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Full Stack Java developer - Java + JSP + Restful WS + Spring

Full Stack Java developer - Core Java + JSP Servlets + Hibernate +Spring + Java Web-service/RestFul API + Spring boot.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Build a fully functioning web application through a simplistic step from a professional trainer

Java programming language

Learn Java server pages, servlets, and JSTL from the basics to advance

Understand building web forms with JSP

Apply validations on the forms

Use the web template to make the web application incredible

Create-Deploy Servlets & Understand Servlet Lifecycle

Learn how to Handle Session in JSP

Develop Dynamic Web Applications

Learn MVC in JSP

Forms under JSP and Servlets


Learn the concept related to Generics

Add validations on form data

Adding records into the database

Updating record(s) into database

Deleting record(s) into database

Spring Framework

Web Services – RestFul API

Spring Boot


If you are a learning enthusiast and want to create a quick and efficient web application, and you have some Java knowledge and a little or no knowledge about Java networking programming, then this course is for you. “Full Stack Java developer Practical Guide" introduces you to Java, JSP, Restful WS, and spring. In this course, you will be able to combine all the ways to connect to the database and learn how to make it in an informative and attractive way. Here, you will learn all the basic concepts, tools, functions, and required topics which usually a Java Developer requires during the web application development process. The course starts with Java, including multi-threading, Lambdas, Collections debugging, and introduction to GIT. Then we will move towards JSP and Servlets. Once we are done with JSP and Servlets, we will start exploring Hibernate. An application will be built using JSP and Hibernate as well.

Java, JSP, and Servlets are core technologies, now once we have completed the core technologies, we will move towards the spring framework. Spring framework is among the most popular Java framework, we will cover the spring framework, and then we will start with the very important "Restful web services". Finally, after completion of web-services, we will start with spring boot.

I will start with a brief overview. Then I will show you how to set up your development for Full Stack Java by installing Eclipse on various operating systems along with the following topics.

  • Learn Java Server Pages from basics to advance

  • Understand building web forms with JSP

  • Decision making under Java

  • Object-oriented programming concepts

  • Flow control

  • Method parameter and return type

  • Use web template to make the web application incredible

  • Core concept

  • Array

  • Collections debugging

  • Generics

  • Multi-threading

  • Lambdas

  • File Handling under Java

  • Introduction to GIT

  • Create-Deploy Servlets & Understand Servlet Lifecycle

  • Forms under JSP and Servlets

  • Develop Dynamic Web Applications

  • JSTL core tags

  • Learn MVC in JSP

  • Image/File upload

  • Web App with spring boot

  • Add post functionality

  • Restful microservice with database connectivity

  • Connect with the database and perform CRUD operation

  • A wide range of projects to implement their new skills.


Starting with the installation of Java and ending with Restful microservice with database connectivity. At the end of the course, the user will have a decent knowledge to create functional, useful Java programs, and enabling users to log in and manage sessions.

Learn a powerful skill at your home.

This is the best course. Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for learning Java. This course will help you practice coding every day at home. Practice makes man perfect and it all depends on your efforts and hard work. This course is also chock full of activities that allow you to practice what you are learning. Work with me on several exercises to become a web application developer.

Why Learn Java Server Full Stack Java developer - Java + JSP + Spring +Restful WS + Spring boot

Java Server “Full Stack Java developer” technology is a fast and easy way to develop dynamic and static web content. It is an excellent ability to develop components to improve web applications and improve our career prospects as an IT professional.

Why Learn From Me

Learning a Full Stack Java developer can be complex and challenging. To navigate this labyrinth, you need an easy and direct approach to the point.

This course brings my teaching experience and industry knowledge to you. I have taught IT for more than eight years to more than 1,40,000+ students, and I am also a web application developer. My teaching style is unique and easy to understand.


Full Stack Java developer - Java + JSP + Restful WS + Spring
Full Stack Java developer - Java + JSP + Restful WS + Spring
Full Stack Java developer - Java + JSP + Restful WS + Spring
Full Stack Java developer - Java + JSP + Restful WS + Spring


Introduction: Background

About the course

Meet your instructor

Background Story

Review and rating

Java: Setting up

Download process and installation of Java (Windows)

Download and installation process of Eclipse

A short message

Java: Getting started

The language of 50 keywords

Our first Java program

Variable and datatype

Understanding variables

Primitive Data Types (Integer datatype)

Primitive Data Types (floating point datatype)

Primitive Data Types (boolean and char)

BigDecimal class introduction

String basics

Type casting

EXERCISE - Solve an equation

When to use what?

