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Upwork Freelancing: Make Money With Proofreading Skills

How Dan Makes an Excellent Monthly Income on Upwork - Learn Everything You Need to Do and Proven Proofreading Method

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to make money as a successful freelancer

How to create an Upwork profile

How to start earning with ease

Learn/improve proofreading skill to proofread own texts

Learn/improve proofreading skill to offer it as a freelance service


This course is the shortcut to being a successful freelancer on Upwork. Dan took years to discover what to do to be successful. You can learn everything he discovered in this one course.

There is a simple process that allows you to be successful as a freelancer on Upwork. Dan is already successful. He shows you his process in this course.

Plus, you will easily be able to offer a valuable lucrative proofreading service. You're about to discover the three simple steps to proofreading. This is what Ian discovered during his process of completing more than 50 Kindle books.

If you want to make a decent income on Upwork, then this course is going to show you how you can do it as a proofreader.

My name is Dan. I am a top rated seller on Upwork. I earn a minimum of 1.5k a month. Last year, I was earning 3k a month.

It took me a while to find out what to do. I'll save you that time by showing you what I discovered.

- No selling is required.

- Language is no barrier.

This process is the most effective I've ever tried.

My co-instructor, Ian will show you his almost magical proofreading method. It allows you to easily spot every single error. This will give you the skill you need to make an income.

Ian has written more than 50 Kindle books. Several became best-sellers.

He discovered this proof-reading method after becoming frustrated with other methods. He came up with a three-step process. It makes mistakes stand out so you can easily spot and correct them.

This will allow you to privide your proofreading service with results that make your clients happy.

I'll show you...

- How to earn from using your skills (as a proofreader using Ian method)

- How to register on Upwork

- How to send proposals to get clients

- How to price your services

- How to know your work is finished

- How to become top rated

- What to do and look out for

Extra bonus:

You also get a ready made proposal letter you can edit and send to get clients.

Extra special bonus:

Free consultation with Dan. Dan will help you get results. Just post a message in the Q&A section of the course and ask Dan for a free consultation. Dan will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a time.

Enroll now to discover how you can earn a good income on Upwork.


Upwork Freelancing: Make Money With Proofreading Skills
Upwork Freelancing: Make Money With Proofreading Skills
Upwork Freelancing: Make Money With Proofreading Skills
Upwork Freelancing: Make Money With Proofreading Skills



Introduction from Ian

Dan: Freelance-Life Balance, UpWork and not only

7 Steps to become and remain Top Rated on Upwork

1. Register to start

2. Send proposals

Download your cover letter templates

3. Pricing and leveling up

4. When job is done

5. Still not a Top Rated

6. Top Rated perks

7. What next

Quick Recap

Proofreading Special Method: Correct every error in three steps

What to look for

Step one - Quickly remove a lot of mistakes

Step two - My special proofreading method - Part 1

Step two - My special proofreading method - Part 2

Step two - My special proofreading method - Part 3

Step three - How to make it sound natural




Muhammmad5 June 2021

I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to go into the proofreading profession but has no idea where to start. This course gave me a helpful step-by-step guide on getting started on Upwork as a proofreader and has boosted my level of confidence


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