FortiGate Firewall NSE4 Version 7 Training Part2/2

Learn FortiGate Firewall NSE4 Version 7 with Step by Step Lab Workbook

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FortiGate Firewall NSE4 Version 7 Training Part2/2
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Aug 2023
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What you will learn

Configure and Manage FortiGate Firewall.

Understand FortiGate Firewalls Deployment Methods.

How to setup a Lab Environment.

Understand how to deploy FortiGate Firewalls in EVE NG.

Understand FortiGate Firewalls Security Policies.

Introduction to Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

IPV4 DoS Policy in FortiGate.

Configure and Verify Active Authentication

Configure and Verify Passive Authentication

Configure and Verify Administrators with AD

Configure and Verify Virtual Domains VDOMs

Configure and Verify Active-Passive

Configure and Verify Software-Defined Network

Why take this course?

πŸš€ Master Fortinet's NSE4 with Practical Lab Exercises!

Course Headline:

"Unlock the Power of FortiGate Firewall NSE4 Version 7 with Step-by-Step Guidance and Real-World Labs!"

What is Network Security Professional (NSP)? πŸ›‘οΈ

The Network Security Professional designation validates your expertise in installing, managing, and operating FortiGate devices to enforce corporate network security policies. It's the perfect credential for professionals looking to master Fortinet's NSE4 certification.

Why Choose This NSE 4 Certification Course? πŸ…

This course is tailored for network and security professionals who are hands-on with the daily management, implementation, and administration of a security infrastructure using FortiGate devices. Whether you're new to Fortinet or looking to deepen your knowledge, this comprehensive training will equip you with the skills needed to effectively utilize FortiGate Firewall features, including advanced security profiles.

Course Description: πŸ“š

Embark on a journey through the intricate world of cybersecurity with our FortiGate Firewall NSE4 Version 7 Training Part 2/2. In this course, you will:

  • Explore Firewall Policies: Understand and configure firewall policies to manage traffic flow within your network.
  • Dive into the Security Fabric: Learn how FortiGate integrates with other devices for a comprehensive security approach.
  • Master User Authentication: Set up and manage user access to ensure only authorized individuals can enter your network.
  • Implement SSL VPN: Securely provide remote access to users without exposing your internal network infrastructure.
  • Secure Your Network: Use security profiles such as IPS, antivirus, web filtering, application control, and more to safeguard your digital assets.
  • Understand Advanced Routing and Transparent Mode: Configure FortiGate devices for advanced routing scenarios and deploy them in transparent mode for seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.
  • Build Redundant Infrastructure: Implement High Availability configurations to ensure continuous uptime and service availability.
  • Set Up Site-to-Site IPsec VPN: Create secure tunnels between FortiGate devices across different sites.
  • Configure Single Sign-On (SSO): Streamline user authentication processes with SSO capabilities.
  • Learn Diagnostics and CLI: Gain insight into your FortiGate device's health and troubleshoot issues using diagnostic tools and the command-line interface.
  • Manage Certificate Operations: Understand how to manage SSL certificates for secure communications.
  • Optimize Logging and Monitoring: Collect, analyze, and interpret log entries to gain visibility into network traffic and security incidents.
  • Resolve Firewall Authentication Issues: Troubleshoot and resolve common authentication problems.

Content Inspection: πŸ”

Get hands-on with content inspection features to:

  • Inspect Encrypted Traffic: Learn how to use certificates to decrypt and inspect secure communications.
  • Configure Filtering Modes: Identify and set up web and DNS filtering modes for a secure network environment.
  • Monitor Network Applications: Implement application control to monitor and manage network applications, ensuring only authorized traffic flows within your network.
  • Neutralize Malware Threats: Configure antivirus scanning modes to detect and neutralize malware threats before they can impact your system.
  • Protect Against Hacking and DDoS Attacks: Implement Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Denial of Service (DoS), and Web Application Firewall (WAF) measures to defend against cyber threats.

VPN Mastery: πŸ”’

Gain expertise in:

  • SSL-VPN Modes: Configure different SSL-VPN modes for secure remote access to your private network.
  • IPsec VPN Configurations: Implement a robust and redundant IPsec VPN to ensure secure communication between sites.

Product Versions: πŸ”„

This course focuses on the latest version of FortiOS, FortiOS 7.X, ensuring you receive up-to-date training that aligns with current best practices and features.

With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical lab exercises, this course is designed to provide you with hands-on experience that will solidify your understanding and confidence in managing FortiGate Firewalls with NSE4 Version 7. Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a Network Security Professional!


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Our review

Global Course Rating: 4.65


  • Comprehensive Content: The course provides a detailed and practical understanding of Fortigate with the inclusion of real-world examples and lab work, which is highly appreciated by learners preparing for NSE certification.
  • Expert Trainer: Eng. Ahmed Ali is commended for his in-depth explanations and for taking time to explain concepts thoroughly. His teaching style is effective, as evidenced by the positive feedback from students who have successfully passed their exams.
  • Practical Approach: The course is considered a good complement to theoretical knowledge from Fortinet's own resources, with students finding it useful for understanding the practical inner workings of a Fortigate Firewall.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Learners come from various backgrounds, some preparing for specific certifications like NSE 4, and others looking to enhance their understanding of FortiGate firewalls in general.
  • Course Structure: The course is seen as a comprehensive guide to understanding the functionalities and menus within FortiGate, with some learners suggesting it's a good starting point before moving on to more specific resources.
  • Community Interaction: Eng. Ahmed Ali interacts with students, addressing their questions and providing additional support, which is appreciated by the learners.


  • Content Redundancy: Some learners have pointed out that a significant portion of the course seems to be a repetition of previous material, leading to feelings of disappointment.
  • Technical Issues: There are mentions of some videos containing errors or requiring troubleshooting, which can sometimes be time-consuming and may distract from the learning experience. It is suggested that these sections could be edited out or clearly marked for easy navigation.
  • Missing Topics: Certain advanced topics such as explicit proxy, traffic shaping, NAT-T, and applying certificates in VPN SSL and IPsec are recommended to be included in the course to enhance its completeness.
  • Lack of Downloadable Content: Some learners expressed the desire for videos to be available for download, which would allow them to study offline or revisit the content at a later time without internet access.

Additional Feedback:

  • Practical Examples: The course's use of practical examples and its hands-on approach is highly valued by learners, with some stating it is the best explanation they have ever encountered.
  • Theoretical Foundation: The instructor not only covers FortiGate training but also explains the underlying concepts, which is beneficial for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Lab Environment: The use of an eve-ng lab environment in Part 1 & Part 2 of the course is noted as essential for gaining full understanding without the need for expensive hardware.
  • Exam Preparation: The course is recommended by a learner who recently passed the NSE4-FortiOS7.2 certification, emphasizing that with time available and additional resources, one can prepare for the exam within a week or two.

In summary, Eng. Ahmed Ali's course on Fortigate firewalls is highly regarded for its detailed explanations, practical approach, and ability to help learners pass certifications. However, there are areas for improvement such as reducing redundancy, addressing technical issues, and expanding the content to cover additional topics suggested by learners. Despite these points, the course remains a valuable resource for those aiming to understand or certify in FortiGate technologies.



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