FOREX Masterclass: Become Your Own Boss - In 5 Simple Steps!

Learn to Trade Forex & Crypto from a Full-Time Professional Trader. INCLUDES Access to our Live Trading Room + Much More

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What you will learn

How to secure $200,000 of trading capital within 30 days or less

Master a Trading Strategy that makes between 30% - 60% on average per year

How to trade part time whilst still maintaining a full-time job

How to transition from part time trader to full time trader or any other new career path of your choosing

Discover which 1 of 8 Unique Trader Profile Types you are and how to use that to your advantage

Master the psychology of trading and inherit the mindset of a successful trader

Understand why most people fail at trading and how not to become a statistic

How to never loss more than 1% of your Trading Capital per trade


Dear Aspiring Trader

Welcome to the Greatest Business In The World!

I say the greatest because it's a business that requires very little start up capital, experiences none of the headaches that typically come with running a normal business and Your Earning Potential Is Literally Unlimited.

Unfortunately, in this business you’re playing against some of the sharpest, fastest, most intelligent, well informed, stubbornly irrational and in many cases, unethical minds in the world.

  • You’re up against The Computer that can react faster than you.

  • The Trader who has more experience than you.

  • The Hedge-Fund that has more money than you.

  • The Insider that has more information than you.

  • Those that will misinform you.

  • And That Inner Voice that will make you continuously doubt yourself.

BUT! You can easily overcome these obstacles in 5 Simple Steps by following a specific framework and proven trading strategy like the one we teach in this course.

You will also get to learn and trade alongside a Professional Trader in Real-Time. Thats because all our students have access to our FREE LIVE Trading Room where all our trades are taken in real time and our YTD performance is made available for transparency and accountability.

I personally lost money trading for 5 years until I started applying the lessons and framework I teach in this course.

I am now consistently profitable in my trading and have never looked back.

As a matter of fact, I am so confident I can help you that I'll Even Guarantee Your Results. If we have not been able to teach you the exact steps to take in order to make a consistent profit in the financial markets within 30 Days or less, we will refund you every cent.

And so I repeat....Welcome to the hardest game in the world but the greatest game you will ever play, where your earning potential is unlimited!

Are You Ready to play?


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Enroll Now and Take Control Of Your Financial Future!


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Introduction & Course Outline
Complete This Course & Win Your Share of $50,000 in Prizes
Join Our FREE LIVE Trading Room (Market Q&A's, Trade Setups, Market Reviews +++)
View Our LIVE Trading Portfolio For Transparency & Accountability

STEP 1: Why Trading Is The Greatest Business Model In The World

The 4 Ways of Producing an Income
How to Ensure Your Trading Business is Profitable
Why Trading Goals Are So Important
How to Secure $200,000 of Trading Capital in 30 Days or Less
My Top 5 Prop Firm Recommendations
The Motrendtum $400,000 LIVE Funding Challenge

STEP 2: How Not To Become Just Another Forex Failure Statistic

Discovering Your Trader Personality Type & Mindset
Finding Your Edge Over The Market - PART 1
What Can We Learn From 12 Million Real Trades
Article 1: How to Make Money on Forex: Best Practices of Successful Traders
Article 2: Why Do Many Forex Traders Lose Money?
Finding Your Edge Over The Market - PART 2
My Trading Performance & Stats For the Last 10 Years
The Coin Flip Exercise - PART 1
The Coin Flip Exercise - PART 2
Position Sizing - PART 1
Position Sizing - PART 2
Setting Up Your Price Charts
Position Sizing Calculators
What Is The Cost of Bad Trading Habits
How To Correctly Transition From Part-Time Trader To Full-Time Trader

STEP 3: Forex & Crypto Market Basics

The When, What and Why of Forex
The When, What and Why of Crypto
Price Chart Basics
The Spread

STEP 4: The Motrendtum 2.0 Trading System

How To Find An Edge Over The Market - PART 1
How To Find An Edge Over The Market - PART 2
Trading System Basics
Adding Our Unique Indicators To The Charts
Market Cycles
Reading and Interpreting Our Indicators
The Traditional Entry Method (Non-Aggressive Approach)
The Traditional Entry Method (Aggressive Approach)
How To Maximize Your Profits
The 21EMA Entry Method
Trading Crypto Using Motrendtum 2.0
Secondary Trade Filters
Setting Up Trend Line Alerts
Setting Up ATR Alerts
The Best Approach To Back Testing Our Motrendtum 2.0 System - PART 1
The Best Approach To Back Testing Our Motrendtum 2.0 System - PART 2
How To Place Motrendtum 2.0 Trades In TradingView
How To Place Motrendtum 2.0 Trades In MetaTrader
Our Unique Approach To Trading With Leverage & How It Works
Building Your Own Custom Trade Journal

STEP 5: Trading Psychology & Inheriting The Mindset of a Successful Trader

Why Is It So Hard To Succeed At Trading?
How To Achieve Flawless Execution - PART 1
How To Achieve Flawless Execution - PART 2
What Trading & The Olympic Games Have In Common
My Trading Routine & Framework
What Are The TOP 5 Things You Should Do After Completing This Course


March 27, 2022
Wow Wow Wow What a great start to this massive journey, my first decision was correct when I selected Vincent's course to take, as I knew nothing about forex trading, this course teaches you in real terms that trading can be one of the greatest paths to take. Vincent teaches in a way that lets you understand what the pitfalls are or could be, but also how to avoid the many bad decisions humans as general can naturally follow, as after all we are only human, with that in mind with this course you will be able to see where your faults may be before they get you into hot water. Now I have the tools to expand my trading experience and progress on this wonderful journey, as Vincent mentions never stop learning and from what I've seen the trading market is vast. So many things to learn I will be as busy as I choose to make my life. Its great I will be able to go over the parts in the course from time to time that I'm feeling I need refreshing on. Thank you Vincent you have opened several doors for me.
March 14, 2022
So many trading courses paint a picture of high win rates and flashy cars. The reality of trading, however, is that a solid strategy is required along with professional-grade trade management. These two factors alone will help you to become a successful trader. In this in-depth and excellent trading course, Vincent takes you through a fascinating and mind opening journey and demonstrates very clearly how to become a successful trader. Don't be fooled by the get rich quick scams online because what you actually need is a professional mentor who knows the road to travel and has the map to show you the route. Vincent is that man and this is that course.
February 28, 2022
Hands down best course I have seen not only on Udemy but online in whole. Vincent is giving it all not holding back a thing. It feels like older brother teaching the younger and really wanting him to succeed. It is very comprehensive and detailed on this particular system. Nothing is left to doubt. There is no room left to even attempt finding any excuse why one could not implement the steps and follow the teachings. Of course there are other ways to trade with different approach. The course stays focused on one only strategy and it does the job splendidly! I would have given more stars if possible. And this is not a fake review. I personally am going through the training and already benefiting immensely. I would position this course at much higher price level. It feels more like personal coaching than an online course. It is an absolute bargain! Kudos to you Vincent!
February 15, 2022
I appreciate that you guys took the time to set a solid foundation before jumping into trading. Other courses I started before this was strictly trading and was difficult to understand.



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