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Get Started Online With No Investment - Newbie Friendly

Find the exact strategies needed to get started online - with no investments required!

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

drive laser-targeted traffic to a website or offer for free

build a massive subscriber list of buyers

add lots of powerful traffic strategies to your marketing arsenal


[Course is up-to-date with October, 2015 information!]

Learn How to Drive Hoards of Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Offers Without Spending As Much as a Single Penny... +++WARNING: This Information is Extremely Powerful!+++

Sometimes the Answers We Seek...

...Are Under Our Noses the Whole Time...

You Are About To Discover The TRUE Secrets to Harnessing The Power Of Free Traffic...

Homeworks are waiting for you after each training session to help you get results quickly & easily!!!

This training is a 5-Module, Step-by-Step Video Course outlining the exact strategies needed to finally start seeing the paydays you've been waiting for online.

More specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Drive almost unlimited, laser targeted traffic from real buyers that want what you have to offer
  • Spend less time working by getting well known authorities in your niche to drive traffic to your site for you
  • Make the most out of the efforts you're already using to generate traffic online to skyrocket your leads
  • Gain and unfair advantage over your competition who don't understand how to use free traffic properly
  • Start to build relationships with other marketers (even gurus) without having to annoy them or bribe them with affiliate contests
  • Save both time and money by skipping methods that don't work and following the ones that do

Here's What You Get:

Module 1: Forum Frenzy If you thought you knew about forum marketing, think again. Gain an edge over the competition with these little known forum marketing hacks that will increase your traffic generation right before your eyes.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to generate traffic with forum signatures
  • How to gain visibility, social status and authority to make more sales and drive traffic to ANY website
  • Best posting tactics to get MAXIMUM TRAFFIC
  • Strategies to create popular threads and find the best topics for generation purposes
  • Tips on how to provide value on forums with minimum effort and triggering clicks
  • My secret trick to harness the traffic power of the "Thank You" button
  • How to link "Link Swap" with active forum members to generate traffic with no effort to get more visibility
  • Live Case Study: How to set up a signature, post and stand out on ANY forum

Module 2: Blog Traffic Takeover Employ these blog tactics and you will increase your visibility by harnessing the power of established authorities in your niche. (Hardly anyone is doing this!)

  • Learn how to build passive income over time with blog commenting
  • How to locate the best blogs and trigger massive traffic
  • Provide value by linking back to your squeeze page
  • How to receive authority by writing a whole blog post in every niche (EASY!)

Module 3: Mystery ModuleThis module will provide you with a list of under-utilized traffic sources and exactly how to siphon targeted traffic to wherever you want it to go.

  • Learn how to generate traffic by posting slides on relevant topics
  • How to backlink to your offer in slides and collect passive traffic over time
  • Top Slide Share Resources for Maximum Visibility
  • Live Training

Module 4: Give First & Receive How to pull profits from the Warrior Forum to drive hoards of targeted traffic by providing value first- even if you have no experience!

  • Learn how to generate traffic with free WSO
  • Everything is discussed from A - Z
  • Best resources to get high quality PLR content in the IM niche
  • How to get 150 potential buyers for 20 dollars
  • Live Training

Module 5: Nested Traffic Tactics Learn how to implant traffic links into well populated areas of the net, while earning residual income with no extra work required! Sit back, relax and enjoy the passive profits!

  • Learn how to generate thousands of daily visitors by publishing ebooks
  • Strategies to get high-quality ebook content
  • Best publishing methods for maximum exposure
  • Live Case Study: How to generate traffic with Kindle

You will also have access to 3 Bonus Materials that will easily take your business to the next level, it's GUARANTEED!

Looking forward to see you inside!

Very bests, Sandor & Stefan


Get Started Online With No Investment - Newbie Friendly
Get Started Online With No Investment - Newbie Friendly
Get Started Online With No Investment - Newbie Friendly
Get Started Online With No Investment - Newbie Friendly


Training Materials

Welcome to Targeted Traffic Takeover

Forum Frenzy - Basics Of Forum Marketing

Blog Traffic Takeover - Guest Blogging Mastery

Slide Sharing Traffic - Generate Passive Traffic

Warrior Forum - How To Get Subscribers Fast

Ebook Marketing - Nested Traffic Tactics

Bonus Materials

Fast Action Quick Start PDF With The Main Training

List Building Takeover

20 Done For You Emails


Pranay9 September 2015

Excellent Course, No Fluff and to the point and practical methods. The Instructor shows you how to do it and even provides us homework that if we follow, we are sure to succeed.

Jorge25 April 2015

It's a good course ! I am satisfied that i watched it, but i am not very happy because for a newbie is not very friendly! i need more infos! i just took some ideas, but it's not enough! Warrior Forum is too complicated and it is for internet marketers! Anyway , you have a lot of courses so i will figure out solutions to my problems.

Tom5 March 2015

This course definitely has some great ideas on traffic sources, the email marketing guide was the most helpful to me.

Brian4 February 2015

There is a lot of good content here for beginners. Intermediate marketers may get some value, too. Very enjoyable and excellent presenter. Only downside is the course is a little short. But definitely worth the time.

Gary4 February 2015

While the printed material in the last 3 lessons has some useful links, the rest of the course lacks substance. You get about as much info from the lecture titles as you get from the actual lectures. Found this course a waste of time.

Sherry2 February 2015

Lectures are easy to follow and are laid out in a logical manner. I'm going through this course another time and will then get to work making money online via the method outlined in this course. Very detailed and informative course! Thanks so much.

Sabina2 February 2015

This course has a very direct approach. It guides you through the process and shows everything by example. Newbie-friendly indeed.

Josen2 February 2015

This is a simple yet very thorough course that will give you the information you need to take action fast and start generating an income online. If you every struggled with "how to generate traffic" or "how to get subscribers to your list" or other necessary internet marketing skills, this is the course for you. Highly recommended.


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