Latest flutter course 2.5 with firebase 2021

Build your own application with flutter latest version 2.5 null safety learn flutter for apps development

Mobile Apps
7.5 hours
Oct 2021
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What you will learn

flutter widgets and ui design

can develop an application for your own use or for others

firebase - you will get knowledge how to add firebase to flutter project

you can show your skills and your app developed by you to employer


Hey students this course is about flutter mobile applications development who want to learn flutter. In this course we will use firebase as backend to store and retrieve data and display to application. This is great course who want to learn from beginning and want to learn flutter with firebase, in this course we are developing an application about post an ads,

flutter uses dart as it programming language in this course you will learn how to add location package and you will learn how to use image slider / carousel. as we know now mobile application development are rapidly growing all over world and its now everything online such as e commerce company profile products marketing so mobile app development course are best for future now every company want its own application to interact their client online with them. as we know flutter is a google product ,so google support flutter and its a great tool to develop applications for both platforms ios and android and flutter uses widgets to design our application's UIs.

get this course and learn flutter and have your own application. Learn flutter and develop your own application with firebase and you can get job after showing your work to employer or you can use it as your passion.

Thank you good luck!..


Latest flutter course 2.5 with firebase 2021 - Screenshot_01Latest flutter course 2.5 with firebase 2021 - Screenshot_02Latest flutter course 2.5 with firebase 2021 - Screenshot_03Latest flutter course 2.5 with firebase 2021 - Screenshot_04



Flutter - 1 creating project
Flutter -2 Adding dependencies
Flutter -3 Designing welcome screen
Flutter -4 Creating variables and function for signup screen
Flutter -5 Designing signup screen
Flutter -6 Adding google font and design welcome screen II
Flutter -7 Login Screen part I
Flutter -8 version 5 - Designing login screen
Flutter -9 version 2.5 Setting Route pages
Flutter -10 version 2.5 Connecting with firebase
Flutter -11 version 2.5 Creating globally variables
Flutter -12 version 2.5 creating dialog Boxes
Flutter -13 version 2.5 saving profile image to firebase
Flutter -14 version 2.5 Authenticating user with email password

Save Data in firebase and retrieve

Flutter -15 version 2.5 saving user data into firebase
Flutter -16 version 2.5 checking user Authenticated or not
Flutter -17 version 2.5 Adding icons in products page app bar
Flutter -18 version 2.5 creating login function
Flutter -19 version 2.5 Adding button for upload data for register
Flutter -20 version 2.5 creating variables for saving data from user
Flutter -21 version 2.5 Designing upload screen
Flutter -22 version 2.5 working upload screen function and design part II
Flutter -23 version 2.5 upload function to save data from upload screen
Flutter -24 version 2.5 creating Map for upload data from upload screen
Flutter -25 version 2.5 function and variables for displaying location
Flutter -26 version 2.5 Displaying add on screen part I
Flutter -27 version 2.5 Displaying post on screen part II
Flutter -28 version 2.5 displaying post on screen part III
Flutter -29 version 2.5 Creating carousel image slider
Flutter -30 version 2.5 working on carousel slider image slider part II
Flutter -31 version 2.5 Designing carousel image slider
Flutter -32 version 2.5 working on designing image slider carousel
Flutter -33 version 2.5 Testing application image slider and location
Flutter -34 version 2.5 working on update post
Flutter -35 version 2.5 Delete function
Flutter -36 version Refresh page working on refresh product page
Flutter -37 version 2.5 display profile screen
Flutter -38 version 2.5 Changing app logo and hide password last video
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