Faux Glass Technique Card Class

Learn how to Create Cards by combining Dies, tape sheets and Embossing Glaze to create a Faux Glass look

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1 hour
Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Learn a non-traditional use for your dies

Learn a fun new technique to try with Embossing glazes

Learn an easy way to add some visual texture to your background before doing the glaze technique

Learn how to create a colour blend between 2 (or more) colours


Welcome to the Faux Glass Technique Card Class!

In this class we will be creating 3 cards using one of my Favourite non-traditional ways to use dies. We will be combining die cuts with double sided adhesive sheets and Embossing Glaze. Embossing Glaze is embossing powder that is transparent which gives it a beautiful glass like look!

This class comes with a Supply List PDF. The Supply List has pictures of each of the cards along with the supplies used to make each one. Each Supply if linked to where you can purchase it (if you choose) to save you time sourcing your supplies. You can find the Supply List PDF Link with the Introduction Video.

In this class you will learn:

1 -Tips and tricks for applying double sided tape sheets to cardstock.

2 -How to die cut your piece to do the technique taught in this class.

3 -How to ensure pieces that may have cut all the way through don't fall out.

4 -How to apply your Embossing glazes and which order is best to avoid "muddy" areas.

5 -How to add extra visual texture with a background stamp.

6 -Learn how to create a colour blend between 2 (or more) colours.

NOTE -this technique will work with regular embossing powders that are opaque as well but you just won't get the "glass" finish as a result.


Faux Glass Technique Card Class - Screenshot_01Faux Glass Technique Card Class - Screenshot_02Faux Glass Technique Card Class - Screenshot_03Faux Glass Technique Card Class - Screenshot_04



Faux Glass Technique Card Class Introduction
Roses Card: Prep and Die cut Image Piece
Roses Card: Embossing Glaze Application
Roses Card: Assembly
Butterfly Card: Prep and Die cut Image Piece
Butterfly Card: Embossing Glaze Application
Butterfly Card: Assembly
Lighthouse Card: Prep and Die cut Image Piece
Lighthouse Card: Embossing Glaze Application
Lighthouse Card: Assembly
Faux Glass Technique Card Class Thank You

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