Find your equilibrium by creating a stress free life

Release the stress, renew your honest self

2.5 hours
May 2022
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What you will learn

Personalized tools how to make long-lasting changes for your physical and mental well-being.

Being able to find the roots of your problems and your chronic stress.

Easy practices to relieve daily stress.

The real meaning of positive mindset and its practical application.

A new perspective of problem solving and creating.


Life is hard and painful. The world is running crazy. People are getting stressed, anxious, burned out. It’s hard to see clearly under these conditions, so it’s easy to get lost. Can you relate? You may say “don’t worry, be happy”, and sometimes it gives you motivation for a day or two, but then everything becomes dark again. You are willing to make changes towards your long-lasting well-being but don’t know HOW? Then this course is for you!

We guide you along to the roots of your problems and give personalized HOW’s into your hands with practices to implement in your life. Day by day, step by step. We compiled this course with many years of experience and successful changes behind us. We can’t wait to support you to find your equilibrium and see you thriving!

What's in the package?

  • 20 video lessons with personalized practices to support your effective progress.

  • Well structured guidance provided by a life-coach and a holistic nutritionist with long-term experience and knowledge in this area.

  • Improve yourself at your own pace and come back later to go through the lessons again! After enrolling in this course, you immediately get access to all the course materials UNLIMITED.


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Chapter 1: Positive mindset

Positive mindset
How do you know you are in stress?
Personal space
Mindful focusing
Mindful perception
Natural connection

Chapter 2: Acceptance & release

Welcome to Acceptance & release
Direction of your life
Accepting what to change
Release to be free
Free up your body

Chapter 3: Inner peace

What is inner peace?
Peace in mind & body - whole foods
Find your peace in moving

Chapter 4: Creation


Chapter 5: Thrive together

Creativity & problem solving
Creativity & communication
Creativity & happiness


What to put on the table

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