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Facebook Marketing: Drive Highly Targeted Facebook Traffic

The One Thing That Everybody Wants is Traffic. You Simply Cannot Have Enough Traffic!

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

Drive cheap & highly targeted Facebook traffic to your website or blog

How to increase the amount of visitors, grow your audience and increase your revenue instantly!

Discover a traffic strategy that is working RIGHT NOW & stop paying & per click

Run Facebook campaigns on a tight budget

Learn what it takes to get website clicks for only a few cents and how to convert your website visitors into paying customers

Find out why identifying your ideal client is the key to driving converting website traffic

Discover how to find the best content in your niche market and drive free traffic

Discover how to set up targeted traffic campaigns (100% newbie-friendly)

... and much more!


LATEST UPDATE: September, 2016

Entrepreneur's Guide to Driving Highly Targeted Facebook Traffic

Do you want to learn how to drive cheap & highly targeted Facebook traffic to your website or blog, increase the amount of visitors, grow your audience and increase your revenue?

If you already have a website that needs more visitors instantly without having to spend lots of money on Facebook traffic, then this course will help.

Most likely your business has a traffic problem, but we will solve it! We'll show you a traffic technique that works right now. It might not work forever, but it does in this very moment…

…and we apply it on a daily basis!

Learn how to gain access to more than 1 billion potential customers that are on Facebook everyday, and turn them into your website visitors for only a few cents per click!

Get highly targeted & cheap Facebook traffic

  • Walk through the setup of a targeted Facebook campaign
  • Discover a traffic strategy that is working RIGHT NOW
  • Run Facebook campaigns on a tight budget
  • Stop paying $1 per click on Facebook

Contents and Overview

The key element of cost effective Facebook traffic campaigns is a working strategy.

You'll start the course learning how to find your target audience. Unfortunately, 99% of companies don't know who their ideal client or website visitor is. Don't make this deadly mistake.

Then you'll discover how to find and craft the best content in your niche market. If you want to attract website visitors, you also need great and relevant content. I'll show you how to find the best pieces of content in your niche market that is proven to work.

Next, you'll test which content yields the highest engagement on your fan page. Once we figured that out, I'll walk you through the entire process of setting up a targeted Facebook campaign. If you've never done it, then this course is perfect for you.

By the end of the course, you'll be ready drive highly targeted Facebook traffic for cents per click, grow your audience, and convert your visitors into customers. Your business will benefit.


Facebook Marketing: Drive Highly Targeted Facebook Traffic
Facebook Marketing: Drive Highly Targeted Facebook Traffic
Facebook Marketing: Drive Highly Targeted Facebook Traffic
Facebook Marketing: Drive Highly Targeted Facebook Traffic


Getting Started

Welcome to our training!

Facebook Traffic Blueprint

Meet & Greet

Target Audience Part I – Find Your Ideal Client

Target Audience Part II – Find Your Ideal Client

Content Attracts Traffic

Collecting Data: My Fan Page Test Lab

Traffic Time Part I – Create Winning Campaigns

Traffic Time Part II – Create Winning Campaigns


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Brian8 August 2020

The course has been a perfect match. I have always dreamed of traffic...i now know exactly what to do.

Samuel8 October 2019

Got to learn about the tools and see features that was there... might need to update since the interface has now changed for the Audience insight page but i was still able to follow never the less

Jim22 January 2019

Gives confidence that one can successfully navigate Facebook. The course has had a lot of past students, but possibly needs a bit of updating at this time.

Craig4 June 2018

This is a go to course for Marketing on Facebook.This course is the perfect training that takes the guess work of how to properly use Facebook.You need this course in your online library.

Mirza17 February 2018

Very Hard to Understand But Its Interesting to About Get Facebook Client Attention, Control & target Ads Advertising Audience.

JPG7 October 2017

Instructor is experienced but at the moment the student can easily be lost by following what he is doing in the videos, because facebook has already updated it's user interface on create ads. After watching that section I did not continue since it is useless for me to follow. So it needs an updated tutorial about it. And also the tool which is previously free is not anymore free, but only has free trial. I hope instructor could find another free tool for it.

Anna5 October 2017

It´s good so far but when you type in a FB Page into the Insights, nothing comes up. Even if you try withe the same page they are using in the video, it doesnt come up.

Adeyemi3 October 2017

If Facebook traffic is what you're looking to tap , then this is the course to quickly enroll for. I enjoyed every bit of the training. Thank you

Md30 September 2017

It is very informative and practical training course. I learn from this course how should we do our facebook marketing for our product or service.

Nick7 July 2017

course is dated. Some aspects are still relevant but the bigger part like affinity score is gone making it hard to find real relevant page results anymore.

Wayne8 June 2017

The teacher shares valuable resources to help find and refine audience targeting. This course takes a lot of guesswork out of creating an identity map of our ideal customers. He then shows us how to create page ads. However, he doesn't speak too much about the various kinds of ads or on studying the metrics. Overall, great course for people who are interested in using Facebook for their business. After applying what i've learned, i'm already starting to see results! Thanks for sharing! Cheers

Muhammad3 June 2017

He explained pretty good, The idea of looking in your competitors was pretty good and interesting. I got this course for free. So it was good keeping in mind the price :)

Josh19 September 2016

basic overview and just what you need to know to get things started however there is a lot left out esepecially in the facebook retargeting and going into the infinity part of the fb audience insights is sooo important

Brian26 December 2015

The practical and straightforward concepts can help noobs or seasoned pros set up Facebook campaigns properly. Great course!

Dan23 September 2015

Lots of great nuggets. Well presented. Only issue is the material getting a little dated, which would be the nature of this field.


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