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Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide

Learn the most essential freelancing tips you need to know in just 1 hour.

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Discover and develop the most useful personality traits shared by the most successful freelance artists and designers.

Unlock the mystery of communicating and understanding the client so your work is loved and raved about, gaining you even more clients down the road.

Respect and protect yourself as a freelancer. Protect your time, money, reputation, and sanity with best business practices and never be taken advantage of again.

Know once and for all what to charge and how to carry out a successful gig from beginning, middle, to end so both you and the client are happy.

Get tips for starting out and finding your first (repeat) clients.


Are you a designer, filmmaker, illustrator, or multimedia artist looking for simple yet effective ways to earn money and build your reputation doing what you love?

"Very nice thoughtful course especially for anyone considering freelancing. Kristen covers many aspects of doing business online relevant to current practices. She talks from experiences about her successes and what she learned from her mistakes. If you’re thinking about freelancing many of Kristen’s suggestions are vital to protecting yourself from bad or downright awful experiences."
-Jerry Montgomery


I'll show you tried and true best practices for finding and keeping happy, repeat clients, and how you can best build your portfolio, reputation, experience, and income the quick and easy way.

This course will help you create a successful and sustainable freelance business built on a simple but powerful mantra, "Respect Yourself. Respect Your Client." STOP being exploited and start earning money doing what you love. Build your confidence and be on the right path as a freelancer in just ONE hour. 

By the end of this course you'll confidently be able to:

  • Know and develop the characteristics and personality traits that all successful freelancers share.
  • Hone in on exactly which services you should offer and which you should NOT.
  • Set your prices and know once and for all what to charge.
  • Protect yourself by using easy-to-manage yet professional contracts and invoices.
  • Protect your business by painlessly planning for the tax man.
  • Become a client-whisperer who listens to and communicates well to deliver the projects clients want, need, and love.
  • Know the most effective ways to find new clients and turn them into happy repeat customers.

I'm a practicing award-winning multimedia artist and a former tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media and Program Director of Film & Digital Media at The American University of Rome (2006-2016). I'm currently an Associate Professor of Digital Media at American University of Myanmar in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). 

Since 2000 I've been teaching students all over the world using my tried and true custom approach (turning complex information into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount of time as possible) to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be applied immediately.

New bonus lectures and resources will continue to be added and timely advice will be provided in the discussion forum. I love to help and always respond to inquiries and discussions ASAP.

Please Note: All students who enroll in this course also will receive periodic free and discounted access to my other top-rated current and upcoming courses.

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked so you have nothing to lose. I make myself available so you will have access to me if you have questions or need specific feedback along the way.

Empower yourself now by enrolling in this freelance masterclass for artists, filmmakers, animators, and designers and join our growing learning community!

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Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide
Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide
Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide
Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide



Welcome and Introduction to Freelance Masterclass For Artists

Why Start Freelancing?

Activity: Do You Have the Right Personality to Survive & Thrive as a Freelancer?

Preparations (Respecting Yourself)

Deciding Which Services to Offer

How Much Should I Charge?

Should I Ever Work for Free?

Activity: Should I Take This Job? A Checklist

Where to Find Your First Clients

Getting Your First Clients -The Best Ways to Spread the Word

Resources: Places to Start When Looking For Your First (Repeat) Clients

How to Use Fiverr and Other Websites to YOUR Advantage

Ready, Set, Go! (Protecting Yourself)

Got a Client? Great. Now Get a Contract ASAP! (Resources)

Get Paid Upfront or After the Job is Done? My Solution and Suggestions

Try This New All-in-One Tool For Easy Contracts and Pay As You Go Billing

Use This Simple Trick to Painlessly Prepare For Taxes as a Freelancer

Easy Invoices You Can Start Using Today (Resources)

The Client Whisperer (Respecting the Client While Still Respecting Yourself)

How To Get Inside Your Client’s Head So That You Start Off Well.

Sample Questionnaire For the Client You Can Use (Resource)

Use This Trick to Make Better Work and Get Happier Clients

The Joys and Sorrows of Presenting Work in Progress.

