Firebase Advanced- Real Time Chat App in Android Studio 2020

Create a complete, full-stack chat application from front end to back end using Android Studio and Firebase

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Creating a Realtime Chat app using Firebase in Android project

You will be able to create dynamic apps which can save data and files from server

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for real time Push Notifications

You will master in Firebase Authentication, Firebase Database, Firebase File Store, Push Notifications and many more


You are an android developer and you have not developed any android chat application yet? Then you are missing the real fun in development. Another aspect of chat apps is real time messaging, which is the core of any real time application.

You might have used and observed many other android chat apps and would have wished to have your own. Right ?

So why are you waiting? Get dive into my course of building impressive full-stack android chat app Gup-Shup Android Studio with Firebase.

This course is a complete guide for you in developing a feature-rich android chat app!

Here's what we will cover:

  • Creating a complete chat application with Android Studio and Firebase from scratch

  • Sending and receiving messages instantly with the real-time Firebase Database

  • Uploading and displaying image messages using Firebase Storage

  • Uploading and displaying video messages using Firebase Storage

  • Notifications to display new message/friend request arrival using FCM

  • Sending Direct Messages to other users in our chat

  • Tracking / showing when users are online / offline and typing

  • User authentication with Firebase

  • Form validation for our Login and Register forms

  • And more!

What will you be learning in making Gupshup?

Throughout this course of making Gup Shup app (chit-chat app), we'll be building a live chat app, where users will be able to create user, modify his/her profile, send friend request to others on Gupshup, to send messages to other users, send media files, see when other users are typing and get notifications about new messages.

By the end, you will be comfortable using the below skills and you will be able to put them on your resume:

  • Intent

  • Customized User Interface Design

  • Working with Dependencies in Android Gradle

  • Animations

  • Custom Progress Bar

  • Custom Action Bar

  • Android Recycler View

  • Adapters

  • Model Classes

  • Fragments

  • Customized Drawables

  • Menus

  • Google Firebase

    • Firebase Authentications

    • Firebase User Profile

    • Firebase Database

    • Firebase Storage

    • Firebase Cloud Messaging

  • and Many More....

Wouldn’t that be a great learning and enriching experience in Android development?

Do join me. I am excited to share my experience


Firebase Advanced- Real Time Chat App in Android Studio 2020
Firebase Advanced- Real Time Chat App in Android Studio 2020
Firebase Advanced- Real Time Chat App in Android Studio 2020
Firebase Advanced- Real Time Chat App in Android Studio 2020


Course Kickoff

Hello from Trainer

About the Course

What is Firebase?

Development Environment Setup

Project Setup

Project Resources

Firebase Authentication

Login Screen UI in Action

Firebase Login Implementation

Sign up Screen UI in Action

Firebase Signup Screen Validations

Firebase Signup Implementation

Signup- Update Name

Signup - Update Picture

User Profile

Firebase Profile UI in Action

User Profile Feature Implementation

Completing User Profile Feature Implementation

Change Password UI in Action

Change Password Feature Implementation

Reset Password UI in Action

Reset Password Feature Implementation

Completing User Profile Functionality

Common Stuffs

Custom Progressbar

Handling Internet check

Animated Splash Screen

Home Screen

Adding TabLayout

Adding Fragments

Managing Fragments

Handling Back press

Firebase Real Time Database

Understanding Firebase Real Time Database

Find Friends Feature

About RecyclerView

Find Friends Screen UI in Action

Find Friend Model Class

Find Friend Adapter

Find Friends Implementation

Send Friend Request

Friend Request Status

Cancel Friend Request

Friend Request Feature

Friend Request Screen UI in Action

Friends Request Model

Friends Request Adapter

Friends Request Implementation

Deny Friend Request

Accept Friend Request

Chat List Feature

Chat List Screen UI in Action

Chat List Model

Chat List Adapter

Chat List Implementation

Send Messages

Send Message Screen UI in Action

Send Message Implementation

Conversation Screen

Conversation Screen UI in Action

Conversation Model

Conversation Adapter

Conversation Feature Implementation

Firebase File Storage

Understanding Firebase File Storage

Sending Files

File Upload UI in Action

File Selection Feature Implementation

File Upload Feature Implementation

File Upload Progress UI in Action

File Upload Progress Feature Implementation

File in Conversation Screen UI in Action

File in Conversation Screen Feature Implementation

Custom Actionbar on Chat Screen

Custom Actionbar UI in Action

Custom Action Feature Implementation

Contextual Action bar (CAB) for Chat Options

Message Features

Delete Message Feature

Download Message Files Feature

Share Message Feature

Select Friend UI in Action

Select Friend Model

Select Friend Adapter

Select Friend Feature Implementation

Understanding of Forward Message Flow

Forward Message Feature Implementation

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

Understanding FCM

Fetch and Save Device Token

Send Notifications

Receive Notifications

Image in Notification (Big Picture Style)

Clear Device Token on Signout

More Chat Features

Unread Message Count

Last Message Feature

Time Ago Feature

User Status (Online/Offline) Feature

Typing Status Feature

Source Code

Source Code

Wrap up


Nweke6 April 2021

This course is above my expectation..The way he used the recycler view over and over made me master the recycler view. ..The instructor also takes time to explain everything he does in details.

Sai28 October 2020

learned a lot with this course till now next time please upload a course with phone number Authentication and status upload like WhatsApp and teach all new features like this sir

Shubham13 September 2020

Great course. I actually understand what is presented to me!!! It is like a journey that comes to an end, The Deepak sir has such a vast knowledge that he can easily understand the problem one is facing and quickly respond to the solution. one can confidently make chat apps after opting for this course. I look forward to another app from Deepak sir and wish him all the best for providing such a fabulous course ??

ZAID14 July 2020

If i could give this course more than 5 stars, i would definitely do so... one of the amazing features of this course is the instructor in most times explained every step he is taking, and that is usually rare thing to find on a lot of courses. I am pretty sure some-one might ask. i have found couple of courses on YouTube and Udemy that teaches how to make a chat app. so what make this course so special ? well... first of all as i said before the instructor is explaining what he is doing, those other online courses you can see the instructors not explaining most of their steps, the other thing, this is nearly fully featured chat app (you can proudly show it to friends and family). if you want to get the full-benefits of this course i would say, watch this course couple of times (that is actually my plan) and don't forget to practice. my last message for Appeteria team or Deepak Kolhe ... I am really dying to get my hands on your future courses ... please don't hesitate to teach us more.

Joseph25 June 2020

This is an amazing course. Exactly what I needed! I've been trying to make a chat app with Firebase for 3 years, and I finally found one that not only works, but also fits my needs EXACTLY. I've made a few tweaks here and there to make the app better. The instructor is very understandable whenever he speaks, and I've learned A LOT about coding with Java in Android Studio!

JungIn13 June 2020

Thank you so much. This class is perfect perfect perfect class to me. I really appreciate ur best efforts about making this class. I hope u make another Android || Flutter || Ios App class. I will follow u. Thanks so much.!!!!

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