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Become a Facebook Ads Specialist | Advertising Masterclass

Master Facebook Ads and Start a New Career, Sell More Product & Services & Grow Any Business.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Create a Facebook Ads Campaigns - Beginner to Advanced levels

Drive Traffic to Your Online Business using Facebook Ads.

Lower Your Costs While Increasing Conversions on Facebook Ads

Create Ecommerce Ads for your business such as Dynamic Ads & Collection Ads

Target Website Visitors, Facebook fans or Email Subscribers using Custom Audiences

Track Conversions Using Facebook Pixel


Are You Ready to Learn the Most Effective Way of Digital Marketing Using Facebook Ads?

In this Become a Facebook Ads Specialist | Advertising Masterclass in 2021, we're taking you through a journey from Beginner to becoming an Expert in creating Facebook Ads! 

With Over 12 Hours of Training in real actionable steps with all answers needed you will not only become confident in creating Facebook Ads in general and also Facebook Ads for eCommerce.


We'll Take You All The Way!

After This Course, You'll Be Able To:

  • Create Facebook Ads for You and/or Clients.

  • Create Facebook Ads For eCommerce Businesses.

What You Will Master Inside This Course

  1. How to Create a Facebook Ads Campaigns - Beginner to Advanced levels.

  2. How to Create Converting Facebook Ads.

  3. Our Most Effective eCommerce Strategy (Complete Blueprint Included).

  4. Decrease Your Costs While Increasing Conversions on Facebook Ads.

  5. Target Website Visitors, Facebook fans, or Email Subscribers using Custom Audiences.

  6. Split Testing.

  7. Fully Understand the Ads Manager.

  8. Understand Ads Statistics.

  9. Scale your Targeted Audience with Lookalike Audiences.

  10. Create Ecommerce Ads for your business such as Dynamic Ads, Retargeting Ads, Upsell Ads, Cross-sell Ads etc.

  11. Track Conversions Using Facebook Pixel.

  12. And so much more...

The Course includes:

Articles, Templates & Tools That'll Help to Optimize Your Facebook Ads!

The Majority Of The Tools In This Course Are For FREE and Will Help You To Get Results.

Are You Ready to Start Creating Effective Facebook Ads?

See You Inside The Course.


Robin & Jesper


Become a Facebook Ads Specialist | Advertising Masterclass
Become a Facebook Ads Specialist | Advertising Masterclass
Become a Facebook Ads Specialist | Advertising Masterclass
Become a Facebook Ads Specialist | Advertising Masterclass



How to Use This Course

Buyer Persona


Sales Psychology




Social Proof

The 3 Boxes

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing

What Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing is

Who Can Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Sign up



Create Facebook Page & Connect

The 24+1 Hour Rule

Main Menu

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Flow Builder

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Create Your Own Template

Facebook Comments

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Integrate with Shopify


Overlay & Embeddable Widgets


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Facebook Messenger Ads


Set Up Facebook Advertising Account

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How to Design Your Ad

Facebook Messenger Ads Strategies

Detailed Targeting Practices

Facebook Marketing

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Connect with Your Facebook Audience

7 Ways to Get Likes

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Before We Begin

Set Up Ads Account

Boost Post

Create First Ad

Location & Demographics

Interests, Behaviors & Connection



Styling Ads

Write Ads That Sells

Place Ad Order

Ads Terms

Improve Ads

Facebook Pixel

Website Custom Audience

Email Custom Audience

Page Engagement Custom Audience

Video Views Custom Audience

Lookalike Audience

Page Likes With Custom Audiences

Video Ads

Lead Ads

Dynamic Ads For Ecommerce

Collection Ads For Ecommerce

Offer Claims

Reach Ads For Local Awareness

Event & Event Response Ads

Conversion Ads

Messenger Ads

Ads Manager Functions

Split Testing

Cost Per Results

Bulk Manage

Business Manager

Facebook Adverts Manager App

Facebook Ecommerce Ads

Introduction Facebook Ecommerce

Create Ecommerce Facebook Page

Create Facebook Ads Account

Install Facebook Pixel

Create Your First Ecommerce Ad

Detailed Targeting

Finishing The Ecommerce Ad

Split Testing

Ads Manager

Ads Sets

Scale or Stop

How to Scale

Ad Creative Examples


What Is Copywriting?

