Jogo de Plataforma em Realidade Aumentada em Unity e Vuforia

Construa um jogo de aventura em Realidade Aumentada com as melhores ferramentas da Unity 5 e o SDK Vuforia 4

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Game Development
Jogo de Plataforma em Realidade Aumentada em Unity e Vuforia
6 hours
Feb 2024
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What you will learn

Usar a Unity 5 para criar um game de plataforma / aventura em 3D

Construir do zero um jogo de plataforma em Realidade Aumentada, usando o SDK Vuforia 4

Aprender a implementar o controle de um personagem de jogo de aventura na Unity

Implementar o novo Joystick para games mobile da Unity 5

Entender a logica de um jogo de aventura como movimentar o perspnagem, pular e pegar itens

Why take this course?

Para este projeto, usei como referencia os games dos anos 90 /2000 da Rareware / Nintendo64, então vamos construir um jogo de aventura / plataforma 3D

Durante este curso, procuro ensinar da forma mais simples possível, como desenvolver seu primeiro jogo em 3D, usando os recursos mais legais e simples da Unity5

No final, ainda mostro como se integra o projeto no SDK de Realidade Aumentada Vuforia 4, para rodar em dispositivos iOS e Android. (nas ultimas aulas uso o Xcode / iPad como exemplo para construir a aplicação)

Durante o curso, vamos ver como importar os modelos FBX do 3D Studio Max, configurar a cena, os modelos, texturas, luzes e as animações dentro da Unity 5

Depois vamos entender um pouco como funciona o componente Character Controller, para movimentar o personagem

Também vamos aprender a trabalhar com colisões, pegar os itens, partículas e efeitos sonoros.

Aprenderemos como implementar o Joystick Virtual, muito utilizado hoje em dia para jogos Mobile

No final do projeto, ensino como configurar a Vuforia, para construir a aplicação em Realidade Aumentada e executar a aplicacao no iPad para ser submetido para appStore.

O curso apesar de parecer complexo, e bem basico, e procuro usar uma linguagem clara, explicando em detalhes com zoom cada parte do processo.

O projeto final e os modelos utilizados durante o curso também são disponibilizados para download.


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Our review

🌟 **Global Course Rating:** 4.85/5 Before diving into the review, it's important to note that all recent reviews are unanimous in their praise for the course's practicality and the instructor's teaching style. The majority of reviewers found the content to be both engaging and valuable, especially for those with prior programming knowledge and familiarity with Unity. ### Pros: - **Practical and Quick:** The course is highly regarded for its rapid and efficient delivery of material, making it a great choice for learners who are eager to build their first project in Unity or Realidade Aumentada (RA). - **Expert Instructor:** The instructor, Tito Petri, receives high marks for his expertise, didactic skills, and the quality of his explanations. His ability to simplify complex concepts is commended. - **Comprehensive Content:** The course content is described as extensive and informative, covering a wide range of topics within the Unity framework. - **Real-World Application:** Many reviewers have successfully applied the skills learned in this course to their own projects, reporting both professional and financial growth as a result. - **Language and Quality:** The course is available in Brazilian Portuguese and is praised for its high production quality, which meets or exceeds expectations. ### Cons: - **Video Length:** Some users find the videos to be too short, suggesting that they would benefit from being at least 10 minutes long. This could provide more depth into the subjects covered. - **Assumption of Prior Knowledge:** A few reviewers mention that the course assumes a certain level of prior knowledge in programming and Unity, which might be challenging for absolute beginners. - **Object Creation:** There is a suggestion that the course would be improved by including instruction on how to create objects from scratch within the course itself, rather than using pre-made assets. - **Initial Confusion:** A couple of reviewers found the beginning of the course somewhat confusing due to missing explanations, particularly regarding mouse interactions. However, they came around and found the latter parts of the course to be excellent. - **Wish for More Details:** Some users express a desire for more in-depth exploration of the functions used in the code after completing the course, to fully understand their workings. ### Additional Feedback: - **Overall Satisfaction:** The majority of reviewers are highly satisfied with the course and would recommend it wholeheartedly, especially to those who value a practical, no-nonsense approach to learning Unity and RA development. - **Success Stories:** Several users report significant successes in their projects post-course, attributing their growth to the knowledge gained from this program. - **International Applicability:** Although the course is in Portuguese, it is still accessible to non-Brazilian Portuguese speakers who understand Spanish or are willing to learn some terms. ### Conclusion: Overall, this course is a well-regarded and highly effective resource for anyone looking to learn Unity and Realidade Aumentada development with a practical approach. The positive feedback from the majority of users speaks volumes about the course's quality and effectiveness in achieving its learning objectives. If you're ready to dive into Unity or enhance your RA skills, this could be an excellent course for you.



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