Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course + Meta 410-101 + ChatGPT

Learn Meta Ads. Boost Sales. Get Leads. Use ChatGPT. Enjoy Quizzes. Become 410-101: Certified Media Buying Professional.

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Social Media Marketing
Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course + Meta 410-101 + ChatGPT
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May 2023
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What you will learn

Learn Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads. Enjoy 120 Interactive Quizzes. Optimise Facebook Ads Budget. Boost E-commerce Sales. Enjoy Leads.

Learn Every Facebook Campaign Objective & Ad Format – Create Perfect Ads. Learn How & When you Should Use Different Campaign Objectives. Use ChatGPT.

Learn the Format of 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Exam. Train the Mock Exam 2 Times. Pass the Exam. Get your Digital Badge.

Become 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional. Learn Properly Professional Media Buying. Learn All Glossary & Important Terms like SDK.

Use Facebook Ads To Sell - with Hands-On, Sales Focused Training that Gives You Results from Facebook Conversion & Dynamic Ads with Custom & Lookalike Audiences

Power Up with the Facebook Pixel 2023 - Correctly use the Latest API Pixel Set Up & Understand Domain Verification So You’re Ready for iOS 14.5+ Restrictions.

Make Money as a Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Expert - Supercharge your E-commerce Business, Get Hot Leads, or Freelance - with our Step-by-step Course

Follow our Success Blueprints - Proven Examples & Case Studies You can Follow To Boost your Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, & Messenger Ads Performance

New Facebook Layout – Explained – Learn the New Facebook Business Manager, Business Page Layout, Creator Studio, - And The Business Setup For iOS 14.5+.

Messenger Ads Mastery - Show Messenger Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger - Start Conversations. Setup Automated Responses. Get More Clients 24/7.

Grow your Instagram Business Profile – Connect Up your Facebook Business Page with your Instagram Business Profile - and Show Facebook Ads On Instagram.

Power Instagram Ad Techniques – Learn How to Make the Most Out Of Instagram Ads. Learn How to Create the Ideal Ads with Facebook Business Manager

Optimise your Facebook Ads Budget – Create Custom & Lookalike Audiences from Your Website Visitors, Facebook Business Page, Video Views, Instagram Profile.

Facebook Market Research - Learn How to Use the Facebook Ads Library to Study your Competitor’s Ads to Create Better and More Inspiring Ads for your business

Learn Campaign Objectives – Maximize your Results By Creating A Strategy Tailored To Your Customer’s Ideal Journey To Purchase - So You Achieve Your Goals

Get more out of Facebook Local Targeting with Core Audiences - Precision Target your Local Ads with Reach Ads and Engagement Ads for Local Business


Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads Ultimate Course 2023 Media Buying Professional Edition with Animated Explainers, Face2Face Explanations, Practical Screen Recordings, Writing Assignments, Guide on using ChatGPT, Mock Practice Tests for 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Certification & Interactive Quizzes Making Learning Enjoyable & Fun. This is the One & Only Facebook Ads Course that Will Help you to Learn Everything you need to know to Become Certified Media Buying Professional. It Will Help you to Train & Pass the 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Exam.


Dear Thomas,

I appreciate your efforts and massive contribution to this course, especially this lesson where we can practice before the exam. Thanks a lot!!



"This Facebook Ads course is amazing.

I’m really impressed how Tom explained all this complicated stuff easily and clearly. He’s not like other (''Marketing Gurus'') out there who sell their image and luxury life. He’s so professional and cares about other students learning too. I will manage it for sure with Tomas’s courses.

Thank you, Tom!


Learn Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Ads. Boost E-commerce Sales. Enjoy Hot Leads. Set up as a Successful Freelancer. Completely updated for 2023. Optimised curriculum for faster progress. New screen recordings. New sales mastery. Empowered with 120 interactive quizzes with 1.200+ questions A, B, C, D making learning fun & helping you to pass 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Certification.

Dearest Student,

Hi, I’m Tomas Moravek, the Internet Efficiency Award Winning Digital Strategist with my Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Ads Ultimate Mastery Course, 2023 Media Buying Edition. When you enrol on this course, you’ll be joining 300,000+ successful students who’ve learned Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads using my techniques and strategies.

Whether you’re a total novice, or have some experience with Facebook and Facebook Ads, with my step-by-technique optimised for beginners you’ll get expert knowledge.

You will enjoy learning with my enhanced 7-part fun learning Facebook Ads Course Structure. Join 800,000+ satisfied students by enrolling and enjoy the easiest way to go from beginner to expert:

1. Animations with Interactive Quizzes - We’ve made learning fun and organic - with animated explainers and and interactive quizzes! You learn quickly and retain what you learn!

2. Enjoyable Writing Assignments - Learn & Train how to create Ad Copy for Facebook & Instagram. Learn & Training how to outreach influencers for more Social Shares. Download & Adjust our professional templates.

