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How to Install a Free SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt

Learn to Secure website traffic using HTTPS by installing a FREE Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate!

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What you will learn

Distinguish between different types of SSL Certificates

Create and Configure a basic droplet on Digital Ocean

Install a Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

Fix the Google "Not Secure" Warning on any website that contains input forms.

Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Configure Name Servers

Configure DNS Settings on Digital Ocean

Check the status of a SSL Certificate

Automatically renew a SSL Certificate periodically using cron tab, and setting up cron jobs.


In the modern internet age, delivering web content over a secure protocol has become essential. 

Since January 2017, Google attaches a warning label to any website that does not secure sensitive web page content by delivering it using HTTPS. This includes web pages that contain forms asking for usernames, passwords, credit cards and other sensitive information. 

In the near future Google plans to roll out a requirement for all web pages to be secured. Warning labels will become progressively more aggressive, and eventually highlighted in red, bold colors on the address bar. 

It is easy to see the consequences of not complying with this new requirement. You invest time, money and energy to drive traffic to your website. Your users expect a secure browsing experience and will likely be deterred from using your page when they see such warning labels attached. 

There is a common misconception that securing a webpage over HTTPS requires expert server knowledge and is a costly and cumbersome process. 

The purpose of this course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about HTTPS and SSL certificates. We start with the basics. Exploring the theory and definitions that will be useful in developing your understanding. 

From there, we dive into configuring a server on Digital Ocean and installing a free SSL certificate known as Let's Encrypt. We also explore setting up Cron Jobs on an Ubuntu server, to automatically renew your certificate periodically. 

After completing this course, you will easily be able to secure any web page using HTTPS and free SSL certificates.


How to Install a Free SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt
How to Install a Free SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt
How to Install a Free SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt
How to Install a Free SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt


SSL Certificates

Introduction to SSL Certificates

Traditional vs. Digital Certificates

Types of SSL Certificates

How SSL Certificates Work

Obtaining a SSL Certificate

Introduction to Let's Encrypt

Digital Ocean Server Setup


Domain Name Server Administration

Introduction to Digital Ocean

Droplet Configurations

Creating a Droplet

Install PuTTY/Terminal and Connect

Install LAMP Stack - Apache, MySQL, PHP

Configure DNS on Digital Ocean

Droplet Basic Configurations

SSL Certificate Installation

Installing Lets Encrypt

SSL Certificate Status Reports

Redirect all Domain Variations to HTTPS

Auto Renewal with cron jobs

Final Quiz

Next Steps

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Promise20 September 2020

This is one of the best IT related courses I've ever taken. The teacher was simple, clear, and straight to the point. Very practical.

Brenden19 September 2020

Less than 15 minutes of the course is actually "How to install a free certificate with Let's Encrypt", but it was still interesting to have a refresher of SSL and to learn about using DigitalOcean.

Timothy14 September 2020

Plenty of background info and detailed content. Needed to play at 1.25 speed as it played back a little slow. Good course

Kammakh9 September 2020

Le cours est bien pour les personnes qui font du développement web, le son est clair, les étapes sont bien définies. mais ce n'était pas ce que je chercher. ce n'est pas un cours très avancé sur la partie ssl

Taaha14 May 2020

I Was Happy After Learning This Course, Because I am A New Developer And I Dont Know How To Secure Websites Using SSL .

Gopal2 February 2020

So far ... only been through section 1. It's mostly all text narration of slides. A few examples and diagrams of the certificate download & validation (like UML sequence diagrams) would have helped understand the process better. But I'm continuing further in this course and depending on how it goes, will revise my rating accordingly.

None31 January 2020

The narrator clearly enunciated words and was easy to understand. He has a VERY pleasant voice. There could be better diagrams with theory behind how each aspect works. The narrator pronounced cache as cash-ay instead of like cash. He also pronounced Apache as Apash-ay rather than Apach-ee. He pronounces ch as soft sh instead of as hard ch (like chalk). He may have a Canadian dialect? Overall, I really appreciated this course and thought highly of it. If you feel this feedback harms your ability to sell this great tutorial, I will remove it upon request.

Marcos30 October 2019

Buena. Aclaró muchos conceptos. Se podría mejorar el subtitulado,q que tienen errores y confunde un poco.

Paulo8 October 2019

This course is perfect and I loved it. Just need a very tiny update over one command while it calls a package from Let's Encrypt. Here is how I could get it working since my Ubuntu refused the repo typed in the video: https://certbot.eff.org/lets-encrypt/ubuntubionic-apache

JP7 October 2019

Great lecture why good explanation and step by step process. Good start to secularize HTTP protocol over the internet

Nilesh4 October 2019

Good course for setting up Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate on a virtual host server. Had other methods like installing it on shared servers were also discussed it would have been great

David4 October 2019

Curso básico de como configurar un servidor apache con HTTPS y como generar y renovar certificados SSL con Lets Encrypt

Israel1 February 2019

I don't know exactly why do I need to use DIgitalOcean, what role does they play in order to obtain certificate. Will be nice if explain the data flow of the SSL certificate works in real life. How does I can obtain the .key and .crt for web pages? How many time do I need to pay DigitalOcean services, once I install SSL in web page? There is no another way to do it without payment (DigitalOcean services)? Thank you

Yves28 September 2018

Great course but a prior knowledge of linux commands is a must!Very detailed instructions for setting up the server !

Barry26 June 2018

was a short overview, enjoyed the content and solidified some of the things I thought I didn't understand so well


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