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The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course

Publish your own Chrome Extensions by finding a programmer and learning to use the Chrome Developer Dashboard

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Dec 2016

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What you will learn

Identify problems that can be solved with Chrome Extensions.

How to find and hire a programmer or developer to create the Chrome Extension for them.


Google Chrome Extensions are amazingly useful and valuable tools. They are also remarkably easy to develop, monetize, and leverage. Using sites like Upwork to find qualified programmers and developers, you can have a Chrome Extension made for a reasonable price. Then, once you upload it to the Chrome Web Store, you can choose to give it away, use it to build an email list, charge a one-time fee, or even a monthly service fee. 

The process may seem daunting at first, especially if you have little to no programming experience. Thankfully, this course requires no programming experience! We will walk through, step by step, the process of taking an idea, turning it into a Chrome Extension, and then uploading the completed extension to the Chrome Webstore.


The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course
The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course
The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course
The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course


Introduction to Chrome Extensions

Introduction to the Chrome Extension Course

What are Chrome Extensions?

Searching for & Installing Chrome Extensions

Course Resource Links

Finding Problems and Solutions

Finding a Programmer/Developer - Upwork

What is Upwork?

Posting a Job

Inviting Programmer to Your Job Posting

Tips for Working with Programmers/Developers

Uploading your Chrome Extensions

The Chrome Developer Dashboard

JSON Editors and Icon Files

The Chrome Extension Upload Process

Updating a Chrome Extension

Marketing your Chrome Extensions

Monetizing & Leveraging Your Extensions

Payments: Free, One-Time, and Monthly

Controlling Access - Google Groups

Setting Up Affiliates


BONUS LECTURE: Learn Even More


Pritam12 March 2021

i was expecting to get content for extension development. but it just intro to what extensions are and where to find it or "how to hire some one to develop one for you" kind of stuff.

Arpit7 March 2021

your title is how to develop chrome extention but course is about how to buy and implement extention so dont buy this course this is froud

Luigi9 February 2021

Non ha insegnato letteralmente nulla di ciò che si può comodamente trovare in rete riassunto in una lettura di 20 minuti al massimo

Jinki21 August 2020

강좌를 신청한 목적은 chrome extension을 기술적으로 master하는 것이었습니다. 예를 들어, how to make background or event page. 처음하는 것이라 기대하지 못했던 monetize, freenlancer 관련 내용은 실제 큰 도움이 될 것입니다. 단지 program 기술적인 내용을 기대했는데 그것에는 조금 부족하였습니다. 그러면에서 11만원 조금 비싸다고 생각하여 기술적인 것으로 오해하지 않도록 설명을 좀더 추가했으면 합니다. 제가 자세히 보지 않았을 수도 있습니다.

falken7 September 2019

While I was looking for developments howtos, it was perfectly useful and informative to see the marketing side of it too... but no, I wouldn't pay 99 bucks for it, it was sale for 9 or so, back in 2017... ))

Pascal11 June 2018

2 stars because I did learn something but I am deeply disappointed by the misleading title. Since the title is "The Complete Google Chrome Extensions ***Developer*** Course", I expected some development but there was none. Nothing. Zilch. Instead you're taught how to hire developers to do the work. The title should be Chrome Extensions ** Product Management ** or ** Marketing** Course. This was valuable but not what I expected.

Janelle4 May 2018

Interesting to learn about Chrome extensions and how they can fill a need by solving problems for users.

EDEN6 February 2018

because there are a ton of unuseful info, i think we need more technicall stuff rather than marketing

Dave30 November 2017

This is more of a course on how to manage development from idea to deployment. You could replace "Google Chrome Extension" with any other development prase such as Web App, Chrome App, Firefox Extension, etc., and it would still be relatively informaive. Good value at $10, not so good at $200

Yousuf31 May 2017

Good course. Talks about what a Chrome Extension is and how to get it developed (from a business perspective).

Julius28 April 2017

This is a unique insight into the possibilities of chrome extension creation, through outsourcing. I would say the course has opened my eyes to an effective way to create valuable content. It provides many methods and examples to implement chrome extensions into a business plan, as well as hints to other ways to create value. It's up to your imagination what you do with this information. $$$ This is not a technical course! I consider it a good investment.

Monte3 February 2017

First off thank you Chris for this epic course. The course was taught so well that I was able to follow along and now my first extension is close to being finished. That should tell you how effective this training really is. If I can learn it, anyone can!


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