Fitness-Yoga-Pilates Combined - Quick Home Workout Program

21 Days Home Workout based on Fitness, Yoga and Pilates principles for fat loss and backpain aid with your own weight

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Jul 2022
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What you will learn

Quick and Efficient Home Workout !

Feel Strong and Lose Fat With Bodyweight Exercises !

Improve Your Core Strength, Upper Body Strength and Your Legs and Booty !

Tone Up Your Belly, Arms, Chest and Shoulders !

Improve Your Posture !

Eliminate Your Back Pain !

Perform The Exercises With Perfect Form ! (Exercise videos Included)


Let me ask you a few questions ;

-Are you happy with the extra pounds you're carrying around ?

-Are you happy with your well-being ?

-Do you wanna know what is it feel like to wake up without back pain and fully energized ?

-Have you ever thought why you can't lose weight ?

-Maybe you've asked yourself why do I skip workouts after a while  ?

I`ve been there  :)

What if I told you there's one thing , just one thing that can help you to change your current situation?

-IF you can spend 25 minutes , 3 times a week,

-IF you want to see difference in short period of time and will motivate you,

-IF you can follow a dietary program that won't put you on starving,

This course is just for you !

While designing this program, I aimed to help people who claims themselves as lazy. Forget about all the fitness myths you've been told. This totally science based program with proven  methods will allow you to lose fat , prevent your back pain , gain muscle and take your fitness level to the next level!

I created this program with combining best principles of different methods such as HIIT, Pilates, Functional Training  and most importantly Yoga.

YOU DON`T HAVE TO SPEND HOURS on long work out sessions.

Your time is valuable and you get demotivated when there's no results! 

I picked every method's best part so this will get you to reach your goals faster with less effort.

If you’re ready to improve your fitness and your health, enroll today and join our community!



Introduction to IpekY Workout

Example Diets

Diet Plan Example for Men
Diet Plan Example for Women

Time to Workout!

Day 4
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 20
Day 21


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August 2, 2022
I am indeed a lazy person so this course seems like a great fit. Trainer is easy to understand and follow.
August 2, 2022
İpek is an amazing instructor. I explored her via Instagram and joined one of her online course. She makes diet and exercise programmes for every kind of daily life as long as you love yourself and give at least half an hour for your body in a day. She is the reason I like the shape I see in the mirror. I'm sure this lesson will help you too. She is the one you are looking for!
August 2, 2022
Fun and easy to follow instructions! I am looking forward to trying out different exercises everyday! Also love that there is not much voice over in the videos which makes it easier to stay focused and time flies!!! Can't recommend enough!
August 2, 2022
I'm really excited to finally find the good schedule that can suit me. I've worked out with Ipek before and had my best form then. Now another 21 days to these good old days!
August 2, 2022
Great personal trainer at home!!! It's a good, easy to follow at home workout plan.. Ipek is a big motivation, I've enjoyed very much while doing the workouts.
August 2, 2022
En excellent course for the ones like me who find it hard to follow ordinary work out programs. İpek's combined method of pilates, yoga and fitness motivates me to overcome my procrastination habit. Plus, thanks for the dietary program that is easy to follow.
August 2, 2022
I didn't know that 15-25 minutes daily exercises are enough for a healthy shape. This one is a good star and I look forward to the coming classes. Thanks Ipek for making this easy!
August 2, 2022
finally i find what i need! i just started working out again (and again over again...) after a while. as someone who hates exercise this is a really helpful and great way for me to get into a regular routine with it. and diet plan also! so thoughful! thank you İpek <3
August 2, 2022
Excellent Course!! She is also enourmes to teach, to motivate and to concentrate on what she is doing. If you are a person who dont have to much time but want to make some sport here it is.
August 2, 2022
Ipek is a wonderful trainer! I trained with her at start of 2021 and my results was amazing in two weeks! You don’t need anything else, just start train with her??
August 2, 2022
Ipek is a fantastic trainer with a great sense of humor. So, every session is filled with a positive energy and attitude which empower you to work out even harder. I can truly say that getting courses from Ipek is the best decision I've ever made. ??
August 2, 2022
The educational content is created in great detail, for those who have never played sports before, it is quite revealing. I can't wait to complete 21 days and see the change in my body.
August 2, 2022
Too shy to take a group class, too lazy to go to the gym. This home work outs are just the perfect fit for me. I always wanted to get into Yoga and and home cardio training but I either didn't have the time or the right diet plan to start. IpekY work-outs are saving time, money and let's me schedule my own workouts without depending on the gym hours. Thank you for the amazing Content.
August 2, 2022
Ipek created such a helpful course. I found this videos very helpful and already can feel my body gets into shape. Thanks a lot for this amazing videos and your time ipek! Also I loved your accent :)
August 2, 2022
İpek is a very energetic and fun person. It is definitely a chance for me to attend this course. Thanks to İpek, I love sports and healthy eating. I believe that I will experience a great change thanks to these lessons. I also love her Instagram posts. (kalpkalpkalp)


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