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Facebook Marketing: Next Level List Building Strategies

Discover how these three Facebook marketing strategies will add thousands of subscribers to your list instantly!!

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Dec 2019

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What you will learn

Learn how to grow your email list faster with advanced Facebook marketing strategies

Discover our proven & tested strategies to leverage your visitors, customers and email subscribers to accelerate the growth of your business

Find step-by-step instructions on how to build your list, generate leads and make more sales

Deploy three advanced Facebook advertising features: conversion tracking, retargeting & lookalike audiences

How to use Conversion Tracking to optimize your campaigns

Step-by-step instructions to deploy effective retargeting strategies to re-engage with your website visitors

Why Lookalike Audiences will take your list building to the next level (and how to do it!)

... and much more!


Facebook Marketer’s Advanced List-Building Strategies

Discover three Facebook marketing strategies that will grow your email list quickly. You’ll see more and more subscribers on your list each month, which leads to more sales and higher revenue.

Businesses of all sizes, beginner and intermediate marketers will be able to apply these advanced strategies to their marketing efforts.

Grow Your List Like the Top 1% of Facebook Marketers

  • Learn How to Use Conversion Tracking to Optimize Your Campaigns
  • Deploy Effective Retargeting Strategies to Engage with Your Website Visitors
  • Accelerate Your List Growth by Using Lookalike Audiences
  • Monetize Your List and Increase Your Revenue

Leverage Your Visitors to Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

If you want to see drastic increases in revenue, building a list is the simplest and most effective way to make it happen.

Many businesses don’t realize how critical it is to connect with their website visitors, customers, and email subscribers to actively grow their list. Often they don’t know how to reach potential customers. This course will show you ways to effectively do this. And it will teach you how to leverage your existing market to increase your revenue.

Contents and Overview

This course will uncover three advanced strategies in detail, one at a time.

The first is conversion tracking. With this powerful tool, you’ll be able to find out what happens after a visitor clicks on a link so you can track your customers’ actions. You’ll learn how to install a conversion tracking pixel on your site, so can start tracking right away.

The second strategy is the latest trend in digital marketing: retargeting. This tool allows you to “follow” your audience, so you can focus your advertising on the people that have demonstrated interest in your brand. You’ll learn how to install a retargeting pixel as well.

The third strategy, lookalike audiences, will enable you to leverage your current audience so you can reach millions of similar fans, customers, subscribers, and visitors. You can essentially duplicate your audience with this powerful tool.

By the time you finish this course, you will be prepared to single-handedly grow your business, increase your revenue, and explode your customer base.


Facebook Marketing: Next Level List Building Strategies
Facebook Marketing: Next Level List Building Strategies
Facebook Marketing: Next Level List Building Strategies
Facebook Marketing: Next Level List Building Strategies


How To Grow Your List Faster With These Advanced Strategies

Meet & Greet

How This Course Is Different

Harnessing The Power Of Conversion Tracking

Strategy #1 - Conversion Tracking

What Is Conversion Tracking?

Conversion Tracking - Summary

How To Install A Conversion Tracking Pixel

Outsourcing - Let Others Do The Work

Ad Creation Walkthrough

Supercharge Your List Growth With Retargeting

Strategy #2 - Retargeting

The Concept Of Retargeting

How To Install A Retargeting Pixel

Outsourcing - Let Others Do The Work

How To Create Retargeting Lists

Getting Started With Retargeting

Core Strategy #1 - Bringing Back Visitors

Creating Retargeting Lists

How To Create Retargeting Ads

Core Strategy #2 - Making A New Offer

How To Create Ads

Core Strategy #3 - Content Crusher

Creating Retargeting Lists

How To Create Ads

Growing Your List With Lookalike Audiences

What Are Lookalike Audiences?

How To Create A Lookalike Audience

How To Create Ads


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Diego20 April 2020

Great content! I really needed this update about Facebook and Facebook ads, I highly recommend if you work on digital marketing

Arpan1 September 2019

Teaching technique is very professional and easy to understand. I believe the representation could have been better. overall the course was very informative and was rich is contentwise. Thank you Sandor & Patrick

Mai7 August 2019

Thank you for the course; it was really useful for me Once thing is that the interface is different that the one I used to deal with so I get a bit confused at the beginning to relate.

Asmaa7 August 2019

this this first time some one explain how can i use pixel for face book and really i understand and benefit

Devin1 February 2019

I got very little out of this course!!!! I've learned way more from 1 Youtube video than I did from this guy. First off he was extremely vague on just about everything leaving out serious amounts of important detail. If any newbie goes out and implements these tactics without further educating themselves on how to place these ads especially when it comes to ad spend they will lose the shirt off there back. this guy just set every student that's a newbie up to fail and should be ashamed of himself for that. He had to of slapped this course together in a matter of a couple hours and that angers me. He obviously does not care about helping anyone and just wants to put easy money in his back pocket/ You should also be ashamed of yourselves too Udemy for allowing him to rip people off!!!! Do not buy this course unless you want to lose a lot of money!!!!! Wow the people who gave this course a 5 star rating can not in anyway understand facebook ads at all!!!

Yasser12 August 2018

the Experience was really awesome, he explained it so good. the instructor never will be more better i think, but if we can upgrade something is that we need a little practicing on these steps on a real projects, if we can provide that would be more exciting

Giulia2 January 2018

Useful for beginners-intermediate facebook ads users. I joined this course because I thouhght i would have found much more details. Not bad, anyway. Nice and clear exposition for not native English speakers.

Daniel30 July 2017

Felt like the teacher was repeating himself a lot, but besides that, good content and a good step by step guide to this to topic, to your success!

Luz23 May 2017

Another great course from the instructor. Good information that I can use to build my list for my small business. I look forward to implementing some of the re-targeting ideas that he shared in the lectures. Very helpful for folks looking to get more involved with Facebook advertising.

Gugun11 January 2017

Fast, simple to the point. Clear sound. had difficult playing it at my gadget with udemy app. The video didn't play. So i watch it on web.

John15 November 2016

This instructor is a natural at breaking down the complex into easy to understand information. Love the course. Thanks.

Sandy23 August 2016

Would have given a higher reiew score but the sound quality needed improving, plus I found the accent to be a bit diifcult to understand first time at times. Overral a great course however.

Dante16 February 2016

Who has time for 10+ hour over-bloated courses full of fluff? This is the 3rd FB marketing course I've purchased and by far the most instructive in terms of walking away with practical tactics that I can use immediately. I finished it in under one hour - now I can spend the next hour implementing the strategies. Nice job!

Sarah16 February 2016

This was an amazing course, thank you very much! I got stuck with building my list faster, but you not only helped me understand what I've done wrong... you showed me how to do it right! Thanks!!!!

Fred21 November 2015

Facebook Marketing: Next Level List Building Strategies by Patrick Dermak and Sandor Kiss was time well spent. Patrick was very good at explaining the content with slides and over the shoulder videos in short enough time to be able to finish the course quickly which I’m really starting to appreciate. I have taken some behemoth courses here on Udemy that went on forever when the content could have been explained in an hour or so… this one was Not Like That… Well Done!


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