Flutter News Portal App-Firestore Backend(Android&ios App)

Build Flutter ios and Android Apps Using Firestore. Work With Flutter Advanced Features,Flutter Packages,Flutter Widgets

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Flutter News Portal App-Firestore Backend(Android&ios App)
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Jul 2022
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What you will learn

A Complete news portal app using Flutter and Firestore Backend

How to build android and ios apps using Flutter

Flutter app with firebase firestore backend

Flutter Material Design

How to add slide in flutter app

Firebase firestore advanced query

Flutter custom design for single page

Flutter Different Widgets

Why take this course?

šŸŽ‰ **[Build Your Own Flutter News Portal App with Firestore Backend (iOS & Android)](https://www.yourplatform.com/courses/flutter-news-portal)** šŸ“±šŸ’» šŸš€ **Course Overview:** Welcome to this comprehensive **[Flutter News Portal App-Firestore Backend(Android&ios App) Course](https://www.yourplatform.com/courses/flutter-news-portal)**! In this dynamic learning journey, you'll dive deep into the world of Flutter app development, mastering the use of Firebase-Firestore to power real-world iOS and Android applications. This course is designed for anyone looking to enhance their Flutter skills and build professional-grade apps. šŸŒŸ **What You Will Learn:** šŸš€ **Core App Development Skills:** - Building a complete news portal app using flutter - Exploring advanced material design in Flutter - Utilizing various types of Flutter widgets - Navigating the process of building real-world Android and iOS apps with Flutter - Discovering a range of powerful Flutter packages - Implementing a Navigation Drawer, AppBar, and embracing Material Design in your projects - Creating engaging Card Views and utilizing rows and columns for layout - Learning to use ListView, both horizontally and vertically - Understanding the intricacies of a Refresh Indicator and Circular ProgressBar - Gaining insights into iOS and Android app development with Flutter šŸ“±āž”ļøšŸ’» šŸ” **Mastering Firestore:** - Working with Firebase on your Flutter app - Diving deep into Firestore to understand complex queries - Developing a complete, fully functional news portal app using Flutter **Real-World Application Focus:** - Crafting a real-world Flutter application from scratch - Leveraging Firestore for efficient data handling and storage - Ensuring your app's backend is robust and scalable with Firestore **Student Testimonials:** šŸ’” "The Instructor and the Course is Top notch! one of my Best Flutter course collection. :)" šŸŒŸ "A very good experience with the guide. First time in an online course I have seen someone explaining code after writing." šŸ¤ "I really happy because this course will teach us to make a Flutter application with one of the case study examples.." šŸ‘€ "This course is straight to the point and easy to follow. The example projects were very helpful too!" šŸ“± "I wanted an app development course that would show what is really important and that is what I got. I learned all features of Android for becoming an Android developer. Certainly would recommend the course." šŸŽ‰ "Best android apps development course so far. The teacher has amazing teaching skills. He has the ability to describe all parts very clearly on a step-by-step basis. Highly recommended!" šŸ“š "Very well made course about Android Development. Will continue and hope to learn a lot more. I am very happy with what I have learned so far!" šŸ¤” "This course helped me a lot to learn about firebase and flutter, many new things very useful for me" **Join the Community of Flutter Developers:** Are you ready to transform your coding skills into practical app development prowess? Sign up for this course today and join the ranks of successful Flutter developers! šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’»šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» [Enroll Now](https://www.yourplatform.com/courses/flutter-news-portal) and unlock your potential to create stunning, scalable applications with Flutter and Firestore. Let's build the future together! šŸš€āœØ


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Our review

--- **Overall Course Rating:** 3.95 ### **Pros:** - **Comprehensive Content:** The course offers a full journey from the basics of Flutter and Firebase to more advanced topics, ensuring that learners get a complete understanding of how to build applications using these technologies. - **Clear Explanations:** The instructor provides excellent explanations that make complex concepts easy to understand, as noted by several reviewers. - **Real-World Application:** The course demonstrates the creation of a functional app from start to finish, which is beneficial for learners to see practical implementation. - **Interactive and Engaging:** The course's approach to teaching through live coding is engaging and hands-on, which can be effective for many learners. - **Great UI Design Teaching:** Several reviewers highlighted the quality of the UI design content within the course, particularly the coverage of various Flutter layouts. - **Useful for Beginners:** The course is recommended for those beginning with Flutter and Firebase, offering a solid foundation in these technologies. ### **Cons:** - **Lack of API Integration:** Some reviewers expressed disappointment that the course uses manually added blog posts instead of integrating an actual News API, which could be seen as a limitation if one is specifically interested in creating a news app. - **Deprecation Issues:** There are mentions of some code using depreciated methods that need updating, indicating that the course may not always reflect the most current best practices. - **Potential Overlook of Important Concepts:** A reviewer pointed out that the instructor codes in front of the learner without stopping to explain important topics, particularly regarding Firebase usage with streams, which could be a drawback for beginners looking for in-depth code structure explanations. - **Course Focus:** It's important to note that this course is more about UI design and Firestore usage as a backend rather than specifically focusing on building a news app. ### **Additional Notes:** - **Build App APK for Google Store:** One reviewer mentioned the need for instructions on how to build an APK for submission to the Google Play Store, which is a crucial step for app deployment that may not be covered in this course. - **Course Recommendation Caveat:** The course is highly recommended if one does not mind the blog app limitation or if they are interested in creating a similar type of application. It's also suggested that for an actual News App, learners should consider other tutorial resources that focus specifically on News APIs. ### **Conclusion:** This Flutter and Firebase course offers a comprehensive learning experience with clear explanations and practical application through the creation of a UI-focused app using Firestore. While it is highly recommended for beginners, potential learners should be aware of its limitations regarding API integration and up-to-date code practices. If these aspects align with your learning goals, this course can be an excellent resource for understanding Flutter layouts and retrieving data from Firebase.



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