Explaining AI and ML Models to Business People

The science and art of communicating with non-technical stakeholders in AI projects


2.5 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to explain complex models without confusing your businessperson audience

How tailor your explanations to your audience

How to address common concerns and blocker raised by businesspeople

How to create an engaging narrative from technical diagnostics

How to collaborate with businesspeople to achieve better models that are accepted and used by across the business


This course is about the soft skills and contextualization skills you need to become that go-to person in the office, who can explain the complex ideas about machine learning and artificial intelligence in a manner that is accessible to all.

Why should you improve your machine learning and artificial intelligence communication skills? Communication skills are vital to

● build your career, and

● to help your colleagues and organization become successful,

The hard truth is that facts are not enough. Your wording and style often matter more than your content.

While this course is aimed at data scientists, statisticians, and data analysts, it doesn’t contain any mathematics nor does it require any calculations and coding. Why? Firstly, because there are many courses and tutorials out there that can teach you the mathematics and tools, and I see no need to repeat them. Secondly, and more importantly, because the published research shows that spending time on the mathematical details only leads to confusion, distrust, and errors.

It’s more than 25 years since I started my journey in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and during that time I’ve seen it all. As a technical manager and later a member of the C-Suite, I sat through many presentations from technical staff. Too many of those presentations looked like a Ph.D. research paper rather than effective and trustworthy business advice. So, I started to mentor people in how to communicate better.

For more than a decade now, I have been teaching technical people how to communicate, and how to contextualize the people issues and business environment.

You are going to learn to talk to businesspeople in terms that they understand and that will engage their attention, ask businesspeople questions that will align your model's behavior with business needs, and anticipate and prepare for their questions.


Explaining AI and ML Models to Business People
Explaining AI and ML Models to Business People
Explaining AI and ML Models to Business People
Explaining AI and ML Models to Business People




Quiz - Is This Course for You?

Stakeholder Analysis: Understanding Your Audience

Why Understand Your Audience

What is Stakeholder Analysis?

Identifying and Prioritizing Stakeholders

Identifying and Prioritizing Stakeholders - Part 2

Stakeholder Motivations and Styles

Anticipating Questions

Quiz - Stakeholder Analysis

Communication - Solving the Right Problem

Communication is for Your Audience

Jargon, Details, and Cognitive Load

Communication Styles

What Matters

So What?

The Three to Five Rule

The One to Three Rule

Communication and Stakeholder Analysis

Quiz - Solving the Right Problem

Model Explanation - Which Data is Most Important?

Introduction to the Four Model Validation Questions

The Real Question Being Asked

Quiz - Which Data is Most Important

Model Explanation - What Did the Model Learn?

Introduction to What Did the Model Learn

The Real Question Being Asked

Learned Patterns

Using the Narrative Technique

Any Surprising Results?

Quiz - Learned Patterns

Model Explanation - Detailed Examples

Introduction to Case Study Examples

Which Case Study Examples to Use

Technical Approaches to Case Studies

Narrative Structure

Quiz - Case Study Examples

Model Explanation - Accuracy and Business Value

Introduction to Accuracy



Comparisons Give Context

Quiz - Accuracy

Objection Handling

Introduction to Objection Handling

Humans are the Solution

Dealing With Fear

Dealing With The Need For Control

Dealing With Perfectionism

Dealing With Black-Box Objections

Final Quiz

Course Conclusion


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