The Ultimate CSS Flexbox Course

From a complete beginner to a flexbox CSS master

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The Ultimate CSS Flexbox Course
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Jan 2018
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What you will learn

Deep knowledge about the in and outs of how Flexbox works

Know all the building blocks of flexbox

Know all about Flexbox flex container properties

Vertically align any element with Flexbox

Create Responsive Galleries with a few line of Flexbox

Create Holy Grail Layout with easy!

and much much more.. !

Why take this course?

🎓 **Course Headline:** The Ultimate CSS Flexbox Masterclass with Gilad Tsur Mayercourse **Course Description:** Are you ready to transform your web design skills and become a true CSS Flexbox master? Look no further! In **"The Ultimate CSS Flexbox" course**, I, Gilad Tsur Mayer, will guide you from complete beginner to a seasoned expert in the world of flexbox. 🚀 **Why Mastering Flexbox is Essential:** - **Deep Understanding**: Discover the intricacies of flexbox that are often glossed over in other courses or tutorials. - **Precise Manipulation**: Learn how to tame even the most stubborn HTML elements with finesse and control. - **Real-World Application**: Code along with me and apply your newfound skills to real-world scenarios for a practical understanding of flexbox. **What You'll Master:** - **Container Properties**: Dive deep into key container properties such as `flex-direction`, `align-items`, `justify-content`, and `flex-wrap`. - **Item Properties**: Get to grips with item properties like `align-self`, `grow`, and `shrink` that will make your layouts sing. **Course Structure:** - **Interactive Learning**: Engage with pop quizzes, tests, and a comprehensive cheatsheet to reinforce your learning at every step. - **Showcase Your Skills**: Join a community of learners where you can showcase your projects and learn from one another. **Why This Course?** - **Expert Guidance**: I'm here to answer your questions and provide support throughout your learning journey. - **Engagement & Support**: The course is designed to keep you engaged, with a supportive community and the opportunity to interact directly with me. **What Awaits Inside:** - A structured, step-by-step curriculum crafted for maximum learning retention. - Practical exercises that will solidify your knowledge and enhance your skills. - Access to a vibrant community of fellow learners where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, and share your triumphs. **🌟 Bonus Content:** - A comprehensive collection of resources and tools to complement your learning experience. - Lifetime access to updates and additional content as the course evolves. **📆 Course Timeline:** - A well-paced schedule that allows for ample time to master each concept before moving on to the next. **🚀 Take Action Today:** Don't let another day pass without unlocking your potential in web design with CSS Flexbox. Join me, Gilad Tsur Mayer, inside "The Ultimate CSS Flexbox" course and start your journey to becoming a CSS Flexbox master! 🖥️✨ I can't wait to see you on the inside and support your growth. Enroll now and let's build something incredible together!


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Our review

--- **Overview:** The online course on Flexbox has received an overall rating of 4.00, indicating high satisfaction among its learners. The recent reviews highlight both the strengths and areas for improvement within the course and its delivery. **Pros:** - **Content Coverage**: The course content is deemed concise and comprehensive, effectively covering all concepts related to Flexbox. - **Organization**: The course material is organized well according to several reviewers. - **Perfect for Learners**: Some learners consider this the perfect course they were seeking for understanding Flexbox. - **Adaptability**: One learner found that listening at double speed helped them grasp the content more quickly. - **Engagement**: The instructor is described as friendly, engaging, and clear in their explanations by some learners. - **Positive Experience**: A learner had a remarkable experience with the course, appreciating the instructor's expertise and engagement. - **Encouraging Effort**: The instructor's effort to convey concepts is acknowledged and commended. - **Positive Feedback**: Despite some reservations about English proficiency, learners appreciate the course and recommend it, with some expressing a desire for more content on related topics like CSS Grid. **Cons:** - **English Proficiency**: Several reviewers mention that the instructor's English speaking skills could be improved, with occasional struggles in finding the right words and frequent use of filler sounds like "uuuhmmm." - **Speech Clarity**: The instructor's speech is noted to be sometimes unclear, which can make understanding more challenging. - **Font Size**: One learner found the font size to be a bit too small, affecting readability. - **Audio Quality**: Audio clarity is an issue for some learners, who recommend speaking clearly and avoiding long pauses or filler words. - **Delivery Improvement**: The instructor's ability to deliver content effectively is questioned, with some learners finding it difficult to follow the explanations. **General Feedback:** The course has been generally well-received for its comprehensive content and the instructor's willingness to engage with the material. However, there is a consensus that improvements in English fluency and presentation delivery would enhance the learning experience significantly. Some learners suggest that despite these issues, the course is still valuable and can be made more accessible with adjustments to speech patterns and audio clarity. In summary, while the course content is strong and the instructor's dedication is clear, there is room for improvement in terms of language proficiency and presentation style to make this Flexbox course even more effective for learners. Addressing these concerns would likely raise the overall satisfaction level among users.



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