3. Practical Screen Recordings with Step-by-step Explanations - Watch as I show you exactly how to do it - then immediately apply the knowledge. Plus, get proven success Blueprints you can follow - for every key topic I cover. You will learn Every Facebook Campaign Objective & Ad Format to Create Perfect Ads. You will also learn all important Facebook for Business Setups.

4. Interactive Quizzes throughout the Course - This course has 120 interactive quizzes with 1.200+ questions! The format of the quizzes is perfect for getting used for 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Exam, because it has been the A, B, C, D multiple choice format. Thanks to many practical screen recordings in combinations with quizzes and practical assignments, you get used to make decisions like Media Buying Professional.

5. Official Media Buying Guide - Throughout the Course you have been guided to step by step study the official Media Buying Guide. This will help you to learn important topics & glossary that you will need as Media Buying Professional.

6. 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Explanations & Training - The most scary & challenging exam even for professional marketers made easily accessible for you. In the end of the course you can get all information about 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Certification. Actually, you can train 2 mock exams 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional (2x 60 questions with answers & explanations). This exam is created very clever way. It is testing you to actually understand both theory as well as business media buying mindset. Because we will go through in-depth explanations, screen recordings, quizzes & 2 complete mock exams, you have much better chance to pass the exam and become Certified Media Buying Professional.

7. Careers & Freelancing Kickstart Guide - Discover how to start using your new skillset to make money. Land your first job in Digital Marketing or begin a thriving freelance business. Use our easy to use professional cheatsheets, templates and guides.

Exciting News for 2023:

  • Our Meta Advertising Course has just been updated with cutting-edge advice on how to use ChatGPT to generate brilliant ideas for your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Enjoy Absolutely Outstanding Updates for 2023:

  • Daily Progress with Optimised Curriculum with Fresh Content

  • From Zero to Meta Certified Meda Buying Professional in 60 Days

  • Complete Explanations & Quizzes for Meta 410-101 Media Buying Professional Certification

  • Complete 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Guide as Enjoyable Animated Explainers

  • 2 Complete Mock Exams 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional (Total 120 Questions A, B, C, D with Explanations of Correct Answers)

  • New Layout Screen Recordings

  • New Interactive Quizzes A, B, C, D making learning FUN! (Total 120 Interactive Quizzes with 1.200+ Questions A, B, C, D & Growing!)

  • Updated with Dynamic Creative Optimisation

  • New Sales Mastery

  • Install Server-Server Conversion API on WordPress in 10 minutes!

  • Aggregated Events Measurement Guide

  • New written assignments for Instagram Ad, Instagram Post, Instagram Ad & Influencer outreach (Including PRO adjustable templates)

  • New Commerce Manager & Catalog Sales Smart Campaigns Creation

  • New Conversion Ads for E-commerce - Lead Big Campaigns Like a PRO!

  • New Attractive Carousels Creation

  • New Experiments & A/B Testing

  • New Bidding Strategies & Cost Cap Explanations for Maximising the Costs Efficiency

  • New Guides for Creating Stories & Square Videos in Adobe Premier Pro

  • New Guides & Templates in Freelancing kickstarter section

  • New Special Ad Categories Explanations & Best Practices

  • New Hot to use Duplication Function to be more Efficient & Save Time

  • New Brand Awareness Ads & Broad Targeting Explanations & Instant Experience Story

  • New Meta Advantage+ Targeting & Meta Advantage+ Placement

  • New Meta Advantage+ Creative & Automated Rules

  • New Meta Inventory Filter & Reach Campaigns Optimization

  • New Copywriting Assignment for Local Businesses Ad Copy Creation

  • New Animated Video - Copywriting for Social Media

  • New Meta Creative Hub & Meta Insights

  • New Facebook Ads Guide to Formats & Specifications

  • New Guide to ChatGPT

  • New Overview of Meta AI Functions

Here’s why you need our course:

  • Enjoyable Course Structure - Easiest way to go from beginner to PRO

  • Latest Strategies & Techniques - to prep you for the new Facebook interface

  • We Cover Every Type of Ad - learn how to create the perfect Ad for each format and when you need to use each type of Ad objective

  • Facebook for Business - use smart marketing tools Facebook offers

  • Power Up Your Instagram Ads - & grow your Instagram Business Profile with Facebook

  • Copy write for Facebook like a PRO - the master key to Facebook Ads success

  • Step By Step Curriculum Optimised For Beginners - Hours of HQ video walkthroughs with quizzes plus huse resource centre with many MP3s & downloadable PDF Guides

  • Fun Quizzes to test your knowledge & get you ready for the Meta Blueprint 410-101 Media Buyer Professional Certification

  • Downloadable To-Do Lists you can check off and use as reminders for your Facebook Ads

  • Proven Success Blueprints & Case studies you can follow

It’s a cliché phrase I know, but this really is the only Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Messenger Ads course you’re ever going to need - and when you enrol, you’ll get lifetime access to my constantly updated course content.