Presenting the "Final" Work, Making Final Tweaks, and Finding the Right Balance

That's a Wrap (Getting Paid and Enjoying the Fruit of Your Labor)

Finish Up Your Project With a Positive Bang. Tips and Tricks.

Don't Forget to Do This For Attracting Even More Clients

Extra: More Ways to Find New Clients and Promote Your Work Online

Start Your Own Online Art Store to Drive Traffic to Your Website & Find Clients

How to Best Link Your Online Store to Your Website and Social Media Pages

Conclusion and Goodies

Extra: 5 Easy & Free Tools That Will Have You Freelancing In No Time

75+ Places to Find FREE Images, Music, and Videos For Your Project

Extra: Freelancing 101 For Artists LIVE Interview

Thank You For Taking This Course! Please Review and Stay In Touch.

Bonus Lecture: Free and Discounted Courses, Books, and More


Prakash12 January 2020

Its a amazing experience about this course and mainly madam explanation is awesome really i enjoyed this course...

Deina28 June 2018

Very good course. The instructions make sense and really encouraged me to get started on upwork. I followed the tips and got a contract after sending only 3 proposals. I had no reviews at all, but admittedly I have a lot of experience in my field.

George25 June 2018

I love the fact that Kristen is giving examples from his own experience. The information is presented in a way that it is easy to understand and well structured.

Joseph1 June 2018

Here you will get a lot of use full tips,tricks and inside information in the world of freelance and working online. Great place to start if you want to make money from home and be your own boss.

Davie11 February 2018

Very nice advice for getting your artwork out there has important information about how to sell your art. And how to communicate with your clients as an artist.

Brent27 December 2017

What an awesome course especially to those who want to be a freelancer / shift into freelancing! The ideas were all clear and helpful!

Sandra16 December 2017

Totally helpful!!! True to its course, it was really quick and it has a lot of tips and tricks for freelancers like me!

John9 December 2017

This course was very enlightening and can really be applied onto the real world. Guides were direct to the point! :)

Madeleine19 November 2017

First of all, the instructor is wonderful to listen too. She seems to know what she is talking about and she enjoys her job and teaches a good deal about work ethics if you are just starting out. However, the websites spoken about are just not really a thing were I'm coming from and a lot of the rest is really really basic. I suggest to take this course if you don't know any thing about work life as an artist in general yet and need some help for the start. If you are already around online and respect your own work it is not necessary. I wish all of you the best; Aileen

Gidget14 March 2017

As usual this instructor has done an amazing job. This course takes you through all of the steps involved in becoming a successful freelance business owner. She goes well above what one would expect by including personal experiences, actual invoices and contracts as well as some important legal tips. I always enjoy learning from her because she is clearly knows her subject matter, is sweet and funny and truly cares about her students. I hope she never stops creating courses here.

Rosina8 December 2016

Realy good course and very helpful. It contains a lot of important things you should know before you go freelace. Professor Kristen Palana presented the subject matter very clearly with examples of her own experience.

Chabrio16 November 2016

This course is a fantastic resource for learning to better deal with your customers as a freelancer. As usual, miss Palana provides an excellent guidance based on real world examples and a solid experience acquired since the late 1990s as a professional designer. But, in this course in particular, her precious advices can apply to all kinds of jobs, not only to the graphic design area. It is very well structured, easy to follow, even for a non native English speaker like me, and after listening to a few lessons, chances are you'll become addicted to Kristine's voice (a soooo soft and pleasant voice...) and to her great sense of humor!

Justinas15 November 2016

Thank you, Kristen, for this very useful course! All information that I need to understand and start freelancing by myself. It's very pleasant to listen to you, and you give me so much useful tips and information. I would recommend this course to everyone who want's to work as a freelancer.

Deborah15 October 2016

Lectures are clear, comprehensive and easy to understand. Lots of great resources provided. I highly recommend!

Irene15 October 2016

Kristen's Course was very good structured,easy to understand and she gave some valuable tips which I haven't thought of.Thank's for this great course.


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