Fighter Girl Character in Blender Tutorial

A step by step and pragmatic way to learn about character creation in Blender!

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Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Step by step; nothing is skipped

Create a blockout according to reference images

Learn to create a highly detailed sculpt using only a few tools

Effective Retopology

Model hair, clothes, high heels, jewelry and weapons

Clean UV Mapping

Texture Painting

Create PBR Materials using Nodes

Rig the character for posing

Environment for the character to exist in


Final Renders in Cycles Engine


"Born as one of the chosen ones, trained from an early age by highly skilled matial artists and given a powerful wizard staff by an ancient druid our fighter girl battles injustice by destroying the bad guys whilst radiating nothing but confidence..."

Hi and welcome! My name is Jan Boode, professional creator and educator in gamedesign and 3D. In this course I will be your pragmatic guide and show you step by step how to create an awesome poseable fighter girl in Blender!

Split up in modules the course will go over every discipline needed to accomplish beautiful renders. This is the way.

We start out with a blockout following the reference art provided with the course. Then with only a few brushes we create a highly detailed sculpt keeping accurate anatomy in mind. After we create a really clean retopology we can project all of that detail back on a mesh with only a fraction of the vertices used in the sculpt.

In the modeling section we add hair, jewelry, clothes, belts, an arm bandage, high heels and a wizard staff so our girl is ready to fight evil.

We create clean UV's for texture painting and forge detailed PBR textures for the clothes and wizard staff using nodes. To view all of this we build a simple studio with lights and a HDRI image.

After we create a rig and learn about various ways to bind objects to it our character is ready to be posed in countless ways using shape keys and the pose library.

Then it's time to build an environment for our fighter girl to exist in. We create walls, floors, pipes, a neon logo and other objects to go around the scene. All of these elements will of course receive PBR materials and textures.

Finally we make sure our render settings and passes, camera and all of our lighting is on point and render out a studio version and an environment version of our model using cycles. After that we do some postproduction in the compositor and you will be ready to save out your images.

All of this is done using nothing but Blender. There is no use of any paid addons.

By doing this course you will have a thorough understanding of all the disciplines needed to create a detailed character in Blender. Join today!


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Fighter Girl Character in Blender

Course Overview

Module - Setup

Blender Setup for Course
Preferences and Addons

Module - Blockout

Blockout Tips
Basic Blockout
Refined Blockout - Housekeeping and Tips
Refined Blockout - The Head
Refined Blockout - The Body
Refined Blockout - The Legs
Refined Blockout - The Arms
Refined Blockout - The Feet and Joints
Refined Blockout - The Chest and Behind
Refined Blockout - Final Tweaks
Refined Blockout - Remesh and Merge
Finalized Blockout

Module - Sculpting

Sculpting - Tips
Sculpting - Body - First Pass
Sculpting - Legs - First Pass
Sculpting - Body - Second Pass
Sculpting - Head - First Pass
Sculpting - Head - Second Pass
Sculpting - Ears
Sculpting - Eyes
Sculpting - Final Pass
Sculpting - Our Progress

Module - Retopology

Retopology - Setup and Tips
Retopology - Face
Retopology - Ears
Retopology - Body
Retopology - Connect the Body to the Head
Retopology - Final Tweaks
Retopology - Data Transfer

Module - Modeling

Modeling - Preparing our Mesh
Modeling - Adding Hands
Modeling - Closing the Mouth
Modeling - Eyebrows and Eyelashes
Modeling - Skirt
Modeling - Bra
Modeling - Heels
Modeling - Hair
Modeling - Eyes
Modeling - Jewelry
Modeling - Belts and Arm Bandage
Modeling - Wizard Staff

Module - UV's and Studio Setup

UV's and Studio Setup - Preparation
UV's and Studio Setup - Unwrap the Body
UV's and Studio Setup - Studio and HDRI

Module - Textures and Materials

Textures and Materials - Body
Textures and Materials - Eyes
Textures and Materials - Hair
Textures and Materials - Jewelry
Textures and Materials - Arm Bandage
Textures and Materials - Belts and Heels
Textures and Materials - Skirt
Textures and Materials - Bra
Textures and Materials - Wizard Staff
Textures and Materials - Smoke Effect

Module - Rigging for Posing

Rigging for Posing - Eye Rig
Rigging for Posing - Metarig Setup
Rigging for Posing - Prepare Meshes
Rigging for Posing - Armature Binding and Tweaks
Rigging for Posing - Test Pose and Weight Paint
Rigging for Posing - Pose Lib and Shape Keys
Rigging for Posing - Sculpt Fix
Rigging for Posing - Skirt

Module - Environment

Environment - Walls and Floors
Environment - Walls and Floors Materials
Environment - Pipes and Traffic Cone
Environment - Pipes and Traffic Cone Materials
Environment - Neon Logo

Module - Rendering

Rendering - Studio Setup and Render
Rendering - Environment Setup and Render

Thank You and Goodbye

Final Project Overview


June 10, 2022
Thank you for the great course Jan. You have created a really well structured course, spoken cleary and slowly to follow along live without pausing, thats the perfect pace for me and I am enjoying every minute of it. Also I'm surprised how quick you respond to questions and you help me out, solving my Blender problem. This is my first real character sculpting course I've assigned to, cause I never had faith that I could create something complex as this, but you break the parts down into small modules, that it's super easy for a beginner in Character modeling & sculpting to follow along without getting overwhelmed by the whole. Everything is explained step by step without getting other informations getting mixed in, your instruction is clear and on point to the topic (tips and tricks included). It is satisfying to see the rough blockout shapes becoming more detailed as I progress, it is highly motivating to keep it going. I had no problem following along in this course, as a beginner in character modeling and I can only recommend this to everyone, even if you dont want to model characters, because some of the workflows and techniques can be useful for prop or environment modeling aswell and you find new approaches while modeling. At this point, big props to you Jan for making such an awesome course! If you every make new courses around Blender you can count me definitly in!
May 4, 2022
Ive been doing lean how to design human character on youtube for couple weeks but most of tutorial on youtube is just to advanced for beginner who never sculpt human before , and most of tutorial directly start sculpting from head then to toes , but its just so advanced for people who didnt know human anatomy well , and here i am end up in this course , after 3 weeks learn from this course , im really glad i buy this course because the tutorial and learning material is so complete and its done step by step , i really recommend this course for people who wanna advance their 3d level to human character design , and the instructor voice really clear , and the instructor reply our question is so fast , so yapp really recommend this course . Thanks Sensei !
April 14, 2022
Clear instructions on set up and process, even as a beginner at sculpting have been able to duplicate results without to many missteps...
April 14, 2022
The course was amazing, i learned a lot of different things and the pace was just right for me. This could be introductory for having a great character for different purposes, i hope we get a course that specialize in character ready for production, either video games or films.
April 11, 2022
Maravilloso curso, bien explicado y no se necesitan tantos conocimientos previos de blender aunque te recomiendo que tomes una introducción en youtube del software para que no se te complique. OJO no está enfocado a personajes de videojuego aunque es buena introducción al tema. Si quieres aprender a crear personajes para posar y crear buenos renders, este es tu curso.
March 30, 2022
It's a really, really great course. I have gained confidence in sculpting. If you feel like sculpting is vague, take this course. Thank you teacher.
March 26, 2022
For a first time doing a proper sculpt, I have learned a lot so far. Will leave a proper review once I have completed the course.
February 9, 2022
The voice is one of the most clear in Udemy, one of the best for beginners in sculpting (who know some blender basics such as scaling, rotating, navigation), step-by-step explanation and very good work-flow.



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