Inside, I share the same strategies I use to create Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Ads that have taken e-commerce start-up from 0 to 7 figures. Learn from my most successful Facebook Marketing campaigns and follow the blueprints I’ll share to make highly profitable ads.

With our mobile optimised content and fun-learning material – you can study anywhere. Download our Udemy app via the Apple Store or Google Play and start learning my Facebook Ads strategies wherever you are – at any time of day!

Covers the Facebook Updates plus the New Facebook Ads Experience with Facebook Pixel Setup via API with Events setup to Get Ready for iOS 14.5+. You’ll also understand domain verification & aggregated events.

Super quick course breakdown:

  • Sell, Sell, Sell - Insider essential guide to selling with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Ads and Digital Marketing

  • Advanced Facebook Ads techniques - Increase your sales and leads with my easy to learn next level techniques, including remarketing, retargeting, re-engagementand, custom audiences, lookalike audiences and more…

  • Harness the Power of Facebook for Business – Set up your Facebook Business Profile for success and employ every useful business tool Facebook Business Manager has to offer!

  • Facebook Content Creator Studio – Learn how to manage all your content, track it’s performance & connect better with your audience

  • Achieve your Business Objectives – Define your goals and create a personalised strategy to get to where you want to be

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s inside…

  • Using clear, step-by-step video explainers and high-quality screen recordings I’ll show you how to create Facebook Ads that are Correctly Targeted To Your Perfect Customer.

  • I Go In-depth Showing you How to Create All Ad Formats so you can make perfect Reach Ads, Engagement Ads, Traffic Ads Lead Generation Ads, Video View Ads, Dynamic Ads, Conversion Ads and more.

  • Understand the Customer Journey & the Right Campaign Objectives - Learn the psychology of the path to purchase, so you can attract attention, build trust, and convert

  • Start getting Leads Right Away - Make a quick start with my easy guide to creating Facebook Lead Generation Ads and get a stream of new clients immediately!

  • Facebook & Instagram Copywriting - Create Ad & post content that engages

  • Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences - Learn how to create ideal custom and lookalike audiences – so you can use them in your retargeting to become a Media Buying Professional.

  • Retargeting, Remarking & Re-engagement - Improve your results by using the right type of remarketing to real interested customers right back in.

  • Optimise your Facebook Business page and start using Facebook Creator Studio.

  • Facebook Pixel, Conversion API, Aggregated Events & Domain Verification - Set up the Facebook Pixel correctly, so you benefit from features like Facebook Pixel Events. Featuring the New Facebook Pixel Setup for 2023 via Conversion API with Events setup & Domain Verification.

And more, including…

  • Showcase all your products with the Facebook Catalogs - & create Dynamic Ads, Carousel Ads and Catalogue Sales easily and instantly

  • Facebook Content Creation Resources - Create perfect content, with Royalty free Music and sounds to make your video content stand out…

  • Create High Engagement Facebook posts

You also get:

  • Copywriting Pro Guide - content is King and with this guide you’ll nail the art of copywriting

  • Digital Marketing Careers Guide - land your dream job or set up as a successful freelancer

Remember, when you enrol, you'll receive:

  • Hours of HQ video explainers for high performance Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ads

  • Interactive quizzes A, B, C, D making learning fun & getting you adjusted for 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Exam Format

  • 2 Complete Mock Exams 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional - You can actually train the exam online. Each mock exam has 60 questions with in-depth explanations. Each exam lasts 105 minutes.

  • Writing assignments to train Ad Copy creation

  • Facebook strategies in PDF or DOC for download

  • Access to huge resource centre with Many MP3s & strategy PDFs

  • Guides to Copywriting with easy to adjust professional templates

  • Marketing Careers guide

  • Fast & friendly support in the Facebook Ads Q&A section (2.000+ Q&A answered within 24 hours)

  • Udemy certificate of completion ready for download

  • PDF 10 lessons to quit your job and become a digital nomad

  • PDF 10 reasons to become a digital nomad today

  • PDF Digital Nomad Secrets

  • PDF Starter pack for digital nomads

  • PDF 157 questions that will help you raise your prices dramatically

  • PDF Ebook-Side Hustle Secrets

  • PDF Create a photography landing page that turns visitors in to clients

  • PDF Find photography clients before travelling to your next destination

  • PDF Presentation template: Attracting high value clients whilst travelling

  • PDF Pricing Strategies and Adding Value

What is 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Exam?

This exam identifies candidates who possess advanced competency in the skills, tools, advertising policies, and best practices required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Certification helps you stand out in your field

Meta Blueprint Certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, giving you a chance to demonstrate your professional expertise. Getting certified is the highest level of accreditation that Facebook recognizes in digital marketing.

Prepare to boost your resume, credibility and career

This Course will help prepare you for the Meta Certified Media Buying Professional Exam, which measures your competency in designing an end-to-end Meta Marketing Strategy that aligns with business goals and complements a holistic marketing plan.

Ready to get a stream of new leads and sales? Ready to become Media Buying Professional?