Benefits vs Features

Know What You're Selling

Know Who You’re Selling To

Three Keys

Writing Personalities

It's Never Time or Money



Use Persuasion

Use Power Words

The Steps To a Perfect Story

The AIDA Model

Remove Writer's Block

Call- To-Action

How To Call-To-Action


Copywriting Assignment

Copywriting Assignment - Answers

Bonus Lecture

Bonus Lecture


Ramzi22 August 2020

Your presentation skills and language in English is very limited and not carefully selected. There is not enough enthusiasm or energy from the presentors. The content is weak. It is not very detailed, and you don't try and make the listener understand how fb works. You just tell us what to do. There needs to be more substance, content in terms of how things work, the logic of why things are done like that and an explanation to every function and tab that is being presented.

Sohaib28 June 2020

I got what I needed. I would say it's a treasure of knowledge and enough to learn Facebook marketing. The best thing was the detailed lessons of Manychat-chatbot marketing. Honestly speaking, I didn't expect this much learning in this course. Thank you very much R&J I would like to add one thing which is I am looking from you people is there should be some templates or you may say Blueprints for making effective Facebook posts so we may get better and engaging ads from the brains of experts like you people Looking forward As far as Facebook marketing Is concerned "A MUST COURSE TO ENROLL" Highly recommended

Popovici5 May 2020

Great course, learned so much from it really !!! The only minus that I see is along all the course there are lessons which repets. But generally speaking it is a great course to take and learn from !!!

Dragan3 May 2020

Not fair at all as sale strategie from you: I just bought TWO of your classes: Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Masterclass and Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads Masterclass 2020 and after that i discovered that you have ALL this content and and many topics covered as youtube, instagram ...on The Complete Digital Marketing Guide - 18 Courses in 1 at the same price all. Now, let supose that i want to listen other topics from you as instagram, youtube...i have to buy again the "big" pack. I sell products for about 20 years in my contry. This is a think i will never do to my customers. Dan

Rapi24 April 2020

So many details I've had questions for and have been looking at other courses and many youtube videos to find the answers to but couldn't find till I started taking this course. This course is so comprehensive and even though I have a lot more hours to go, I've had a lot of questions answered already.

Daniel14 February 2020

This is the best course out there. Practical examples with templates that I was able to use to make my $1000 a day sale.

Julia9 January 2020

This course is even more than what I could've asked for! The information is very thorough and always engaging, and the format of many smaller videos is perfect to navigate through it all. Robin and Jesper explain things very well, in a reaxed and professional way! I wish I could give them more stars and buy them a beer! :D I haven't finished the course yet, and I feel like I won't right away because they give so much useful and interesting information that I'll be twitching around for a while before I get on with another tool -which is another reason why I gave this course 5 stars as in "above expectations": I really feel like I've purchased a course that I'll be going back to as I evolve in my business and implement more and more techniques to make it grow. It's really a complete facebook kit! AND even the Q&A part is amazing: I got an answer on the very same day! None of the the other udemy classes I bought have had such a quick response time! THANK YOU GUYS! Tack! Merci!

Deanna10 December 2019

They friendly and clear with what we're doing so far! Just at the very beginning, though. But so far, so good. :-)

Nick30 November 2019

Great so far, but a bit more attention to detail on the subtitles, lots of silly mistakes like shagbolt for chatbot

Deborah30 November 2019

Yes, I have two online apps, one for client and one for drivers. It is a care care valet service which will let the client select and schedule the services they may need, such as oil change,car wash, Inspection sticker or gasoline. The driver then accepts the request.

Andrea2 November 2019

These two guys are so methodical and clear in explaining a topic that is really complex and has created great confusion for me in the past. I purchased a different class at first and was confused within the first ten minutes. These guys are amazing. I learned so much. Highly recommended!!

mar15 October 2019

This is my 2nd course from Robin and Jesper. Always appreciate the way they teach and content and sequence of their lectures. The only thing that made me not give it a 5 star rating, are the virtual assistants responding to the Q&A. Selfie photos of the VA's are not the most effective to use as their profile photos esp that they are the ones answering serious course questions for this E-commerce course. It somehow lessens the credibility of the answers.

David1 October 2019

Excellent course on Facebook marketing, learnt a lot. Some overlap with their course 'Complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass', but to be expected

Siyabonga7 September 2019

This course is so up to date and simple to complete, i never once felt bewildered. i recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn FB Marketing and anyone who knows FB Marketing

Jamie30 July 2019

Very, very good course. The sequencing was a little odd imo, but overall I learned a lot and it was well worth the investment. I enjoyed the videos, the reference material, and the overall quality and professionalism.


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