Quiz on section 3

Project files

Java: Some good to know information

Videos from this section

Understand Udemy interface and how to get completion certificate

Project files and downloadable material and articles

How to Import Project Files?

Videos for Java and IDE installation on MAC and Linux

IntelliJ Installation and hello world program in IntelliJ

Import eclipse project on IntelliJ

Java: Decision making under Java

Arithmetic operators

Making decision with operators - Part 1

Making decision with operators - Part 2

Making decision with operators - Part 3

Ternary operator

Assignment operators

Making decision with if else


Project files

Quiz on section 5

Java: Flow control

Switch case - Part 1

Switch case - Part 2

Switch case - Part 3

For loop

While loop

Do while loop

Loops Revisited

Break and continue

Nested loops

Nested loops - exercise

Quiz on section 6

Modulo operator (Bonus)

Sum Of digit solution (Bonus)

Project files

Java: Methods


Methods parameters and return type

Method overloading - Part 1

Method overloading - Part 2

EXERCISE on method

Project files

Quiz on Section 7

Java: Some good information

Code Block, Indentation and statements

Java literals

Quiz on section 8

Java: Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Classes - Introduction

Classes - Getters and setters introduction

Classes - Getters and setters

Classes - Adding functionality into class

Constructors Introduction

Default constructor

Usage of constructors

Understanding inheritance

Working with inheritance - Part 1

Working with inheritance - Part 2

Working with inheritance - Part 3

Working with inheritance - Part 4

Working with inheritance - Part 5

Type of inheritance - Exercise information

EXERCISE explanation (inheritance)

Composition Introduction

Composition Setting up

Working with composition

Adding functionality

Encapsulation - Part 1

Encapsulation - Part 2

Polymorphism - Part 1

Polymorphism - Part 2

Benefits of Polymorphism

Project files

Quiz on section 9

Java: Core concepts


Abstract class - Introduction

Multiple inheritance using interfaces

Inner classes

Types of nested class

Local inner class

Anonymous object

Anonymous inner class

Advantages of inner class

User input

Static elements

Static inner class - Part 1

Static inner class - Part 2

Final keyword

Final keyword with method and class


Packages continues


Access modifier

Access modifier - Part 1

Access modifier - Part 2

Exception handling (Intro)

Exception handling, Multiple catch blocks

Exception handling, Multiple catch blocks - Part 2

Finally block

Throw and throws

User defined exception

Checked and unchecked exceptions



Difference between String literal and String Object

String methods (Document)

String formatting (Document)

Project files

Quiz on section 10

Java: Array

Array overview

How to initialize array

Foreach loop

Methods - Call by value and reference

Quiz on section 11


Issues with array

About Test and improve your Java Skills

Project files

Java: Collections framework

Collections framework Overview


ArrayList - Part 2

Autoboxing and unboxing

ArrayList and Stack overview

Stack methods


LinkedList operations

List interface


Sorting and reversal of elements

CompareTo method overview

Comparable interface

Understanding bit more of it

Quiz on section 12

Project files

Java: Generics

Generics overview

Getting started with generics

Understanding generics

Type parameters

Type parameters (Document)

Generic method

Bounded type parameter

Comparable interface

Wildcards in Generics

Quiz on section 13

Project files

Java: Collections continues


Set types

Custom sorting using comparator





Equals and hashcode methods

Search under Maps

Something more

Quiz on section 14

Project files

Java: Multi-threading-Concurrency control in Java

About multi-threading

Multithreading overview

Creating thread by extending the thread class

Creating thread by implementing runnable interface

Synchronization under concurrency control

Synchronized method

Synchronized block

Synchronized block on object

Static synchronization

Usage of volatile keyword

Wait and notify


Join overview

Thread pools


Blocking Queue

Reentrant lock

Deadlock - Part 1

Deadlock - Part 2

Quiz on section 15

Project files

Java: Lambda expression - basics

Lambda expression overview

Lambda expression continued

Lambda expressions, something more

Lambda expressions, few more things

Lambda expressions with variables and iterations


Predicates something more

Quiz on Section 16

Project files

Java: File Handling under Java

Data streams

Creating file on disk

Creating a directory

Writing onto files

Reading files with BufferedReader

Reading files with scanner

Scanner vs Buffered reader

File deletion

Try with resources

Serialization of Objects

Project files

Quiz on section 17

Debug: Debugging

Getting started with debugging

Debugging, runtime variable value update

Debugging Continues

How to apply watch on variable(s)