I look forward to welcoming you on board as my newest student,


Ing. Tomas Moravek & Team

The Interned Efficiency Awarded Facebook Ads Expert

This Course is not the official Meta Company Course. It is not associated with Meta Company. However, this Course is strictly following the official Meta Blueprint resources and exam practice tests.

Official Resources used for this Course Creation:

  • Meta Blueprint 410-101 Media Buyer Professional Information

  • Meta Blueprint 410-101 Media Buyer Professional Study Guide

  • Meta Blueprint 410-101 Media Buyer Practice Tests


Facebook Ads Essentials

Testimonial from my Student - the 1st CLIENT for 800$ / MONTH
Testimonial from RE/MAX
Please Check my Results
Get Ready to Become the Ultimate MASTER of Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads :-)
MASTER Facebook Ads Essentials Now

Facebook for Business

My GOAL is to HELP you to REACH Success
Quick Guidance to New Udemy Layout & Udemy Mobile Apps
Curriculum 2020 - Progress Fast
Facebook for Business
Apply for a Facebook Marketing Expert (Schedule a Call)
Facebook Business Manager - Please Use it & Benefit From It
Facebook Business Manager Introduction

Facebook Ads Objectives

Facebook Ads Objectives MASTERY Introduction
Facebook Ads Objectives & Facebook Ads Campaign Optimisation

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Ads & "Business Feeling"
Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads Essentials & Facebook Pixel Creation (+Events)
More Key Important about Facebook for Business

Facebook Pixel Events

Think in the Matter of your Business to Reach Great Profits
Facebook Pixel & Facebook Pixel Events

Facebook Reach Ads for Local Businesses

Create your 1st Facebook REACH Ad for Local Business

Facebook Traffic Ads & Facebook Retargeting

Get Ready to MASTER Traffic Ads / Website Clicks Ads NOW!
Create with me Step-by-step your 1st Facebook Ad & Use Psychology of Persuasion
Powerful Facebook Traffic Ads & Facebook Retargeting BEST practices 1
Powerful Facebook Traffic Ads & Facebook Retargeting BEST practices 2
Powerful Facebook Traffic Ads & Facebook Retargeting BEST practices 4
Powerful Facebook Traffic Ads & Facebook Retargeting BEST practices 3
Powerful Facebook Traffic Ads & Facebook Retargeting BEST practices 5
Powerful Facebook Traffic Ads & Facebook Retargeting BEST practices 6
Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation
Create with me Clickable Post with your Educational Article
Create with me Facebook Traffic Ad to Power-Boost your Educational Article
Facebook Traffic Ads for Website & Budget Optimisation & Automated Placements
Facebook Traffic Ads & Power of Carousels
Facebook Traffic Ads & Excluding Audiences
Facebook Traffic Ads with Facebook Video Toolkit (Facebook Video Slideshow) 1
Facebook Traffic Ads with Facebook Video Toolkit (Facebook Video Slideshow) 2
Facebook Traffic Ads with Carousel
Excluding the Audience of you Facebook Business Page
More Ad Sets with Custom Audiences & How to Overcome Restrictions
More Ad Sets with Custom Audiences & How to Overcome Restrictions - FINAL

Facebook Engagement Ads

Call to Action
Create your 1st Facebook Engagement Ad
Content is your MONEY
Using the POWER of ENGAGEMENT & Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences & More!
Summary of Facebook Ads Efficiency thanks to Engagement Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads

Welcome to Lead Ads MASTERY - You are Going to Become Great
GET your 1st Client with Facebook Messenger Ads Now
Unleash your potential to get clients and attain unlimited sales
GET your 1st Leads via Facebook Messenger Ads
Optimise your Ads with Campaign Budget Optimisation
Create with me your 1st Retargeting Audiences
Create with me your 1st Direct Messenger Ad
Summaries with me Facebook Messenger Ads & Create also Carousel

Video Production & Facebook Video View Ads

The Importance of Video Marketing
Introduction into Video Creation
Travel as Professional Filmmaker around the World
Unboxing Inspiration & Create Stunning Videos with SmartPhone & DJi Stabiliser
Create ULTRA STUNNING Videos with DJI Drones
Cut Videos Easily Using Adobe Premier Pro
Get Ready to MASTER Cinematic Video Production Now!
SUPERCHARGE your Videos with Cinematic Effects & Filmic Pro
Using TYPETOOL in Adobe Premier Pro
MASTERING the Sound Like a Professional
Introduction into Trailer Creation in Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe After Effects
Trailer Creation in Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe After Effects
Introduction into Magnificent Videos Creation
Create Stunning Videos in 17 minutes (Without Cutting Software and Camera)
Create Great Story Promotion (For Facebook Stories)
Create Epic Animation (For Facebook & Instagram Ads)
Lens Flares (For Facebook & Instagram Ads)
Upload with me your 1st Facebook Video & Create with me Facebook Video Ad
Get More Insights from Facebook Ads Manager & Optimise Facebook Business Page

