Fix Your Mindset to Live a More Purposeful Life

Crammed life coaching techniques to simplify your personal development.

Personal Transformation
Fix Your Mindset to Live a More Purposeful Life
2 hours
Jan 2023
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What you will learn

Using mindset techniques to make changes in your life.

Reset your life and detox your way into a better, purposeful life.

Become a monster and unleash your true potential.

Remove negativity from your life starting with your daily thoughts.

Quit complaining and start with an action plan to improve your wellbeing.


Creating you a mindset that is flexible to your daily life using every day life coaching techniques.

This is a cram session course on how you quickly make those necessary steps to improve your life and become a better version of yourself with 6 months.

Accountability is key throughout the process, so you can work alone or have the option to work with the founder through the coaching process. Take this course as another perspective on life and the failures, opportunities, and goals that you face and how to achieve a maximum best version of yourself.

You'll have access to downloadable sheets and infographics to help you along the way and work on what you need to improve your life.

These techniques have been used on the founders' clients which is why he decided to create a course on this subject.

Our minds have control over many things throughout our lives and it's time we took control and not allowing it to control us.

It's time to fail, grow, and succeed. Let's make it happen for you on this easy to use course. 

Easy to navigate course lectures, quizzes, and downloadable content. 

Forget the 'new year, new me' mindset - you need consistency and its time you worked on your goals instead of leaving them to chance. Take back control and love life, embrace life, and use failures and obstacles as stepping stones to success!

Change begins today for you. This course will bring you that and more. 


Change your Mentality, Change your Life

1. Change Begins Now
Change Begins Now Quiz
2. My Four Step Transformation
Transformation Quiz
3. Mind Reset
Mind Reset Quiz
4. Become Powerful
Become Powerful Quiz
5. A New Dawn
A New Dawn Quiz
6. Become a Monster
Become a Monster Quiz
7. Earn Respect

Fail, Grow, and Succeed

8. Failure
Failure Quiz
9. Complaining
Complaining Quiz
10. Wake up
11. Obstacles
Obstacles Quiz
12. Giving up is not an option
Giving up is not an option - Quiz
13. Start Today
14. Dreams into Reality
Dreams into Reality Quiz
15. Discipline
Discipline Quiz
16. Life Goals


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