Fiverr Blueprint, The success formula

The Most Detailed Way to Earn Money from home on Fiverr

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Fiverr Blueprint,  The success formula



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Sep 2017

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What you will learn

How to start a home business on Fiverr

How choose the right service for you

How to sell, without doing any external marketing

All you need to know about fiverr


This Course will take from zero to hero in home business, with no prior experience needed!

it will give you actionable strategies, and the smartest techniques out there that you can apply  and you can use as an advantage to destroy competition

Fiverr home business is about asking the right questions, and answering starts by taking action and providing your first service, and this exactly what we will do 

Rochdi will walk you through all aspects of starting a business on fiverr , wether it's negotiation, marketing ( on the website) , dealing with clients and even show you shortcuts to get straight to the business fast .

important points we will adress in the course :

  • Introductin to fiverr

  • How to choose a service, even if you're not good at anything.

  • How to use psychology , and neuromarketing to drive sales

  • What's important to drive traffic to fiverr and what's not 

  • Strategies you can start applying right away

  • and a lot more

By the end of this course,  you'll have all the requirements to start making your first dollars online from home, wearing a pajamas .

" I'll give you the key - and it's up to you to find the door " 



Why this Course ?

My Earnings

Introduction to FIVERR

Gigs That sell Like Crazy and How to

Market Research

Choosing The right niche Part I

Choosing The right niche Part II

The Real Thing Exposed

Differentiate your Service

Increase sales with this

Natural communication is key

How To get Positive Feedback ALWAYS

The Secret Juice

Why Is it so important ?

Where & How ?

The Fiverr Strategies

PART I Lean Techniques

PART II Lean Techniques

Part III Lean Techniques

Strategy II : Neuromarketing And Psychology


This is not the end !


Gilbert21 September 2020

I never heard about this and I'm very interested. He is puick to the point and very knowledgeable.thanks

Piyush6 September 2020

not good . even it is free . people not invest money but they invest their time. total west of my valuable tme.

Izak25 August 2020

Terrible presentations - sound is really bad, it ecoes - super irritating. This course is not up to standard.

Qasim4 July 2020

It was not a course! I think it was whole just an overview, I mean he is not teaching anything just overviewing other SEO websites and courses & asking us to visit them or take a course from them. and the voice quality was really awful, now I guess why Udemy offering this course for free because it worths zero.

Adewale5 June 2020

Best Fiverr video I've ever seen. Great in-depth analysis and approach, I'd love to see a video on how to do marketing research as he didn't really give tips on that. Great content and great motivation. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

J.23 May 2019

ANYONE can understand exactly how to make money on FIVERR by following very informative but simple strategies outlined in this amazing course. Thanks for keeping it simple, but engaging from beginning to end

M30 January 2019

Thanks. I liked the content. Very helpful to understand certain basics. I wish to see more addition to this course as days and months progress by.

Muhammad15 January 2019

good for beginners but I didn't even get a single tip from this course I guess I have more tips then this guy and I earned more than him... I was hoping for something more excited and new but there was no excitement at all. but I m going to give you four stars because your course is free otherwise it will be one. II hope you will improve your work. good luck

M28 December 2018

This is an in-depth course in spite of having a concise amount of lessons. I had never heard the concepts discussed by the instructor and I found them very useful to get to the next level as a Fiverr seller. Although I can say a beginner will be at ease in this course as well.

Hafiz21 November 2018

The course content is good. The instructor seems to have a good grasp of the subject. However, the course is good for absolute beginners. There is not much for those who want to improve their existing gigs. There are definitely some helpful tips, but the instructor should add more information about Fiverr's search algorithms and how it ranks gigs so people may improve accordingly.

Fabio16 November 2018

Really all you need to know to get started, including the ugly truth that in the very beginning on Fiver you better buy your own gig to get out from nowhere-land and get noticed. I have to say, I was really impressed. The lessons are never boring, always reactive and well implemented. The quality of both audio and video is perfect. Rochdi really opens up to the user without playing around. You really feel it talks to you and not to himself like in other classes, it brings his own experience and tells you all you need. And it' more han just a Fiverr introduction course, it covers marketing and psychology. It's absolutely worth it. It gives you even ore than it promise. It's real, not an edulcorated virtual classroom. thank you Rochdi.

Anton15 August 2018

Outstanding! Useful information just from the start on, with video presentations and clear explanations from an experienced person. Great course :) Thank you Rochdi.

Kowser26 July 2018

This is not what i want . i thought i can learn many thing from hear and can make money from fiverr .. you need to learn about fiverr them mane video tutorial . otherwise west of money .

Jayson14 May 2018

The instructor did a really good job of breaking down the process. He spoke at a nice pace where I could understand the concepts he was explaining.

khalid15 January 2018

I greet the greeting of Islam asalam wa3alykom   It really gave me a very strong power because I was hesitating to enter the world of e-learning. Thank you and wish you more success.


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