Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Training

In this course, you can learn step by step Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Installation and management.

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Network & Security
Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Training
3 hours
Sep 2022
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What you will learn

FortiGate Firewall Installation

FortiGate Firewall Management

Network Address Translate (NAT)

FortiGate DDos Protection

Virtual IP - Port Forwarding (NAT)

Fortinet SD-WAN Configuration

FortiGate VDOM (Virtual Domain)

WAN Interface PPPoE Settings

FortiGate OSPF and BGP Configuration

Why take this course?

Course Instructor: Yavuz BULUT
Course Title: Master Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Training
Headline: Dive into the World of Network Security with Expert-Led FortiGate Firewall Installation and Management! πŸš€

Course Overview:

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Training course. Yavuz BULUT, an industry veteran with over 24 years of experience, will guide you through the intricacies of installing and managing Fortinet's cutting-edge FortiGate firewalls. By leveraging a practical sample topology, you'll gain hands-on experience that is essential for mastering network security.

What You'll Learn:

πŸ”₯ Installation & Setup:

  • Prepare vLAN on VmWare ESXi for your FortiGate Virtual Firewall.
  • Install and configure the FortiGate 60E within a virtualized environment.
  • Perform basic settings and interface configurations to get started.

βœ… Lab Work Environment:

  • Utilize both VmWare ESXi and Workstation Pro for your lab setup.
  • Understand how to replicate the installation process in a home lab using VmWare Workstation.

Advanced Networking Concepts Covered:

  • Static Nat configurations to optimize network traffic.
  • Set up EtherChannel for high availability and performance.
  • Configure OSPF & BGP for robust routing protocols.
  • Manage WAN interface settings with PPPoE.
  • Implement SSL Decryption, URL Filtering, Application Control, File Filter, DNS Filter, and Captive Portal Authentication.
  • Understand Guest Management, IPS Inspection, and IPsec Site to Site VPN setups for secure communications.
  • Learn about High Availability (HA), Feature Visibility, Back Up and Restore, and VDOM (Virtual Domain) for advanced network segmentation and control.

Course Prerequisites:

To maximize your learning experience, we recommend having:

  • A basic understanding of systems, networking, and firewall operations.
  • Completion of Cisco CCNA training is highly beneficial.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for IT professionals, network administrators, cybersecurity enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in the realm of network and cyber security. Whether you're new to the field or seeking to sharpen your skills, this training will provide valuable insights and practical experience.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Expert Led: Learn from an experienced instructor with a rich background in the industry.
  • Practical Application: Engage with real-world scenarios and hands-on labs.
  • Comprehensive Topics: Cover essential topics for mastering Fortinet's FortiGate firewall systems.
  • Preparation for Certification: Prepare for the Fortinet NSE certification exam with confidence.
  • Enjoyable Learning Experience: Benefit from Yavuz BULUT's passionate and clear teaching style.

Special Offer:

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Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a Fortinet FortiGate Firewall expert! Secure your place in this exclusive training and elevate your career to new heights. πŸ›‘οΈπŸŒŸ


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January 25, 2023
I expected to hear an actual human voice and ended up with a robot that doesn't have full-stop, comma, or pauze. The speech is awefully made and not pleasant to listen to. Although the steps and configuration is well made, I won't be following anymore courses. #disappointed



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