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Facebook Social Media Sales Success

How to Use Social Sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to Grow Your Business

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May 2016

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What you will learn

Understand how to use Facebook for business

Understand how and when to sell on Facebook and other Social Media

Understand how to generate leads from Facebook and other Social Media


Social Media has become very popular in recent years, and increasingly important for business. Large business have started to increase their investment in social media marketing because they see tremendous opportunity in it. This is good news for them, but there is even greater opportunity for all business small and large. 

Never before has it been easier for anyone to get their message seen throughout the world. Just 20 years ago if we wanted to get a message out about our business, we would need to invest in ads in the newspaper, radio or television. Direct mail was also popular but could be very expensive. We can still do these things and they still work to a certain degree, however if budget is a concern then these mediums of communication are not accessible. 

The great news is, with social media we can send a message to thousands of people per day for free. In my opinion, social media is the great equalizer in marketing.  There are over a billion users using Facebook and Twitter today and you can bet that a lot of them are buying the same products that you sell. It is time that they know they can buy from you.

As a online marketing consultant, I frequently meet people who know that this is possible, but have no idea how to do it. This is why we have created this course. Social Media offers a great opportunity, but unless we know how to use it, it will not provide great benefit to us. I see many businesses doing it the wrong way, and as a result they are repelling new customers instead of attracting them. 

In this course, Greg will cover the 4 steps needed to successfully sell on Facebook. He will then show you how to apply these 4 steps to Facebook in order to generate leads and convert those leads into customers.


Facebook Social Media Sales Success
Facebook Social Media Sales Success
Facebook Social Media Sales Success
Facebook Social Media Sales Success




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4 Steps To Social Selling


Social Listening

Hashtag Searching

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Follow Groups

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Social Mentions

[Demo] Social Mentions

Social Influencing

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Social Networking

Social Selling



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Jeremy22 January 2021

Bad echo on the audio, presenter has far too long introductions and he stumbles over some of his sentences. This learning can be condensed which makes it much easier for the student to enjoy the content, rather than taking too long to get to the point.

Rob14 July 2019

The pace is right, the content relevant, purposeful and helpful. An update on the reference to socialmention seems due. Thank you!

Emmanuel12 June 2019

This course is well structured, taking everything step by step. It is easy to follow and understand and it is well explained. Thanks for doing this!

D'Vonn19 May 2019

I was worried about the lack of material/help in the 1-hour course, but I have learned a lot and will definitely be putting these tips to use to increase sales in my own business.

Mamerto19 January 2019

Helpful Insights on how social media works. Handy tools that you can use for free. Clear and concise with the 4 important steps to be successful in social media marketing. Worth my time taking this course.

Sevcan25 June 2018

merhablar sosyalmedya hedef kitleye sürekli mesaj göndermek yani tasarımlarla da reklam göstermek doğrumu?

Ahmed26 February 2018

The whole course is great but you need to engage some examples from a new created page just to show us how to do it

ILLEE4 December 2017

I appreciated that even though the course is short, the instructor offered concise and helpful explanations and there wasn't too much "fillers". It's effective in that I understood the concepts and even realized how this course plays in to the instructor's business in accordance to the business plan he presented. (Obviously not a bad thing as there is value here)

Nancy27 September 2017

Lesson 5: Exactly what i need to go forward in my online business... Lesson 15: wooow highly recommended as answered at least 5 of my major FB/Twitter pain points. Many thanks. Fabulous voice and instruction. Nancy Thomas-Ward

Michael29 June 2017

Insightful, useful and relevant for todays social media and business users! Thank you for this program.

Grace20 March 2017

This course gave me a lot of knowledge and the resource person is very sincere in helping his students succeed!!!


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