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Remote Work: Find a Remote Job You Love and Work Online 2021

The Ultimate Course to Find a Remote Job you Love to work from home or remotely

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

How to stand out from other remote work applications

Where to find remote work

Use proven methods to get hired by remote companies

How to find remote job opportunities

Finding remote job vacancies with google alerts

Optimizing your resume for remote work opportunities

How to search for a remote job online

How to find remote work and travel

Experience the true freedom of choice and time that inspired you to work for yourself in the first place

How to Find Great work from home Business offers

Common remote work opportunities

Set healthy work / life boundaries

How to effectively work from home

Much much more...


The best course about Remote Work with all the info you need to land a successful remote Job that you love

Over 20000 students have followed our guidance to conquer the remote job search process and now it´s your turn!

Being able to work remotely changed our life and allowed us to spend more time with our family and traveling abroad. We compiled every aspect of the process so you can use your personal skills and follow the steps to land a remote job that will make you happy.

We bring you a complete step by step guide to find a remote job position you are passionate about.

Throughout this course, you will learn all the secrets you need to land a successful and fulfilling remote work position that you love.

In this course, we will share with you everything we have learned during the last 8 years working and recruiting remotely, and the life experiences from senior remote workers and recruiters that most people and companies don’t share.

Our goal is to help you figure out a perfect way to make a living doing something you love and to land a successful remote job that will make you happy and fullfilled.

You will be able to work from home and have a remote job that suits your personality and interest.

We will guide you through the entire process to plan your remote work success:

  • We will help you create a killer resume

  • Help you plan a successful elevator pitch

  • Find and apply to the most suitable remote jobs and even prepare you for your job interviews

  • Use your current skills to find remote work and job opportunities

  • How to avoid work from home scams

  • How to optimize your remote work applications

This course will cover everything you need to find a well-paid and fulfilling job in an established remote company.

Every chapter has practical exercises to help you figure out your journey and by the end of the course we dedicated an entire chapter where we share everything we wish we knew when we first started that will save you a lot of hard work and a lot of money.

We will provide real examples and tips for you to replicate to finda remote job.

By the end of the course you will have already applied to several job positions and be on your way to achieve your goals.

We want you to know that you can work remotely and have a healthy and balanced life with some simple changes, and those small adjustments will have a huge impact in your professional and personal life


We are really excited to have you here with us to learn about remote work and how you can achieve it.

Lets get started!

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Remote Work: Find a Remote Job You Love and Work Online 2021
Remote Work: Find a Remote Job You Love and Work Online 2021
Remote Work: Find a Remote Job You Love and Work Online 2021
Remote Work: Find a Remote Job You Love and Work Online 2021



Welcome to the course

What is Remote Work

Is this for you? Pros and Cons of Remote Work

Why companies hire remote workers

Exercises and Worksheets

Finding a Skill and Mastering It

Learning one skill at a time

What are you good at

Valuable skills to work remotely

Different Kinds of Remote Work

Different approaches to working remote

Most common remote jobs

Using your current skills to find a remote job

How much does remote work pay

Setting your rates as self-employed

Create a Killer Resume

Don’t be generic: Finding your purpose

Goals and plans

Creating a portfolio

The perfect resume

Finding Remote Jobs

Best platforms to find a job

How to avoid scams

Most Common Online Job Scams

Applying for a remote position

Company research

Figuring out your ideal client

The Pitch: Presenting your skillset

Successful cover letter

Creating a resume and cover letter on canva

Collect contacts from the internet

Finding jobs with google alerts

Your job interview

Most common interview questions

Finding common ground with the company

Prove you are worth it

Job offer negotiation

Why you are not getting any replies

Should you sign a contract

Working remotely guide

Setting your work and life balance

Working on the move

Best tools for remote workers

Getting paid and sending money online

Paying taxes as a remote worker




Ikpemi27 November 2020

I like the audio. I wish it was more interactive and engaging and interesting. But it’s insightful and easy to focus on.

Francesca9 November 2020

Working from home has been a dream of mine for over 5 years and finally I am able to do it. This course set the foundation for my transition from a regular job to my current full time remote career as a Marketing Manager for a start up company. The course helped me use my skills and plan my CV and cover letter accordingly so I could apply effectively and land my actual dream job!

Lorenzo9 November 2020

finally learning how to transit from my desk job at a clinic to working to remote company at home. thank you!

Saul5 November 2020

This is an excellent course, both enjoyable and comprehensive. The instructor is very engaging, and makes it all easy to understand. Super usefull and concrete info for anyone who wants to find a successful remote job

Benjamin5 November 2020

It has helped me take the various skills I've gained in sales, project management, marketing and pull it all together to land a new remote job

Pawel3 November 2020

Absolutely fantastic course. It has given me the structure I needed. Each lesson is the right length of time, clear and engaging. The resources and exercises are very useful. I have been able to hang a lot of other learning on the foundations of this course. Great job! Thank you Antonio and Marina

Kika3 November 2020

I completed the course and have completed the practical exercises and it was a great experience. The course has sooo much information and tips and is the perfect foundation for anyone who wants to get a work at home job

Lícia1 November 2020

Considero este curso uma mais-valia para todos aqueles que procuram iniciar uma carreira como trabalhadores remotos. Mesmo para aqueles que já realizam alguns trabalhos online, há alguns campos deste curso que serão extremamente valiosos para melhorar o curso da carreira. Os cadernos de apoio são uma ajuda valiosa, uma vez que nos permitem colocar em prática o que foi aprendido, definir objetivos realistas e criar planos de ação. Demora apenas algumas horas, mas tem um aprendizado valioso.

Vincenzo25 October 2020

Truly amazing course. I am currently in the search of a remote job after being fired and this has brought so many lights into my plan. Thank you very much!

Jorin12 October 2020

Marina and Antonio make it really easy to understand the topics and train you as you go along so that once you're finished with the course you are confident enough to find work on your own. I totally recommend this course to anyone who is interested in working remotely for an international company and is clueless about the steps to take

Beatriz12 October 2020

Incredible course. Great classes and loved how the instructors provide printable exercises and highlights for each chapter so I could follow along the slides and presentations.

Michael12 October 2020

Just started the course, seems really complete foranyone who plans to land a remote job. At the half way point and I could not be happier, this is beyond any expectations I started the course with, excellent class and presentation. The classes are very easy to listen to and full of knowledge. This is extremely valuable for anyone interested in working online. I highly recommend this course.

John12 October 2020

super easy to follow cvlasses and exactly the kind of insights i was looking for Loved the voice over and the pace of each class and how easy it is to understand the entire process.

Marine10 October 2020

super detailed and in dept classes. I love that each chapter comes with a pdf with the highlights at the end with notes and the important keys to remember and practice.

Marcos9 October 2020

so far I am really enjoying the course. Great classes and a lot of knowledge about how to actually find a remote job


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