GIT: GIT basics

Before we go further

GIT overview

GIT features overview

Setting up GIT

Clone and import GIT project into eclipse

Clone GIT project directly from eclipse

JSP & Servlets: Introduction

Before we start with Jsp and Servlets

Requirements to get started

Project setup

Hello Servlets

Hello JSP

Servlets life cycle

JSP expressions element

JSP scriptlets element

JSP declarations element

JSP comment element

JSP Directive element

MCQs and Predict the Output

Deployment descriptor and annotations

JSP configuration in deployment descriptor

Reading URL parameter(s)

Include file(s) in JSP page

Import class into Jsp page

Forward and redirect under JSP

MVC overview

Exercise - Basic redirection using servlet

Basic application based on MVC

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Forms

Forms overview

Form elements (Document)

Forms under JSP

Forms under Servlets

Basic form validations

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Understanding Java Beans

Beans overview

Bean scope types - session, page & application

Request scope

Beans with web forms

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Session management

Session under JSP overview

Introduction to cookie

Read and write operation of cookie

User logout (Via cookie)

User logout (using session attribute)

Organizing application

Fixing Redirect and forward links

Handling session without cookie

Servlet Filters

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: JSTL core tags

JSTL setting up

JSTL set and remove tags

Reading from Bean using Expression Language

Decision making under JSTL

JSTL Choose and when tags

MCQs and Predict the Output

JSTL for loop

JSTL forEach loop

JSTL forTokens tag

JSTL import and param tag

JSTL URL and redirect tag

JSTL catch tag

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Good to know information

Good to know information

Project files

JSP & Servlets: JSTL functions tags

JSTL length functions

JSTL trim and escapeXml function

JSTL more functions

JSTL even more functions

JSTL Split and Join function

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: JSTL XML tags

Adding Sample XML file

JSTL XML Parse and Out tag

JSTL XML ForEach and If tag

JSTL XML Choose When otherwise

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: I18N Overview

Overview of I18N


Locale (Document)

JSP & Servlets: Project on JSTL I18N

Setting up

Adding properties

Integration with website (i18n)

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: JSTL formatting tags

Formatting date & number

Formatting date & number (Document)

MCQs & Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Building Custom tag

Building custom tag

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Integrate web template

Extracting header and footer from template

Integrate template with project

Integrate template with project using JSTL

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Revisiting Servlets

Servlets initialization

Understanding more about Servlet

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Interacting with database

Setting tools required

Use of workbench

Setting up JNDI

Testing connection

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Listing data on webpage

Setting up

Listing data on webpage (Part 1)

Listing data on webpage (Part 2)

Making use of include directive

MCQs and Predict the Output

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Add record(s) into database

Form implementation for record addition

Organizing application

Almost done

Finalize the feature

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Update record(s) into database

Upgrading the list

Updating Controller

Populating form

Adding Update functionality

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Delete record from database

Upgrading the list

Adding delete functionality

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Adding JSTL support

Add JSTL support

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Image/File upload

Image upload form

Handle image files

Upload image onto filesystem

Project files

Hibernate: Hibernate Introduction

Let's Start with hibernate

Hibernate Overview

Installing MySQL

SQL workbench

Hibernate: Hibernate Framework

Setting up Project

Setting Up Hibernate Configuration File

Session Factory and Session

Adding Entity Class (Part 1)

Adding Entity Class (Part 2)

Hibernate in Action (Part 1)

Hibernate in Action (Part 2)

