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Facebook Marketing: How To Build A Targeted Email List

Discover a quick and easy solution to add highly-targeted subscribers to your list instantly!

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Dec 2019

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What you will learn

Build a list of relevant subscribers in less than a week like the top 1% of Facebook marketers

Why you must build a list if you want to succeed

Discover how to build a list of highly-targeted subscribers with Facebook ads

How to use Facebook Ads to get leads for less than $1.00 per conversion

Learn how to drive laser-targeted traffic to your squeeze page with a limited budget

Leverage your campaigns with Conversion Tracking

Discover Facebook marketing strategies from a professional advertising agency

Quick & easy way to master indispensable skills like targeting, pricing & bidding, image selection and ad copywriting

How to split-test, optimize & scale your campaigns

... and much more!


Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Targeted Email List

This course will teach you how to build a list of targeted subscribers quickly and easily with Facebook ads.

Whether you’re running an offline or online business, selling product or services, it is essential to have a list in place to generate a consistent stream of revenue. The money is in the list.

Generate Quality Leads by Using Facebook Ads

  • Learn How to Promote Your Content to Effectively Sell Your Product or Service
  • Convert Cold Traffic to Subscribers and Customers
  • Generate Traffic on Demand and Turn Buyers into Multi-buyers
  • Know How to Perform Successful Product Launches

Capture Targeted Traffic in the Most Competitive Niche Markets

Social list building is crucial to succeed in today’s world. But it takes strategy. The number one reason why Facebook campaigns fail is due to the lack of knowledge of the target audience.

This course will show you how to research your target audience, create winning ad copy that resonates with them, track conversions, and scale your campaign like a professional advertising agency.

Contents and Overview

The course will kick off with the fundamentals of social list building so you are equipped to get the most out of the course with no prior experience.

Then you’ll move onto identifying your target audience so you can structure your campaigns effectively. You’ll discover Facebook’s free tool, Audience Insights, that will reveal important details about your ideal client.

Next comes conversion tracking. Facebook has a feature that allows you to track your conversions so you can see what’s working and why, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

You’ll then learn how to build converting Facebook ads quickly and easily. The image is the primary element of an ad, and the instructor will share his proven ad image tricks so you can be sure yours really grab your audience. Then, you’ll learn how to create compelling ad copy to get your audience to click.

The course will wrap up by showing you how to scale your campaign once your ads do convert. You’ll leave the course with the ability to create effective ad campaigns that turn your efforts into an unstoppable list-building machine.


Facebook Marketing: How To Build A Targeted Email List
Facebook Marketing: How To Build A Targeted Email List
Facebook Marketing: How To Build A Targeted Email List
Facebook Marketing: How To Build A Targeted Email List


Social List Building Fundamentals

Meet & Greet

Social List Building – What You Will Discover

Video Proof – See How I Collect Leads In The U.S. Market For $0.99 USD

Getting Ready – Audience Research & Conversion Tracking

Why Researching Your Target Audience Matters

How To Research Your Ideal Client

How To Research Your Target Audience With Audience Insights - Part I

How To Research Your Target Audience With Audience Insights - Part II

Why You Should Track Conversions

How To Install A Conversion Pixel

Outsourcing – Let Others Do The Work For You

How To Build An Email List With Facebook Ads

How To Create A Facebook Ad To Build Your List

Ad Bidding & Pricing Tricks

Creativity Meets Science: Selecting The Perfect Ad Image

Do You Know These Three Ad Image Tricks?

How To Craft A Winning Ad Copy

How I Split Test Ads For Maximum Conversions

Scaling – The True Power Of Facebook Advertising

Congratulations – Start Building Your List Now!

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Sandor's Course for Up to 95% OFF!


Kanchan17 May 2020

Well explained but I found the things somehow complicated for me because of the technical terminology of the Facebook but i hope it will be clear to me once I will try it live on Facebook. Thank you for this lecture.

Vinuprasad18 January 2020

I am a Digital Marketer and I quite often place Facebook ads without that much research this really helped me on the ways of researching my audience. Thanks for that.

Joshua11 February 2019

It was a good match for me because I didn't know i have to use data to select a target audience. thank you udemy.

Mashkoorali14 October 2018

Well the course was great and so the instructor Patrick. Really liked the split testing part. Ready to take some action. Would definitely be in touch whenever i get stuck. Thanks for the course.

Hussain7 November 2017

What I learned in this course is not only to help generate email list but also a better understanding on how Facebook works. What I also liked is that it is talking to the data-deprived marketer which happens to be me.

Mary21 September 2017

I am looking for ways to use the tools of facebook and not worry about what someone else is doing on facebook

Adam14 August 2017

Really liked the course - and it appears the Facebook interface has changed. Might be a good idea to update. Other than that, it was a tremendous bird's eye view with some powerful specifics. Found the split testing and scaling portion very valuable!

Pieter3 July 2017

Towards the middle and end it became really interesting and I learnt a lot. However, as a beginner, I was left guessing some concepts at the start which made it difficult to follow. I had to work some things out for myself. But all in all, really good.

Luc1 July 2017

Basic... but everyone has to START one day and for that this course is really OK. I am motivated now to start... what I postponed so many times...

Keenan23 May 2017

I enjoyed the step by step approach to designing a profitable facebook campaign. I really liked it when the instructor went into detail about conducting market research and customer avatar building. Really worth the price!

Ammar8 December 2016

I want to give 10 stars actually!!! It is the most COMPLETE course on email list building on EARTH!!! I've been desperately looking for a course like this but didn't found ANY in the last 3 months!!! i'm so glad to have finally found this one!!!

Terry20 October 2016

You should really zoom in when you are showing something on your screen. I use a mac book air and I can't see what you doing. Although I did learn something but I felt asleep a couple of times- weak presentation!

Dan30 September 2016

Extremely thorough, glad I took the course. Awesome info on how to target audience, create ad, what copy and images to use, split test, scale, and more.

Wesley26 August 2016

This is a very good course...it gives all of the details needed to build a list using Facebook advertising.

Alex22 October 2015

U should totally check this out if you want to know more about Audience Insights, Targeting your FB ads campaign, setup copy and images for your ad.


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