

What Is This JSX?

Converting HTML JSX

Inline Styling with JSX in React JS

JavaScript Variable in JSX

React Wıth Props

Three Tenets of Components

Simple App with React

Styling App with Semantic UI

Building Component

Specifying The Image in React JS

Duplicating The Single Component

Component Nesting

Props System

Passing Props to Child

Reusable Component Overview

Props Children

Class-Based Components

Class-Based Components and Functional Component

New App Overview

Getting Users Physical Location

Handling Async Operation in React

Transformation Functional Component to Class Based Component

State In React

State Rules

Initializing State In Constructor

Lifecycle Method Overview

Conditional Rendering

Lifecycle Methods

Get to Know Lifecycle Method

Refactoring App with Lifecycle Method

Passing State As Props

Ternary Expressions in JSX

Showing Picture

Styling The App

Free React Developer Tools

General App Review

User Inputs, Forms and Events in React JS

App Overview

Component Design

Handling Forms

Styling The App

Creating Event Handlers

Controlled vs Uncontrolled Elements

Why Controlled Elements?

Understanding ‘this’ Key Word In JS

Communicating Child to Parent

Invoking Callbacks In Children

API Request With React

Fetching Data

Axios vs Fetch

Async Await Function

Setting The State

Rendering A List of Components

Implementing The Key Values In List

What We Have Learned From The App?

Navigation With react Router

Initializing The Project

The React Router

Link and Nav Links

Programmatic Redirects

Route Parameters

React Router Switch Tag

React Portals

Why React Portals?

How To Create A Modal?

Creating a React Portals

Introduction to React Native

Project Files and Course Documents

How to Get Help?

Project Files and Course Documents

Setup For Windows

Free Tools For Windows

Windows Setup for React Native

How To Start Emulator in Android Studio

Setup For OSX

Free Tools for IOS

OSX Setup for React Native

Start The Emulator

React Native And JSX

How To Create An App

See Content On Emulator

Why Do We Need React and React-Native?

Es6 Syntax ( Let, Const, Var)

First Component

How To Show Component On Device

How to Build Our First App

How to Connect a Component To The Root Component

Import a Component to Another Component

Styling For React Native

Styling with JSX

Displaying Views

Header Component’s Styling

React Props

How to Reuse Code With Props System

API Request With react Native

How To Show a List To The User

The List Component

Func Component vs Class Based Component

Lifecycle Methods

When Do We Need Lifecycle Methods?

Lifecycle Methods

Making Request With Axios

State In Reactive Native

What Is State and How To Initial State?

Using of State

A Component’s Lifecycle With State

List Component

List Item Component

Reusable Components

Styled Component for List Items

Usage of Props.Children

Item Section


Introduction to the Flexbox

Section Header Component

Layout With Flexbox

How to Show An Image

Scrollable Content

User Interaction with ReactNative

Event Handlers

How to Open Another App (Browser)


Introduction to Java Script

Setup Visual Studio Code

Adding js file

Language Basics

Variables and Data Types

Type Coercion

Variable Mutation

Basic Operators

Boolean Logic

Logical Operators

Conditional Statements

Conditional Statements

Code Quiz 1 Solution

Ternary Operator

Switch, case statements

Code Quiz 2

Code Quiz 2 Solution


Introduction to Loops

While Loops

While Loops Quiz

While Loops Quiz Solution

for Loops

for Loops Quiz Solution

Continue and Break Statements


Introductions to Functions

Function Decleration

Function With Arguments

Function return

Function Expression

Function Quiz

Function Quiz Solution

Function Scope


Introduction to Arrays

Array Features

Array Methods

Array Quiz

Array Quiz Solution

Array Iteration

Array Iteration Quiz

Array Iteration Quiz Solution


Introduction to Objects

Object Update

Complex Data Structures

Object Quiz

Object Quiz Solution

Object Methods

this Keyword


Introduction to DOM

What is DOM

Select and change

Select Methods

Manipulation Methods

innerHTML and textContext

Attribute Manipulation

Event Handlers

Introduction to Event handlers

Event handler codequiz

Codequiz Solution

callback Function

Different Event Types

Todolist Quiz Solution

What We Learned


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