Feedback is Fuel

Become better at giving and receiving feedback in the workplace

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Feb 2024
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What you will learn

Establish a framework for giving all kinds of feedback (SBI Model)

Identify WHERE, WHEN and HOW to give feedback

Develop a growth mindset associated with giving and receiving feedback

Reduce fear and anxiety associated with giving and receiving feedback


Have you ever been part of a feedback conversation that didn’t go very well? One that didn’t seem to have a purpose or plan? One that seemed grounded in critique instead of growth?

Yeah? Me too. The ability to give and receive feedback in an impactful, respectful, and truly helpful way is so important to being successful in our jobs, yet many people struggle with this fundamental skill.  Many people find it so difficult to give feedback that they avoid it entirely, and they are terrified of receiving feedback.  When feedback is avoided, however, bad behaviors are never corrected, workplace resentments grow, and people are left to wonder whether they’re doing a great job or a terrible job.

In this course, the Udemy L&D team shares some top tips on how to improve your experience with feedback, both giving it and receiving it!

In “Feedback is Fuel” you will:

  • Establish a framework for giving all kinds of feedback (SBI Model)

  • Identify WHERE, WHEN and HOW to give feedback

  • Develop a growth mindset associated with giving and receiving feedback

  • Reduce the fear and anxiety associated with giving and receiving feedback

In this course you will not only learn a framework for giving impactful affirmative and constructive feedback that people at all levels can use, you will practice having feedback conversations with real workplace scenarios and learn practical tips on how to receive feedback.  I'm thrilled to invite you to be a part of this engaging online training!


Welcome to the course

Activity Part 1: Your favorite feedback moment
Activity Part 2: Your favorite feedback moment
Activity recap

Giving Feedback: Feedback is Fuel

We've all been there...
Feedback is Fuel

Giving Feedback: Helpful frameworks

SBI - Situation, Behavior, Impact
Affirming & constructive feedback
Feedback is Fuel steps

Giving Feedback: Your turn!

Assignment recap

Giving Feedback: Best practices

Survey: How do you like to receive feedback?
Where, when and how to give feedback
Feedback best practices

Giving Feedback: Difficult situations

If someone is unreceptive to feedback
Giving affirmative feedback
Giving feedback up
When to involve the manager or HR

Receiving Feedback: Growth Mindset

Fixed vs. growth mindset
Quiz: Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?
Developing a growth mindset

Receiving Feedback: Best practices

Activity: Look at different scenarios
Tips for receiving feedback
Control how to receive feedback

Receiving Feedback: Your turn!

Activity: Receive some feedback!

Congrats, you made it to the end!

Thank you & next steps
I want your feedback!

Bonus: Take this course further - Blended initiatives

How to use this course in blended settings
Material for Feedback is Fuel LIVE session


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November 13, 2023
I found the lecturer was friendly and knowledgeable while the example scenarios helped translate the SBI framework into action. Using the various sections and individual items helped me feel like I was making strong progress throughout.
November 11, 2023
I've struggled with receiving feedback because I thought it could only be negative, but this course and my past job experience showed me that you can receive affirmative and positive feedback or you can make the constructive feedback into something positive, changing my perspective and making me want to be better at giving and receiving feedback.
November 9, 2023
I loved the course. The instructor was very clear and empathetic. The examples really pulled the teaching points together and I liked the SBI framework. It inspired me to more proactively seek out feedback from others to create more of a growth mindset culture in my department. The only thing I struggled a bit with in the course was the technology and access to resources in some of the sections. For example, it took me a while to realize that in order to get a check from section 25, I needed to click on the review course at the top right of the screen. More specific direction would have been helpful.
November 6, 2023
I have taken theoritical courses on feedback before. I really liked the practical examples, coversational videos here.
November 1, 2023
Short and very direct which helps me on a busy day. I especially like the "mean tweets" skit as it breaks up the monotony and a fresh outake.
October 23, 2023
This course kind of helps, but in a corporate setting, if people can't handle feedback, they wouldn't be in the setting to begin with.
October 23, 2023
I wish I could access some of the activities from my iPad. Some of them do not work on the iPad, and I do not have my computer accessible.
October 19, 2023
Great course! Gives really deep insights in the topic in a short time frame! Trainer is authentic and you can feel that this is an important topic for him! Course includes good examples in form of short role plays showing good and bad practices of giving feedback.
October 19, 2023
This is really a good one. I am understanding my abilities that how would i react in different scenarios. I am getting the things and surely make my approaches better on scenarios.
October 19, 2023
Il est vrai qu'il n'est pas toujours facile d'émettre et de recevoir un feedback. Je vais essayer de mettre en pratique le SBI ! C'est un exercice difficile qui demande à être travaillé ! Merci pour cette formation enrichissante
October 18, 2023
The speaker on the module was clear an concise in giving the training. She gave specific scenarios which are simple and complex depending the situation given. it was easy to understand and very in demand not only in the corporate world but in day to day interaction.
August 21, 2023
I really enjoyed the content and structure of this course, especially section 7 on receiving feedback. The SBI tool is definitely usually to ensure that quality feedback is given... practice makes perfect!
August 18, 2023
The mixed media exercises were a useful tool in requiring a high level of active intellectual interaction with the concepts put forth in this course.
August 18, 2023
Yes, it helps me understand more about feedback and give me knowledge on how to give and received from my colleaques.
August 18, 2023
i love the online course , it was explain in the most easy to understand manner, pls add more example scenarios .



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