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Transform Your Academic Performance And Finish Your Degree

Learn practical and powerful techniques to achieve your academic goals, complete your study and contribute to your field

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

How to plan your degree and successfully manage important deadlines

Regular status updates that improve your relationship with your supervisor

An ownership mindset that will get you through tough times without shifting blame

Discussion papers that capture academic progress and useful content for your final report

The importance of writing early so you think with the end in mind

Introduction to writing practices like complexity last and old before new

A finishing mindset that avoids over-analysis and prevents unnecessary delays

Long-term thinking when doing your proposal that sets you up for success


"Great tone, clear and understandable content delivery. Feeling inspired and capable." - Baden

"Just the push I needed" - Calistus, "extremely instructive, very clear and concise" - Jeanette

"It was very informative and inspired me. I have recommended it to my friend and will recommend to more in the future" - Percy

This course will teach you how to take control of your academic life, get motivated, get organised and get your degree finished. At any stage of your research-based study you can apply these methods to gain the confidence you need to be a successful student in your field. Postgraduate research can be tough going, especially when you need to be self-disciplined about deadlines to make consistent progress. I'll explain key concepts and share lessons from my own journey of doing a part time PhD over four years.

You can immediately apply these techniques to enhance your relationship with your supervisor and improve your confidence and motivation. Each technique builds on the previous one to transform your outlook about your degree. Whatever your field, level or progress, this course will be useful for you; the new skills you learn will undoubtedly help you finish your degree.

Each lesson unpacks a technique that will help you to finish your degree and transform your academic performance:

  • The weekly status update will drive consistent delivery and help manage your relationship with your supervisor

  • Use Lean Kanban thinking to discipline yourself about making progress and committing to next steps

  • Well timed and well written discussion papers mark your academic progress and will be useful content for your final report

  • The importance and benefits of a well written proposal and how it positions you for success in your degree

  • How to balance quality and progress between different phases of your study

  • Approach your study like a project and understand the phases of proposal, field work, analysis and writing up

  • How to develop the right mindset that benefits you by taking ownership of your degree

  • Planning techniques, how I used them in my own degree and how you can use them to get through important deadlines

Completing this course will provide useful and practical tips and techniques to help you finish your degree. Just changing a few things in your study can have a significant impact on your overall performance, I'll show you how.


Transform Your Academic Performance And Finish Your Degree
Transform Your Academic Performance And Finish Your Degree
Transform Your Academic Performance And Finish Your Degree
Transform Your Academic Performance And Finish Your Degree




Get A Grip: Its Your Degree

Own Your Degree And Plan It

My Six Month Final Report Plan

Be More Effective With An Awesome Proposal

A Well Written Proposal Sets You Up For Success

Achieve Discipline With The Weekly Supervisor Update

How The Weekly Update Works

Inch By Inch To Success

Mark Key Milestones With Discussion Papers

Demonstrate & Capture Academic Progress (See Resources For My Discussion Papers)

Write Early, Write Often, Write Well

Write With Your Reader In Mind

Perfection Is The Enemy Of Greatness

Be A Finisher


Kavyanageshkandala16 January 2021

It is definitely a good course, but probably it might be less relatable to UG and PG Indian students since their university culture is different from what is being taught in this course . It might definitely help PHD students though.

Olayiwola28 October 2020

Thank you so much. The course is invaluable. It is exactly what I need now as I am pushing to hand in my thesis.

Mutsa23 July 2020

I am just starting on data analysis for my Masters research. This course definitely helped me to see some of the steps i need to take to get on track. I would like more information on the use of discussion papers to mark key milestones. Specifically, I would greatly appreciate some examples of discussion papers that Dr Alkema has developed.

Tessa21 July 2020

This is a very practical course for any part-time postgrad student who is grappling with the challenges of sustaining momentum and gettings things done. Short, sweet and very useful. Thanks, Peter!

Siyabonga13 July 2020

This was a good match and it served the purpose of reminding me of the important details that are necessary in order for me to complete my degree.

Percy13 July 2020

It was very informative and inspired me to send my supervisor a breakdown of my project schedule. I have recommended it to my friend and will recommend to more in the future. Great course.

Ignitia9 July 2020

It was a perfect match !! I love the fact that you bring the issue of the mindset because I learned of the weekly status report from you towards the end of my studies and applied some aspects of the approach. I have tried to introduce the tool to my students without much success. I am still thinking of the best way to the next batch of my students to see the Gold in the approach. I think your approach was magnificent kindly consider publishing as book those weekly status report as I believe bot students and supervisor can find unique value that is different from our existing research methodology books. May you kindly share a copy of one of your weekly status and a copy of one of your discussion papers as it is a new concept that I would like to understand it better.

Tabea9 July 2020

It was a perfect match for me. I am at a place where I am inconsistent in my delivery and work output. The course has given me a plan to work with and how to maintain a consistent pattern of output. Its detailed and concise. Grateful

Nolwazi8 July 2020

This course was very helpful in showing me how to set realistic goals for my writing and communication with my supervisors. Now I am aware of the importance of consistently working on my research and in making sure that the work is of good quality.

Mac7 July 2020

Very much so. Some aspects were what I have been doing, but the greatest is the six months plan visible on one page. As a strategists, I live on having a plan on one page. Putting writing upfront allows time for interactions and corrections. Planning for recharge is also another important lesson I picked from this section.

Sindi6 July 2020

I am glad that I come across this course early on in my writing process. I will be able to plan the rest of my dissertation in a much better fashion. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is undertaking their post graduate studies regardless of their progress


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