Full Stack Web Development using the MERN stack and DEVOPS

Learn all the technology needed to become a modern full stack web developer

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34 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, React, Docker and CI/CD


Complete new course that will help you attain your dreams of becoming a full stack web developer. The course is designed out of my personal experience as a software developer and building several web applications. This course touches all the modern technologies need today, including but not limited to nodeJS, expressJS, reactJS, containers, continuous integration and  continuous delivery (CI/CD) and the google cloud platform.  In todays world, companies are project requirements as a web developer has drastically grown and will continue to grow as companies demand to sort the best amongst us all.

The primary goal of this course is to expose you to help software developers write good APIs using expressJS, test those APIs using postman and send anticipated data to a front end app while handling errors. We also looked at containerizing an express application and pushing the container to dockerhub using a  CI/CD offered by travis-ci. Like that wasn't enough, we also went on to talk about google cloud app engine and hosted our application there. As a bonus, we used google cloud storage to save our static images. On the front end, we used reactJS. We explored both functional and class based components. This was consciously done because a lot of companies still use class based components. We also used redux for state management.

While lasting over 30 hours, the course focused on key concepts that will help you get the right understanding.


Full Stack Web Development using the MERN stack and DEVOPS
Full Stack Web Development using the MERN stack and DEVOPS
Full Stack Web Development using the MERN stack and DEVOPS
Full Stack Web Development using the MERN stack and DEVOPS




What is NodeJs

importing and exporting in JS

Why NodeJs and Express

Introduction to Node Package Manager - npm

Setting up express

Introduction to http requests

Introduction to Middleware

Set up Express server for app

Set up MongoDB Database

set up connection to database

Set up express server

Introduction to restful APIs and Postman

E-commerce Back end Part 1

creating a user model


save user to db

using bcrypt to hash passwords


middleware for authorization

User login authorization

Creating Products Model

Creating the Product API

Get Products API

Testing APIs using postman

Set up React App for E-Commerce Part 1

Create React App for Client

Redux and Redux store

Actions and Reducers

Register User Reducer

Add product to local storage

Set Authentication

Set up navbar

Browser Router, Route and Provider

Creating reusable components

Register User and Login components

Connecting frontend to backend


Login Actions

Login Actions Part 2

Completing the login process

Cusromizing the navbar

Quick Frontend wrap up

Sellers Dashboard

Get Products action and reducer

Products Container

Protected Routes

Dashboard cleanup and active routes

Child props to dashboard

Customize dashboard

The art of debugging

Add products 1

Add products 2

Add products action

Reusable Product component

Display Merchant Products

Decode User

get sellers products

Coupling of backend and frontend

Profile Model

Get Profile API

Create and Update Profile API

Testing the Post and get http APIs using postman

Delete User Information from database

get merchants products

Profile action and reducer

Create Profile Setup

Create Profile Components

Save profile to database

Display Profile

Edit Profile

Delete Profile

Set up products details page

Display products information

Complete product display

Cart and Payment Models

GetCart API

Update Cart

Add products to cart

Test cart apis using postman

Cart Reducers

Cart Actions

add to cart modal

add to cart when signed in

Use query params for cart routes

Dynamic routing to cart

Cart Component

Add items to cart

Remove items from cart

Introduction to stripe

stripe payment set up

connect paymemt to API

Payment API using stripe

Finalising payment functionality

Introduction to DevOps

Introduction to Devops

Introduction to creating YAML files


Docker Prod

Docker build on dev

Docker-compose for the client


bug explanation and fix

Dockerfile for server

Docker-compose for server

Docker workdir

Production Dockerfile for server

Docker-compose for multiple images

Introductionto travis ci

Introductionto mocha and testing

Builiding Test cases

First Travis build

Travis CI build and push to dockerhub

push images to dockerhub

Introducing openssl

Updating travi yaml file with .env file

Creating a simple test for react application.

travis yaml file for react application.

Solution to the task

Onward to Google cloud platform

Google Service Account

Create an app in the app engine

install gcp sdk

install gcp sdk using travis ci

Configure the environment

Create a deploy script

Set up gcp app.yaml file

Usual problem to allow authorization on first deployment

Complete server ci/cd

set up for thge deployment of the client

Build script for react app

bug fix

bug fix for client deployment

App round up

Uploading a file- frontend


GCP Storage

GCP Storage P2

Complete image upload


Upload Multiple images

Upload Multiple images P2

Updating Product Images

Load Seller Profile

Display Seller Profile


ramazan12 June 2021

I am participating in the course from Turkey, although I do not know English, I learn comfortably using translate. this guy really knows her business and is really successful dude.

Sanni9 June 2021

I bought this course because I noticed the course content is very rich. A few lectures in and I am already sure I made the right choice. This is really educating.

Jesse26 May 2021

I've voted this course 5 stars because it is the maximum number. Really Paul is a professional Instructor and know how things work, and his English is very clear and understandable. This course worth the effort and time that you'll spend on it

Sandra15 April 2021

Awesome course. I have always looked for a course where I can learn to build an e-commerce application. Including devops took this course to a different level.


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