Facebook Lead Generation Ads + To-Do List

Get NEW Clients with Facebook Lead Ads in 45 minutes - FAST
Get NEW Customers with Lead Ads NOW - Explanation
Please Download the Complete To-Do List & Media Resources
Facebook Lead Ads Introduction
Starting the Facebook Lead Ads Campaign
Laser Targeting & Using the Remarketing & Lookalike Audiences for Facebook Leads
Creating the Facebook Lead Ad
Copywriting & Creative for the Facebook Lead Ad
Creating the Lead Form & Finalising Facebook Lead Ad
Download the Contacts & Contact your New Clients

Facebook Conversion Ads

Facebook Conversion Ads Introduction
MASTER Facebook Conversion Ads in 21 Minutes!
CREATE with me Facebook Conversion Ad (Step-by-step with Correct Facebook Event)
Facebook Conversion Ads Summary

Facebook Dynamic Ads + To-Do List

Get Ready to Use Extremely Powerful Ads
Become the MASTER of Facebook Dynamic Ads
Facebook & Instagram & Messenger Dynamic Ads Introduction
Facebook Business Manager Settings & Guide
Catalogues & Feeds & Important to check
Facebook Pixel Advanced Settings
Facebook & Instagram & Messenger Dynamic Ads Complete Guide
Why to Set Up Very Reasonable Budget when Starting Dynamic Ads

Facebook Catalogues Sales

Facebook Catalogues - Please Use Them & Benefit from Them
Facebook Dynamic Ads & Facebook Catalogues Sales Set Up 1
Facebook Dynamic Ads & Facebook Catalogues Sales Set Up 2

Facebook Ads & Retargeting Best Practices

Overview of the BEST Facebook Ads Practices
Overview of Powerful Retargeting Options - Custom & Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Jobs

MASTER Facebook Jobs in 17 Minutes! :-)

Facebook Ads Agency

How to Start Social Media Agency
How to Set Up Facebook Business Accounts & Ad Accounts with Clients
How to Use Google my Business to Sell your Services (Complete Guides in Bonuses)

Facebook & Instagram Marketing Trends

Introduction into Facebook & Instagram Marketing Trends
Facebook & Instagram Marketing Trends & Super-Hacks
Advice for your EFFICIENCY - Progress Step by Step to MASTER it ALL
POWER-BOOST Your Facebook & Instagram Together

Facebook Ideal Buyer Persona

Introduction into Facebook Ideal Buyer Persona
Define the Ideal Customer for Your Business
Watch me Creating Ideal Customer for Your Business Online in Few Minutes
See my Ideal Buyer Persona in PDF
Empower yourself with Supremely Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for FREE

Facebook Ads Strategy

Quality content matters - win engagement through top content & precise Facebook
Facebook Marketing Ultimate Strategy Key – What makes a highly engaging post?
MASTER Game Changing Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Strategy Now
A Facebook marketing & Social media lead magnet – real Case Study of one story
Happy clients stories, quotes, inspirational stories etc.
Great pictures selling through feelings - Picture marketing
Facebook visuals - Engaging through product picture galleries - real case study
Facebook favours shorts– why you should keep your content brief but high quality
Use 360 Facebook photo to max engagement – a real case study
Facebook strategy explained – Why highly engaging content is a "MUST"
Learn to target effective content to MASTER Facebook
Facebook Remarketing - Targeting on Facebook using lookalike & engaged audiences
How to max engagement using Cross posting & Facebook lookalike audiences
Gain a TOP Score relevancy 10 - Real case study - Give people "What they desire"
Why it Has Been So SUPERCHARGING to Use the POWER of Photo Gallery & Engagement
My golden award-winning Facebook strategy - in a nutshell
Jokes will bring great engagement in Facebook marketing - people love them
Inspiration - Special occasions & periords - Easter, Christmas, Valentine, etc.
Final Advice - After / before - HAPPY clients (solutions)

Decreasing Facebook Ads Costs

Score Relevancy Introduction & New Updates Explanations
Introductory Advice - You can pay 0,001 for engagement - I did!
Facebook & Instagram "INTELIGENCE"
Introduction into Facebook Score Relevancy
What is Facebook relevancy score
How to make your Facebook Ads more relevant to your audience on Facebook
Facebook Ad Frequency Has A Direct Impact On Your Facebook Relevance Score
Aiming For a High Facebook Relevance Score Pays Off
Tip - Win Everything through the Content! :-)

Video Content Marketing on Facebook

Video Content Marketing on Facebook
Facebook Video Formats in Close-up
Getting Creative with Facebook Native Video
25 to 34 Year-olds Watch the Most Videos on Facebook
Introduction into Real-time with Facebook Live Video
Connecting to Audiences in Real-time with Facebook Live Video
Higher organic reach with Facebook Live videos
Introduction into Facebook 360 Immersive Experience
Creating Immersive Experiences with Facebook 360
Finding the Optimal Facebook Video Length
Be thoughtful when choosing a CTA to include in your Facebook videos
Subtitling Your Facebook Videos for Mobile Viewers
Improving Your Facebook Video Performance
Watch your Facebook video inspiration
Evolution of Facebook Video Formats
Use the MOBILE format of the MOVIES for Social media
Use the POWER of SEO in your VIDEO strategy
Facebook Polls Inside The Facebook Video View Ads - Introduction
Video Views Facebook Ads Short Summary & Polls Inside The Video

