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Film Lighting Made Simple

How to Craft Beautiful, Modern Lighting for Your Videos with Simple Light Setups - Inspired by Netflix's Chef's Table!

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37 mins


Mar 2021

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What you will learn

How to see light with its nuances.

The overlooked essential principles of film lighting.

How to light for an interview that goes beyond the boring talking head.

What tools create and shape light.

How to use diffusion, negative fill, and focusers to shape your light.

How to approach lighting with a clean, concrete, simple 5 step method.

How to light close-up shots.

How to enhance dimensionality with lights.


Feeling intimidated by the lighting process as a filmmaker?

I don't blame you. From all the online lighting courses out there, it seems like complicated light set ups and a big crew are the only way to light beautiful shots. Well, after years of working as a professional cinematographer in the industry, I've come to realize this:

Beautiful lighting can be simple!

This course teaches beginners how to approach film lighting with simplicity & nuance, focusing on lightweight, affordable light set-ups for the independent filmmaker. Inspired by the gorgeous cinematography of the Netflix show Chef’s Table, this course is divided into three parts:

  • First, this course will train your eye to see the nuances of light.

  • Second, it will teach you how to shape light for your video in a streamlined 5 step method.

  • Third, it will apply all of the lessons in the real world by bringing you into a food and interview shoot of a private chef in Italy.

So get ready to have both your eyes and tastebuds drooling, as you leave with all the knowledge and a complete roadmap on how to create beautiful lighting for your film. This course is intended for complete beginners, but taking my “Creating a Beautiful, Cinematic Documentary with Soul” will help contextualize the lessons.

Let's get started!


Film Lighting Made Simple
Film Lighting Made Simple
Film Lighting Made Simple
Film Lighting Made Simple



Course Introduction

Lighting Principles

Why Light?

Principles of Lighting

The Key Light

The Fill

The Back Light

Lighting Setup Recap

Lighting Tools

Lighting Tools

Quantity of Light

Color Temperature

Quality of Light



Negative Fill

Lighting Methodology

Lighting 5 Step Method

Lighting in the Real World

Lighting Interview

Insider Tip for Lighting

Lighting Closeups

Final Montage

Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion

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Course Introduction

TIP 1: Repeat Motions

TIP 2: Swap the Tripod

TIP 3: Keep A Wide Running

TIP 4: Simplify (no, really, simplify)

TIP 5: Sound Round

TIP 6: Sfx Are Your Best Friend

TIP 7: Build A Strong Story

An Important Note

Course Wrap-Up


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