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Explaindio Mastery: A detailed Approach to Video creation

A step by step approach to creating videos with explaindio 3 plus resources used (Gif, video clips, images and script)

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3 hours


Aug 2018

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Up to 60 videos per month

What you will learn

Expert use of the Explaindio software

Ability to create fun and eye catching whiteboard videos

An understanding of whiteboard work flow


Greetings fellow animators and aspiring animators!

If you have been struggling with learning how to use Explaindio 3.0 or transitioning from video scribe or video maker fx or easy sketch pro to a much more complex software like Explaindio then worry no more!


Have you used older versions of the Explaindio software like the 2.0 version and are having a hard time getting a hang of some of the changes in the Explaindio 3 software?

Perhaps you have looked everywhere for a detailed yet straight to point, no fluff course on using the Explaindio software but can't seem to find one..

Most Explaindio courses are just way too lengthy and spend time trying to over explain the basics while leaving out the most important features and much more!

Would you like a detailed course that takes you through each Explaindio feature explaining how to use them?

How about a complete start to finish video project showing you the exact approach i take any time i am creating a video?

That's not all, you also get access to a folder containing the graphics used in the tutorials!


With this course you get a step by step guide of the key features in Explaindio 3 along with tips on how to make a good video from someone who has made hundreds of whiteboard animations, presentations and Explainer videos!

What you will learn with this course

- How to use all the features in the Explaindio 3 software

- How to create professional and very eye catching whiteboard animation

- Creating other types of videos in the Explaindio 3 software

- Making uses of other elements to spice up your animation

- No fluff straight to the point lectures

- Resources to help you replicate sample videos

- Links to additional software to give you an edge over other animators


I am dedicated to not just teaching you how to use the Explaindio3 software but also to making you a very good animator in the process.

You would also be backed up with a:

100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Life time support for all modules

Plus free future updates!

What are you waiting for??

Enroll today! and be on your waiting to Animation success!


Explaindio Mastery: A detailed Approach to Video creation
Explaindio Mastery: A detailed Approach to Video creation
Explaindio Mastery: A detailed Approach to Video creation
Explaindio Mastery: A detailed Approach to Video creation



General Overview

Creating a project

Explaindio Interface

Interface Part One

Interface Part Two

Importing Elements and Timeline usage

Importing Elements

Importing elements and timeline use

Text effects and properties

Text Effects

Voiceover, background music and fonts

Audio sync and fonts

Changing Explaindio Background

Background Change

Using Expalindio templates

Explaindio Slides

Creating a sample video

Sample video project

Sample video project 2

Saving, Exporting and Watermark

Save and export


Pankaj25 January 2019

This course was very helpful for me to understand the whiteboard video creation process from scratch. The Instructor has explained everything from the interface basics to the advanced whiteboard explainer video making tools and process through Explaindio. I have also made two explainer videos while learning and really can’t believe that I was able to make them. Thanks for creating such great course.


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