CRUD - Retriving Record from Database

CRUD - Updating a Record in Database

CRUD - Deleting Record from Database

Project files

Hibernate: Hibernate Query language Basics

Listing Records

HQL The Where Clause

Update Records using HQL

Deleting Record using HQL

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Integration of Hibernate

Let's integrate Hibernate with JSP and Servlets

Add Hibernate Support

Understanding Hibernate configuration

Hibernate entity class

Hibernate in action

Project files

JSP & Servlets: Building the application

Setting things up

List available files

Display image files on JSP page

Improve view of the page

Adding update information form

Implement update information functionality

Update information logic revisited

Update specific column data using Hibernate

Add view image action

Implement view image page

Add delete image action

Recheck the application working


Project files

Spring 5: Getting started

Let's start with Spring 5

Download required software's

Installing required software

Link to setup process for Mac and Linux

First project setup on STS

Spring 5: Inversion of control, Dependency injection

Dependency injection

Understand dependency injection

Project files

Spring 5: Autowire

Autowire introduction

Autowire scenarios

Qualifier annotation

Project files

Spring 5: Spring Bean

Spring bean

Constructor injection

Project files

Spring 5: IDE setup steps

Spring project on IntelliJ

Adding SpringMVC support on Eclipse

Simple dynamic web project

Model in webproject

Project files

Spring 5: Spring MVC

Spring MVC minimal setup

Basic form with Spring MVC

Request param and Model under Spring MVC

ModelAndView and foreach on data

Project files

Spring 5: Spring form elements

Setting up eclipse project

Getting started with forms

Input and radio

Radio-buttons and background

Dropdown list

Text area


Project files

Spring 5: Styling and External Resources

Adding STS 3 support into Eclipse

Add external resource

Add style sheet

Project files

Spring framework: Form validations

Form Validation using HTML

Hibernate validator introduction

Repopulate form data

ModelMap - Simplifying controller

Show error messages

Validation rules

Project files

Spring framework: Database Connectivity using JDBC (XML Configuration)

Maven Setup for hibernate and MySQL

Alternate eclipse environment

Dynamic web project approach

Installing mysql

SQL workbench

Understanding the Architecture

Understanding the Architecture(Document)

Methods of Mapping

Methods of Mapping(Document)

Setting Up Project

Adding Data Access Object (DAOs)

Defining Beans (XML Configuration)

Reading from Database

Showing Information on webpage

Project files

Spring framework : Database Connectivity using JDBC (Annotations)

Defining Annotations

Getting Things in Place

Adding Add User link

A Walkthrough

Updating the Controller

Adding the Validation

Adding User

Project files

Spring framework : Exception Handling under Spring MVC

Exception Handling

Project files

Restful Api (JAX-RS): Web Services - Restful API

Let's start with Restful web services

Introduction To Web Services

REST webservices overview

Resource based URIs

More about resource based URIs

Rest response

Status codes

Idempotence of HTTP Methods

Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State (HATEOAS)

The Richardson Maturity Model

JAX-RS and implementations overview

Restful Api (JAX-RS): Setting up

Setting up

Background story

Getting started with Restful API (Fixing warnings)

Getting started with Restful API - First API

Revisiting backgrounds and handling post request

Resource based URI for CRUD methods


Project files

Restful Api (JAX-RS): Database connectivity (Hibernate)

Installing MySQL

Creating sample database

Setting up service

Service layer continues

Integrating hibernate

Add DAO layer

Implementing DAO layer

XML response

JSON response

Project files

Restful Api (JAX-RS): Understanding JAX-RS

Subresource - Setting up table

Add subresource on existing resource

Add subresource on existing resource in action

ManyToOne mapping in hibernate

Delegation call to subresource object



HeaderParam and CookieParam

ContextParam (Review)

Sending status codes

Location headers

Add specific entity method

URI builder


Exception handling with json response

Exception mapper

Custom exception map

HATEOAS - part 1

HATEOAS - part 2

HATEOAS - get links from resourse

Project files

Restful Api (JAX-RS): Under the hood

Alternate Maven project setup

Alternate application setup

MessageBodyReader and Writer

Implement MessageBody Writer

Resource types

Param with resource types

Param converters

Param converter implementation

Param converter implementation (Part 2)

Project files

Restful Api (JAX-RS): Building client

Building client - introduction

Client building steps

URL building

Post request

Read response and wrapper class in brief

Build HATEOS model

Put and Delete operation

Project files

Spring Boot: Background

Setting up requirements

Maven overview

Set up Maven project for Spring Boot

Project files

Spring Boot: Getting Started with Spring Boot

First spring boot application

Webapp with Spring boot

Webapp with Spring boot continues (JSP support)

Application properties


Create war file from maven project

Project files

Spring Boot: Spring MVC + Restful web service background

Setting up restful webapp

Defining the rules

Bootstraping Spring boot project

Project files

Spring Boot: Building restful microservice with Spring boot

Add view all posts functionality

Add view specific post functionality


Add post functionality

Fixing the issue

Perform update operation

Perform delete operation

Project files

Spring Boot: Restful micro-service with database connectivity

Setting up

Installing MySQL

Setting up connection

Create database table

Configuring entity class

Update Service layer

Curd operations

Project files

Micro-services with Spring boot

Let's understand micro-service again

Setting up Spring MVC project

Spring boot micro-service

Communicate with micro-service

Improve app with best practices

Improve the app - Customize White-label Error Page

Improve the view - add JSTL support

Micro-service discovery service overview

Create Eureka server

Eureka client

Load balance

Spring Boot: Spring Boot: Bonus videos (Spring)

About spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto

Spring DevTools

Deploy war file on Tomcat web server

Extras: Management & extras

Agile methodology


Bonus: Interview tips

Interview tips

JUnit 5: Introduction

JUnit architecture

JUnit project on eclipse

Set Junit test method


Assertion documentation and message param

Testing exceptions

JUnit hooks - cover after each

BeforeAll and AfterAll

AssertAll and Disable


Few important things

SureFire plugin

JUnit with IntellJ

JUint in action on IntellJ


Repetitions and Lazy message

Maven options

Project files

Thank you!