***** Facebook Business Page for Beginners

Set up WELL you Facebook Business Page to POWER-BOOST your Facebook marketing!
WINNING Facebook Business Page - Introduction
How to create the Facebook Business Page for better Facebook marketing results
Choose the right Profile picture to perform better in Facebook marketing
Place the movie into the cover to empower your Facebook marketing
Create a stunning slideshow in the cover to boost your Facebook marketing
Set up STRONG Call to Action to Magnetise potential clients
Set up well the Call to action button to get results in Facebook marketing
Let Clients Book Appointments Directly on Your Facebook Business Page
Create great story into your Facebook page
Tell your audience breath taking Story to perform better in Facebook marketing
People love stories (personal / company etc.)
Set up WELL Facebook Messages to GET more clients NOW!
Optimise the Facebook messages to get more messages through Facebook marketing
Set up well the Facebook template, services, products, special sales & tabs
Connecting Facebook & Instagram
Connect or establish the Instagram account to boost the Facebook marketing
Set up your shop and show your products on Facebook business page
Use the Crossposting to maximise the Facebook marketing movie results
Use the Facebook support box to get the benefit for your Facebook marketing
Get the official Facebook support to easily grow your Facebook marketing
Facebook Blueprint - Great resource centre for you
Facebook BluePrint - develop your Facebook marketing skills for free
Connect to Google calendar to support your Facebook marketing activities
Use the free music & sounds to develop well your Video Facebook marketing
Set up well the Facebook Jobs page to support your Facebook marketing
Set up correctly Facebook leads to get new clients thanks to Facebook marketing
Let Clients Book Appointments Directly on your Facebook Business Page
Quickly start through competitors analysis
Set up deep competition analysis to win your Facebook marketing
The BEST time for your posts & using the Facebook Analytics
Get valuable information from Facebook insights to develop Facebook marketing
The power of movie boosting your Facebook marketing
Facebook Business Page Set Up Summary to empower your Facebook marketing
Show your professional Facebook on your private profile & invite your friends

***** Content for Facebook for Beginners

WIN Everything through STUNNING Content
Advice - Gain TRUST before you start asking for payment
Advice - SEO & SEM Connected - Be Ready for Facebook Search
Aim for sharing you content
Real case study
Make your fans the fantastic content creators
Advices for Leveraging User Generated Content
Let your audience react
Integrate Influencers into your Content Strategy
Integrate Influencers
How to Find Influencers
Content with Unique Value & Real Case Studies
Add unique & practical value to your content
Extra Advice - You need to Become TOP 1 %
Extra Advice - Using sales on Facebook and social media

***** Facebook Posts for Beginners

Everything you NEED to KNOW about Facebook Ads, Posts, Remarketing, & Audiences
Quality + Targeting + Remarketing
Create the 1st Facebook gallery to get the 1st engagement in Facebook marketing
Advice - Invite all your likes into your Facebook page & get fans
Get fans from likes - great Facebook marketing method for your development
Use the Facebook Ads Manager to get great results in Facebook advertising
The importance of TARGETING and REMARKETING
Set up well your Facebook Ads targeting - real case example
Use the Facebook pixel to maximise the Facebook website remarketing
Optimise your Facebook Ads targeting & Use the Facebook Ads mobile application
Supreme POWER of Remarketing / Retargeting
Use different kinds of Facebook remarketing & work with Facebook audiences
How to use the Facebook Ads account overview to maximise your Facebook marketing
How to find the best campaigns in Facebook Ads account overview
Facebook Polls to Interactively Engage People
Create the Facebook poll to engage your audience
Facebook Post Creation Introduction
Create the Facebook movie from your photos to support your Facebook marketing
Understand your Audience
Get the Facebook Audiences Insight to find your efficiency in Facebook marketing
Find the inspiration in Facebook Creative Hub to develop your Facebook marketing
Final Advice - Competitions - Great starting point to engage the audience

***** Facebook for Business for Beginners

Introduction into Facebook for Business for Beginners
Facebook for Business for Beginners 1
Facebook for Business for Beginners 2
Facebook for Business for Beginners 3
Facebook for Business for Beginners 4

***** Facebook Ads Objectives for Beginners

Introduction into the Topic of Planning the Most Efficient Facebook Ad Strategy
What are the Most Important Metrics to Focus on Now?
How to Use the Power of Facebook Engagement to Reach All Business Goals

