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Facebook Marketing: Next Level Fan Growth Strategies

How to grow your fan base faster and cheaper with next-level list building strategies

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

How to get more "Likes" instantly using the power of affordable Facebook ads

Not the regular way of building a fan base (hint: it's cheaper, faster & more effective)

Use your fans as social proof to sell more products and services

Lower your advertising costs

Deploy advanced strategies like a professional Facebook marketing agency

Step-by-step instructions to harness the power of Custom Audiences to grow your fan base with Retargeting, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences

Use Facebook's most advanced targeting functions like a boss

Split-test and scale your most successful campaigns to grow your audience even faster

Set up like campaigns like a professional Facebook Marketing agency

... and much more!


Entrepreneur’s Advanced Strategies for Facebook Fan Growth

This course will help you build a large community of fans and followers through the use of affordable Facebook ads.

Step by step, you’ll learn how to set up a compelling Facebook ad campaign that will attract targeted fans to your business. You’ll end up growing a fanbase, driving more traffic to your site, and increasing conversions.

Build Your Email List with an Ad Campaign that Works

  • Lower Your Advertising Costs by Implementing a Proven Step-by-Step Formula
  • Learn How to Harness the Power of Custom Audiences
  • Grow Your Fanbase and Get More Likes with Retargeting
  • Boost Your Sales by Driving Traffic to Your Site

Deploy Advanced Acquisitions Strategies with Minimal Investment

Social media provides great opportunity for businesses today. Rather than paying a professional advertising agency, business owners and marketers now have the ability to set up an ad campaign quickly and easily.

The results are just as good. Your business will be exposed to the millions of people on Facebook, acquiring more likes and more traffic as you implement this step-by-step formula.

Contents and Overview

The course takes you through three advanced features that all work together to achieve optimal results.

The first feature you’ll learn is Custom Audiences. You’ll learn what Custom Audiences are and how to use them to accelerate the growth of your fan base. You’ll watch the instructor set up a Custom Audience so you can see how to do it in less than 5 minutes.

The next powerful feature is retargeting. You will learn how to connect directly with your website visitors so you can turn them into Facebook followers. The whole process, including placing a retargeting pixel and installing a retargeting list, will be covered.

Now it’s time to master the third feature: Lookalike Audiences. The purpose behind them and how to use them will be explained so you can supercharge the growth of your fan base.

Towards the end of the course, you’ll learn how to create an effective Facebook ad campaign. You’ll have your large community of followers in place and ready to receive the compelling ad messaging that you’ve created to benefit your business.

Get ready to create a powerful advertisement that will be seen by the masses!


Facebook Marketing: Next Level Fan Growth Strategies
Facebook Marketing: Next Level Fan Growth Strategies
Facebook Marketing: Next Level Fan Growth Strategies
Facebook Marketing: Next Level Fan Growth Strategies


How To Take Your Fan Growth To The Next Level

Welcome to our training!

How To Grow Your Fan Community With Custom Audiences

Strategy #1 - Custom Audiences

What Are Custom Audiences?

How To Create A Custom Audience In Less Than 5 Minutes

How To Create An Ad With Custom Audiences

Retargeting - Marketing Of The Future

Strategy #2 - Lookalike Audiences

What Is Retargeting?

Why Installing A Retargeting Pixel Is The First Step

Outsourcing - Let Others Do The Work For You

How To Set Up A Retargeting List

Three Proven Retargeting Strategies For Instant Fan Growth

How To Create Retargeting Campaigns

Next Level Fan Growth Strategies: Lookalike Audiences

What Are Lookalike Audiences?

How To Create A Lookalike Audience

How To Create A Campaign Like A Pro


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Gaelle26 August 2018

Good course with practical training on how to use Facebook ad to create and target custom audiences and grow fanbase.

Abdurahim22 April 2017

it is good course but i want to know more things so i think they have to cover more relate subjects in this course

Wiktoria5 February 2017

this course is interesting, clearly described the topic with a lot of examples and how to do it tutorials.

Yobachukwu21 January 2017

I was very impressed and excited about the introduction. I was impressed with the demonstration. I'm ready to go!

Danyal25 February 2016

Wow. The course is just awesome. I am an Instructor myself and I always shy away from marketing. But after taking this course I am ready to implement these strategies to my own courses. I would highly recommend this to anyone is new to marketing.

Weerasak22 February 2016

Online Learning Course.Very Good Udemy Online Learning Course. Thanks you very much. Weerasak Sroykham. IT Consultant Team Lead. Digital Learning Trainer. ITCEducation Group. www.ITCEducation.info .

Jayme14 November 2015

It can be clearly seen that the instructor of the training has a very huge knowledge in this area. While watching the training, I always had the feeling that I am being taught by a professional marketer. The content is amazing and I learned lots of very useful information on how I can build my fan base. Thank you very much guys for these one! I will definitely enroll to your other courses as well! :)

Vladan13 November 2015

There is a nice amount of info in this course about Facebook ads and how to use the benefits of certain audience, how to limit advertising expenses and series of other steps to get new potential customers through the fan page of your business.


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