Consider 5 Star rating

Thanks for taking this course

Note - Optional content starts here

Spring framework (Legacy): Spring framework - Introduction


Spring framework (Legacy): Setting up

Setting up System

Setting up Environment

Downloading Spring framework

Spring framework (Legacy): Inversion of control - Getting Started (XML Config)

Understanding the Scenario

Coding the Scenario(Part 1)

Coding the Scenario(Part 2)

Undertstanding Inversion of control

Implementing Inversion of Control

Spring framework (Legacy): Good to Know Information (Part 1)


Spring framework (Legacy): Inversion of control - Continues (XML Configuration)

Constructor Arguments

Setting Bean Properties

Setting Bean Property using P Namespace

Spring framework (Legacy): IOC - Dependency injection (XML Configuration)

Dependency Injection (Constructor argument)

Dependency Injection (Property setter)

Dependency Injection (Inner Bean)

Spring framework (Legacy): Understanding Spring bean (XML Configuration)

What is a Bean?

What is Bean Scope

Bean scopes - Setting up

Bean scopes - Singleton & Prototype Scope

Bean LifeCycle

Beans init and destroy

Spring framework (Legacy): Spring Beans and collection

Setting list as Constructor arg

Setting Set as Constructor arg

Setting Map as Property

Setting Property as Property

Spring framework (Legacy): Autowiring (XML Configuration)

Getting Started with Constructor

Constructor Autowiring (Removing Ambiguities)

Autowiring Default Setting - Basics

Autowiring Properties - Setting up

Autowire byName

Autowire byType

Thanks for taking this course.


Sachinkumar22 September 2020

This is first time I am attending a online course, and this course has really helped me learn allot, specially I love the course content and the pace at which they are explained. I have completed around 10-12% of course, My overall learning experience is amazing. Thanks to Chand Sheikh (Trainer).

Umeshwar18 September 2020

While pronouncing words like "F" at the end, air coming from mouth is creating some sound, need to use techniques used by singers or commentators.

Muzzamil5 September 2020

Chaand... basic Java is Ok but you should not be teaching anything advanced like Spring, Rest, Hibernate... You certainly don't have the experience to do so.... Basic Java though, your lectures are good anything after it's a disaster.

Amit27 August 2020

A good course on Java, what I am looking for. The course has covered almost everything. A great job is done. Apart from the existing modules, I would also request you to include Spring Security, a small module on CRUD with Spring, AOP, and MIS Report, like Employee List in PDF, generation method.

Nikhil16 August 2020

Amazing course. Now i can say that i got enough knowledge in core java concepts. Through this i also gain knowledge in advanced java concepts also.

Ben16 February 2020

I've taken numerous Java and programming classes and am experienced in competetive programming. But I took this class to learn the nuances of Java, which most University classes gloss over.

Subha16 February 2020

you are repeating the same thing again and again its so irritating.here we go ,alright,this looks good to me.you keep on repeating the same thing and its so irritating to hear.

Jeisson9 February 2020

The course introduction is very informative, but functional, is the start of the way and is very exciting, i will continue with the course.

M24 January 2020

You have given Better Explanation and Cleared Each Topics very Preciously and accurately. thanks for give your best knowledge through this course. and share your knowledge its very helpful for all needy candidate.

Himani12 January 2020

Very nice content and what i liked most is that every concept is explained pratically with the reference material as resources.

Tinyiko6 January 2020

I have just started this course and the videos always stop in the middle and start from the beginning, the same happens when i try to forward it infront or backward, it just start from the beginning.

Prabhudas1 January 2020

Channd is explaining in simple terms without making things complicated. The sessions are good so far..

Jephte25 December 2019

This is a good match for me. Being a full-stack programmer using Java is among everything I needed to drive my way through the whole world of software development.

Javed20 December 2019

I have not gone through very far in this course yet. But, so far, my experience with this course is amazing. Chaand's explanation is quite impressive. I was able to extract some valuable knowledge / information out of his explanation. Thanks Chaand.

Manish23 November 2019

Lecture start from scratch .Those who have not started java earlier,they can also start here.Starting from all the basics of java,it goes slowly to advance.If you practice after seeing the lectures ,certainly anyone can acquire enough skills to code confidently in java. I found it useful.


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