***** Facebook Ads for Beginners

Facebook Website Clicks - Send people to your web page - Introduction
Facebook traffic ads introduction
Starting the Facebook traffic ad campaign - real case (selling products online)
Targeting the Facebook traffic ad
Creating the Facebook traffic ad
Finalising the Facebook traffic ads
Evaluating & optimising Facebook campaigns, Facebook ad sets & Facebook ads
Optimisation of the Facebook Traffic Ads to sell products - Real case study
How to Increase the Efficiency of Traffic Ads & Decrease the Facebook Ads Costs
How to Get Clients & Psychology of Persuasion through Social Proofs
Local Ads for Beginners 1
Local Ads for Beginners 2
Local Ads for Beginners 3
Local Ads for Beginners 4

***** Facebook Remarketing for Beginners

Introduction into Facebook Remarketing & Facebook Lookalike Audiences
Facebook Remarketing & Retargeting
Facebook remarketing introduction
Different kinds of Facebook remarketing audiences possible to target with 1 post
Facebook Remarketing of your CSV / e-mail / whatever database
Remarketing of the website - Facebook pixel
Facebook remarketing of your website traffic
Engagement Remarketing
Super mega turbo 1 - Facebook movie engagement remarketing
Super mega turbo 2 - Targeting movie Ad through Facebook engagement remarketing
Extremely mega powerful Facebook remarketing of the engagement
Superb powerful complete Instagram engagement remarketing
Facebook events engagement remarketing
Another extremely powerful super mega Facebook turbo - Lookalike audiences
Facebook remarketing & Lookalike audiences - Complete summary

***** Best Practices on Facebook for Beginners

The BEST Practices on Facebook, Messenger, Audience Network & Instagram
Introduction into the Best Practices
Facebook & Instagram in numbers
The Best Ad Formats for Advertising 1
The Best Ad Formats for Advertising 2
The Best Ad Formats for Advertising 3
Facebook Canvas for Mobile devices
Objectives for your business
The best Ad placements
Facebook Messenger & Facebook Audience network
The Best Ad Placements 2
Ad placements & Engagement
Achieve your GOALS 1!
Achieve your GOALS 2!
Common Ads
Engagement & Ad Costs Correlation
Summary - What shall you KEEP in your MIND
Advice - Facebook vs. Instagram Ads Power - The Power of your Brand
Final Advice - Case Studies - Show real numbers & Satisfied clients

***** Customer Journey for Beginners

Introduction into 3 Stages of your Customer's Journey
Forget about traditional marketing metrics
Get ready for social media approach
Understand your potential clients
Understand your potential customer's journey
Facebook marketing objectives
Understand your funnels
Middle stage of your customer's journey
Last stage of your customer's journey
You can measure much more!
Advice - Connect all your PRINTED to Social Media Marketing
Advice - Integrate # into all your PRINTED materials

Facebook Backlinks

How to EMPOWER SEO through Powerful Facebook & Social Media Link Building
Use the Facebook marketing to support your SEO white hat link building activity
Facebook Link Building
Get hundreds or thousands links through Facebook marketing & empower your SEO
Awarded SEO link building activity to boost your SEO through Facebook marketing

Facebook Business Analytics

Introduction into Facebook Business Analytics
Using the Facebook Business Analytics to better understand your audience
Using the Facebook Business Analytics to analyse the audience on your website
Extra Advice - The BEST Time for your Posts & Using the Analytics
How to Use Facebook Business Insights
Advice - Remember to Analyse your Competition
How to Proceed FREE Competition Analysis Through Facebook Business Page

Google Analytics for Facebook Ads Optimisation

Welcome to Google Analytics that can be Used also for Facebook Ads Optimisation
Genie Animator
Google Analytics - Introduction
Google Analytics - Demo Account & Basic Code Installation
Google Analytics - Insights & Starting Overview
Advice - Use the Analytics & Understand your Customers
Audience & Demographics - Improving Targeting
Mobile Double Check for Better Facebook Ads Results
Acquisition - Channels - Facebook Efficiency

Facebook Real Estate Blueprints

Introduction into Facebook Real Estate Blueprints with Score Relevancy 10
The Engagement Facebook Ads you will be Creating for Real Estate Customers
The Video View Facebook Ads that you will be Creating for Real Estate Customers
Inspiration - Real Estate small project with Facebook score relevancy 10
Inspiration Blueprint - Real Estate project with TOP Facebook score relevancy 10
Score Relevancy 10 - Real case example - Focus on quality of your content
Score relevancy 10 with New page - Real case study - Campaign accomplished
Facebook Real Estate Score Relevancy 10 with Example of Costs Comparison
Empower Your Facebook Business Real Estate Page Now!
Inspiration - How I BOOSTED "Dead" Facebook Business Page in Few Days
Another Great Inspiration for Real Estate - Video - "Czech Beverly Hills"

Summary - Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing & Social Media Complete MASTERY 1
Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing & Social Media Complete MASTERY 2

