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Financial Trading: How I Doubled My Money in Three Months

High Probability, Proven and Profitable Trading Strategy to Successfully Apply within Hours

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Sep 2018

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What you will learn

Understand what signals lead to profitable trades, and what don't

Place profitable trades after 1-2 hours of study

Maintain strong discpline to avoid the many dangers of trading indiscriminately

Have clear targets for each day of trading

Generate an effective trading plan for the long-term


"This is a fantastic course. I think am going to learn a lot and I am glad that I finally found a successful trader who can teach me how to trade."

Ryan Newton 5 STARS

"Excellent course & perhaps a hidden gem :)"

Kevin Doherty  5 STARS


The latest ground-breaking finance course from Dr. Matthew Checkley, the #1 rated instructor from Warwick Ventures and Connect Midlands, top rated strategist on Udemy, ex-investment bank equity analyst, author of Strategy Skills, who has appeared on Bloomberg TV and The Money Channel.

Do you seek the kind of financial freedom that comes from consistently successful financial trading? But are you uncertain and unclear about a high-probability trading strategy...about what trading signals to trust and how best to keep winning with your trades? This course is for you.

It took over 8 years to develop this strategy; that's how long it took me to fully realize that financial market trading is really - like many things in life and business - a simple (but exacting) discipline.

Success - I finally saw after all those long years of analysis, struggle and painful losses - comes from super-simple strategies applied with cold, detached and relentless on-plan consistency. Anything else and you risk losing a lot of money. And quickly. It was only when I stripped away all the elaborate and complex approaches that things started to fall into place.

It's now my pleasure to share with you what I've developed. It's given me a tremendous sense of accomplishment and financial freedom. Furthermore, you'll be surprised at how easy-to-learn the trading strategies are. And this course can delight you with how profitable you'll become.

Please, therefore, try this course. But before you do, heed these important messages:

No training course, no matter how good, can 100% guarantee your success. I believe your chances of success - if you stick to the plan included in these videos and notes - are very high. But there's always a chance of substantial losses.

This course is about simple trading systems. If you want detailed analysis of stock trading platforms, charts, share or derivative valuations and mathematical formulae, or anything else of a densely-technical nature, this course is not for you.

The training is all demonstrated with "Spread Betting". This trading approach is not available in all regions of the world. But any leveraged set of financial instruments (such as financial options or CFDs) - particularly for market indices, such as the Dow Jones, Nikkei or FTSE100 - can perform well with the methods demonstrated in these videos. I leave the specific choice of market trading platform, and financial instruments, to you. Meanwhile I provide strong guidance on when to buy and sell, and how much cash you are likely to make on any given trading day.

In summary, I believe this course can transform your financial prospects and offer a lifestyle of more flexibility and freedom.

So, try it now. You always have Udemy's risk-free guarantee in hand, so you've nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Financial Trading: How I Doubled My Money in Three Months
Financial Trading: How I Doubled My Money in Three Months
Financial Trading: How I Doubled My Money in Three Months
Financial Trading: How I Doubled My Money in Three Months



Introduction: Why trade?

The Style of Trading

Your Expectations

Basics of Trading

Psychology of Trading

Signals and Trading

Signal Detail

Practical Use of Signals

Long Term Success



Ray15 May 2021

I was looking for an introduction to trading without needing all the background on the stock exchange and full on market economics. This course is very distilled, simple and practical for a beginner. It is not, and does not pretend to be, a full explanation of trading. For me it was exactly as I expected and so I give it 5 stars.

Jorens28 September 2018

Very simple strategy to follow and that is actually making consistent winning trades. I'm using only "signal ensemble'' method because "fair value" and "sentiment" study would take too much of my time due to the fact that english is not my mothertongue, therefore making quick analysis of economical news would be quite a challenge. However I see a huge potential in this strategy if I would manage to figure out the way how to efficiently manage the risk.

Qasim18 August 2018

Coming from someone who has no prior trading background, I'd say the strategies taught in this course are simple and effective, and have given me the confidence to start my trading career. Also, Dr. Checkley is very helpful and responsive in the support forum.


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