Figma Design Course. Your Website from Start to Finish

Step-by-step guide for beginners on how to go through the creating your design project on Figma from start to finish

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Figma Design Course. Your Website from Start to Finish
6 hours
Apr 2024
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What you will learn

How to use Figma to assist on your projects

How websites are structured and how you can learn from it

How to automate your workflow

How to make responsive Web and Mobile view

How to create a working design system that helps you finish your project easily

How to create wireframes and import them in Figma

Proper structure for the projects

Follow up with new trends in the industry

Knowledge to complete a client’s project

How optimize your portfolio and start getting clients

Why take this course?

🎓 Step-by-Step Guide: Figma Design Course by Anton Voroniuk

🚀 Course Headline: Master the art of web design with "Figma Design Course. Your Website from Start to Finish" – A comprehensive journey for beginners!

🎉 Course Description:

Dive into the world of Figma, a versatile and powerful web-based design tool that's transforming the way we create graphic designs. From wireframing to prototyping, Figma supports all aspects of the design process, seamlessly integrating into your workflow without the constraints of traditional software installations. Its collaborative nature makes it an invaluable asset for teams, and its free-to-use model democratizes design for everyone.

Whether you're new to Figma or looking to refine your skills, this course is your perfect starting point. With recorded lessons, practical exercises, and expert guidance from UI & UX Designer Željko Milivojević, you'll navigate through the creation of a complete design project in Figma, culminating in setting up a professional portfolio that can help you attract more clients and proposals.

🎇 What You Will Learn:

  • Familiarize with Figma Tools: Get comfortable with the interface and tools available in Figma for your design projects.
  • Understand Website Structure: Learn how to structure a website effectively, drawing insights from real-world examples.
  • Automate Your Workflow: Discover ways to automate repetitive tasks within Figma to boost your productivity.
  • Responsive Web & Mobile Designs: Create responsive designs that work across various devices and platforms.
  • Design Systems: Build a cohesive design system that streamlines the design process and ensures consistency.
  • Wireframing with Figma: Import wireframes into Figma to establish a clear foundation for your design.
  • Prototyping with ProtoPie & Figma: Learn how to create interactive prototypes that bring your designs to life.
  • Client Projects: Apply your knowledge to complete a real client's project, gaining valuable experience.
  • Optimize Your Portfolio: Enhance your portfolio with Figma designs to attract potential clients and employers.

🌟 Why Choose This Figma Course?

  • Universal Design Skills: Gain skills that are applicable across various design projects.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Željko Milivojević, a UI & UX designer with over 8 years of experience in the design industry.
  • Hands-On Learning: Design your first website and learn by doing.
  • Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Suitable for All Levels: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this course is tailored to match your skill level.
  • Rich Course Material: Access in-depth videos, essential tips, and additional useful links to complement your learning experience.

✍️ Additional Perks:

  • Course Checklist: A handy guide to keep track of what you've learned and what's coming next.
  • Lifetime Access: Gain unlimited access to the course materials, including future updates.
  • Structured Lessons & Exercises: Follow a clear, step-by-step curriculum designed for practical application.
  • Bonus Assets: Receive additional folders and files used in the website creation lessons.
  • Certificate of Completion: Earn a certificate from Udemy to showcase your new Figma skills.

🚀 Ready to Start Your Figma Journey?

Don't wait any longer to unlock your design potential. Click the "Buy now" button and embark on an exciting learning adventure with our Figma Design Course! 🌟

Enroll Now and transform your design skills with Anton Voroniuk and Željko Milivojević's expert guidance!


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Our review

👩‍🏫 Overview of the Figma Design Course 2023 The Figma Design Course 2023 has been highly regarded by students, with a global course rating of 4.44. The recent reviews have consistently praised the course's effectiveness in teaching Figma design principles and its practical application in various projects. Below, we'll explore the key aspects of this course, including its strengths and areas for improvement as highlighted by the students who completed it.

🌟 Pros of the Course

  • Clear and Effective Teaching: The instructor's ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and concise manner has been frequently mentioned as a strong point, making learning straightforward for beginners.

  • Well-Organized Content: The course content is structured logically, covering the basics up to advanced techniques, which allows students to progressively build their skills.

  • Practical Exercises: The inclusion of practical exercises and real-world projects provides hands-on experience that is essential for understanding Figma's tools and capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Students have appreciated the detailed explanations, which ensure that no critical aspect of Figma is left uncovered.

  • Supportive Instructors: The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive, available to guide students through their learning journey.

  • Engaging and Immersive: Many students have reported feeling confident and immersed in the course material, which has led some to wish for a longer course duration.

🔄 Areas for Improvement

  • Video Quality: A few students pointed out that some of the lesson videos were blurry or had re-takes that could have been edited out for a smoother experience.

  • Resource Updates: There have been concerns about the course resources, such as links to external sites, which should be updated to ensure they are current and functional (e.g., Whimsical's interface change).

  • Additional Practice Projects: Some students suggested that additional home practice projects would be helpful for solidifying their newfound skills.

🎓 Student Experiences

  • "Best Platform for Beginners": Frontend developers looking to venture into Figma design found the course very beginner-friendly and comprehensive.

  • "Great Help and Engaging": The course has been described as more than what many expected, with its detailed explanations and engaging content standing out.

  • "Recommended for Web Design Career": One student expressed that the course exceeded expectations and provided a solid foundation for starting a career in web design.

📝 Final Thoughts

The Figma Design Course 2023 has been praised for its quality of instruction, comprehensive content, and practical approach to learning Figma. The positive feedback from students suggests that it is an excellent course for those new to Figma as well as experienced designers looking to expand their skillset. While there are some areas that could be improved, such as video clarity and the inclusion of additional practice projects, the overall sentiment from students indicates a valuable learning experience. Whether you're a frontend developer or someone completely new to UI/UX design, this course could be a great stepping stone in your journey to master Figma.

Note: The reviews and feedback provided here are based on the collected student responses and reflect the general sentiment towards the course. It is recommended that prospective students review the course content and instructor's approach to ensure it aligns with their learning preferences and goals.



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