Social Proofs & Positive Reputation

User experience & Positive reputation management to support Facebook marketing
Sharing buttons in your website can greatly boost your Facebook marketing
Social proofs can greatly support the power of Facebook marketing & Facebook Ads
Set up well your Positive reputation management strategy for Facebook marketing
Get positive reviews & Good reputation to empower your Facebook marketing & Ads
Great inspiration for hotels & public places to support Facebook marketing
Fantastic user experience will boost greatly the Facebook marketing performance
Tip for small website optimisation to reach great results in Facebook marketing
Magnificent Social Proofs & Final advices for your stunning Positive Reputation
Easy to Way BUILD Positive Reputation on Facebook Business Page

Instagram Search

FAST & Highly Effective Instagram SEARCH MASTERY
How to use the Instagram stories & # to double the visits on your Instagram page
Simplicity DOES MATTER!
Partnership with Influencers
Advice - Integrate # into ALL your PRINTED materials
Advice - CONNECT Social media with all your PRINTED materials

Google my Business

How to MAX your REACH Using GOOGLE My Business Free Local Ads
Set up your Google my Business listing quickly & effortlessly
Google My Business in less than 10 minutes - Supreme Empowerment
Google my business local Ads to get new customers for free
Placing special offers into the post will attract more & more customers
Using special posts and actions can make real sales and boost the profits
Using special actions can greatly boost your sales, profits & get new customers

Modern Marketing Research

Modern Marketing Research 1
Modern Marketing Research 2


Facebook Marketing, Social Media & Website Copywriting Introduction
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 1
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 3
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 4
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 5
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 6
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 7
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 8
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 9
Copywriting for Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 10

Website Creation

Website Creation - The Outstanding Business Opportunity for You
Introduction into Avada Theme
Create with me Magnificent & Fast Loading Website without Coding
Introduction into WordPress and Avada
Purchasing Avada and Webhosting
Installing Avada on WordPress and Installing the Demo
Activating the Demo
WordPress & Webhosting & Avada - The Complete Guide
Happy Moment - Launching the Website & More Guides for Plugins & Creation

Next Steps

SEO VICTORY: Step By Step to 10k Free SEO Visitors Per Month


Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course + Meta 410-101 + ChatGPT - Screenshot_01Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course + Meta 410-101 + ChatGPT - Screenshot_02Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course + Meta 410-101 + ChatGPT - Screenshot_03Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course + Meta 410-101 + ChatGPT - Screenshot_04


February 24, 2023
bueno, pero asi como el curso tiene subtitulos en español, ampliar el material que da al idioma español como los otros idiomas que se puede traducir, o por parte de udemy, las pregundas de cuestionario, por lo menos traducirlas al idioma español.
February 22, 2023
The presentation is very engaging. Although it is just the introduction, but it contains a very brief but clear description of the customer journey. Inspiring!
February 22, 2023
Great information with good presentaiton . Hopefully, this course will finally teach me how to "walk the walk" with my Facebook marketing
February 20, 2023
Hi Tomas! Thank you for sharing your knowledge as always. I admire your unmatched passion for teaching. I wish you more Magnificent Success! :)
February 8, 2023
Even though the course is longer than 90% of the courses available on Udemy. I believe that this course is one of the best courses available on this website. I have searched different platforms for courses to an ads agency and without a doubt this THE course. If you make it past 25% completion you will understand this.
January 31, 2023
Thank you very much for the course. I will surely tell you that there could be made upgrades to how the information is structured because there are repeated things. Also, its good to be more straight to the point. Otherwise, I want to greet the people behind it. I think that you are a very sincere person and put all of your energy into explaining everything as detailed as possible. I appreciate it. :)
January 25, 2023
I like the commitment the teachers put into this course. A bit too many quizzes, I think. So I continue and think I can keep up with the teacher's talk, which I have a little difficulty understanding.
January 5, 2023
Excellent videos, with explanations and a rich glossary to help optimize your campaigns as a copywriter. Thank you for this course.
January 2, 2023
As i have just started with the course i have a positive feeling that i will for sure achieve my goals
December 30, 2022
Amazing and honest Instructor. When you said trust me i make millions for customers and i don't have millions it was not just phrase honesty is always the best policy. Best wishes for you as well trying my best to get learn from this well structured course.
December 28, 2022
The course appears to be good but the instructor is a total clown that want to be like Tony Robbins. Can't stand him!
December 19, 2022
So far I am liking the content of the course. I am still a long way to go with the course but as of now, I am learning a lot
December 10, 2022
I am amazed by the knowledge you put in the introduction and the initial stage is itself very interesting and make me feel that I am heading towards the best course of my life.
November 22, 2022
Thank you, Thomas! The course is valuable and fruitful. It's quite long, but it covers plenty of topics you need to successfully advertise on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. The lecturer made his best to show how to succeed in this field!!
November 7, 2022
This is the complete Facebook Ad course I had seen so far. It shows you step by step how to understand facebook and how to use it to reach success (your financial goal). I really enjoy the course and will recommend it to anyone who want to reach their goals in marketing or advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


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